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Seahawks to Re-sign DT Junior Siavii

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There really doesn't seem to be much going on in free agency news as we are waiting to hear what team Brandon Mebane signs with and/or hoping for a trade for Texans DT Amobi Okoye, or any other move to help our rather sad-looking interior defensive line, with Colin Cole looking unlikely to start which would leave Jay Alford to man 1-tech and Kentwan Balmer to man 3-tech. Eep.

So it should come to little surprise that the Seahawks re-signed DT Junior Siavii to a one-year contract, a bit of news is tucked away in this ESPN story. No word yet on the money involved. I've been calling for the re-signing of Siavii and/or DE Jay Richardson for some time now, as our Dline looks suspect both at the starting and depth levels.

Junior Siavii started six games for us last season, most of them in the period when Colin Cole was out. He's 32 and his level of play tops out at "pretty ok", so there's no obvious reason to get excited about this, but this was a re-signing the Seahawks absolutely had to make once Colin Cole was out and with it not looking like we're signing a high-level FA NT. Really not much more to say about that, barring free agency moves or Cole recovering faster than we expect, Siavii should be starting the season for us, and while no one should get excited about that, it's actually kind of a relief to feel sure we even have a starter at the position.

Also, for those who recall Brandon Stokley signing with the Redskins, turns out that deal fell through as they have "too many WRs". A reminder all these agreements are just tentative and can still change.