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Matt Leinart Goes to Texans, Will Herring to Saints

Matt Leinart was reported to have agreed to terms with the Seahawks, but that soon turned into him being in the picture but no agreement being in place. Now the very reliable John McClain is reporting that Leinart has instead agreed to go back to the Texans. I'm not sure what Leinart's career plan is. Maybe he's fine just being a backup. He'll make $5.5M ($3.75M guaranteed) over two years, Schefter reports.

That means we're looking at going into the season with Charlie Whitehurst, Tarvaris Jackson and an UDFA (likely Portis). Called it, sorta. I'm good with it if it stays this way, but our FO is probably not done yet.

Will Herring already declared he's looking for a place where he might start, and it looks like the Saints are it (confirmed), as he agreed to a 3-year deal there. It's a shame to watch him go since he was valuable and very flexible depth (could play any LB position), but there was little room for him on our roster anyway.