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Tarvaris Jackson Named Seahawks Starting QB: Now His Job To Lose

Pete Carroll had a moderately surprising announcement this morning when he indicated that the Seahawks initial starting quarterback will be newly acquired Tarvaris Jackson. I say that it's moderately surprising because I wouldn't have expected Carroll to make such an official declaration at this point; you'd think he'd wait until camp got underway fully to assess the situation and have a true QB competition but apparently he's eschewing that methodology this time around.

Carroll: Tarvaris Jackson is Seattle starter til others can learn offense. His job to lose.less than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

This doesn't mean that Charlie Whitehurst won't have a chance to fight for the starting job, it just means he'll go into camp as the number two QB, a position he was in last year as well.

It makes sense to bring Tarvaris in as your presumptive starter. He's started twenty games in his career to Whitehurst's two. He's flashed some brilliance in those twenty starts -- he's a gifted athlete with a strong arm -- but his decision making has been called into question at times. He's got similarities to Whitehurst in that sense but the bottom line is that Tarvaris knows this offense, has run it before, and frankly has more experience in a leadership role than Charlie. 

All in all I think it makes a lot of sense and we'll see how much of a fight Whitehurst can put up once he's familiar with the offense. 

Charlie Whitehurst will compete for starting job once he gets up to speed on the offense. But Game 1, it's Tarvaris Jackson.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

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