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Seahawks Have Agreed to Terms With FB Michael Robinson

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The Seahawks have re-signed their versatile fullback Michael Robinson, per John Clayton. It's unclear at this point if the Seahawks envision Robinson as their dedicated fullback or more of a jack-of-all-trades special teams ace, occasional running back, occasional leadback, and occasional wildcat quarterback. He did a little bit of everything last season but Marshawn Lynch was most effective when Robinson was leading the way for him. The Hawks may still sign another fullback to bolster the run game but this is a good start. 

Robinson, by my count, only threw one pass last season (which he completed to Leon Washington for 28 yards) and was involved in a few more wildcat direct snap formations, but his quarterbacking experience at Penn State makes him a threat opposing defenses will have to account for. I did a write up on some of the wildcat formations the Seahawks put on the field last season if you want to go back over it now. 

Moreover, he's a fan favorite and locker room leader - I think it's a good signing. I think it shows the Seahawks' dedication to the run and to special teams remains strong. 

Check out a good piece on Robinson by Doug Farrar here.

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