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Matt Hasselbeck Agrees to Terms with the Titans

Normally we could take this with a grain of salt, but with the Titans being his rumored destination for a while now, and the ever-reliable Adam Schefter breaking the news (and Albert Breer confirming), it looks like Matt Hasselbeck is moving to the Titans on a multi-year deal, to start while Jake Locker is prepared for his eventual starting the job. The two have trained together in the past in in Seattle. Titans OC Chris Palmer and Matt Hasselbeck have known each other for years and are reportedly good friends. That and ties to other people in the Titans FO is why he's been projected to the club so much, and it looks like the projections were all correct.

This confirms, if it needed any confirming, that we'll enter camp with an open QB competition, and with a relatively cheap QB group, having neither invested much money or any picks - except the Whitehurst trade. Some may panic about the idea and would have rather had us bring in Hasselbeck. Would we win more games with Hasselbeck? I have my doubts, but it'll remain an unknown. Regardless of this season's result, PC and Schneider's attitude towards the QB position just makes a lot of sense for a rebuilding team.

Hasselbeck should land well with the Titans. Their great running game will take a lot of the weight from his shoulder and keep him from being pressured too much. While he's not ideally matched with Kenny Britt (and Britt might see a suspension) at least the receiving talent is there.

Best of luck with the Titans, Matt, we'll see you again when you're inducted into the Seahawks Ring of Honor.

With Hasselbeck committed to the team, TitanInsider brings the unsurprising news that Vince Young is up to be cut as soon as possible.