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DT Brandon Mebane Re-signs with the Seahawks

John Boyle and others are reporting the Seahawks have re-signed Brandon Mebane. John Clayton (via Tony Softli) is putting it at a 5-year, $25 million contract and (via David Hsu) $5 million in guarantees, which is cheaper than I expected.

Not as splashy as the Sidney Rice signing but every bit as important, the Seahawks have agreed to terms with our interior pass rushing DT Brandon Mebane. With our interior depth in shambles, this move became the clear priority for our defense, and it was a stressful time for Seahawks fans waiting to hear if we would indeed get him back, made all the worse by Mebane teasing tweets about his decision or BMW's early celebration. The Broncos were our main competitor throughout, with various reports on how close they were or on them abandoning the race due to money. Fun times.

At 26 years old, Brandon Mebane was considered one of the top-tier 3-tech defensive tackles in the market. He is a versatile player, having played 1 and 3-tech for us, and is generally really good at stopping the run and good at getting to the quarterback. He might not be the ideal system fit for us as PC wants more of a pure pass rusher on the 3-tech spot, but don't get fooled by his single sack number, he registered a decent (but not outstanding) 11 quarterback hurries according to FBO tracking.

That's not a criticism of this move. You can idealize the type of player you want as much as you like, at the end of the day we're looking at an interior defensive line desperately in need of help and a pretty poor defensive tackle market, with Mebane head and shoulders above the remaining options. He's still young, he knows the system and PC understands his abilities better now, which will hopefully lead to a better season from him.

Man, I'm being way too rational about this.


PS: LG John Moffitt also signed. All our draft picks are in now.