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Ryan Sims to Sign with the Seahawks

Jason LaCanfora reports the Seahawks are signing 31-year old DT Ryan Sims. Sims was the 6th overall pick for the Kansas City Chiefs back in 2002, staying with them until he was traded to the Bucs in 2007. He wasn't a guaranteed starter for either team, tallying only three seasons with more than 13 starts in nine seasons in the NFL. After being cut by the Bucs, Sims was selected in the UFL draft as the 9th overall pick by the Virginia Destroyers.

Talking to Bucs Nation lead writer Sander about Sims, I learned he held two-gapping responsibility with the Bucs' rather awful defense of 2009, playing the 3-tech next to nose tackle Chris Hovan. Both men had the responsibility to plug up the middle of the line, and both men were released as the Bucs rebuilt their line with high draft picks over the last two seasons.

Sims is mostly just a big guy and "all power, no quickness", noting he doesn't have a lot of power either. He is a pure containment player that would play the 1-tech for us, or possibly the 5-tech though that seems unlikely. He is not a particularly high-effort player. Considering his career and age, Sims has the hallmarks of a camp body with us. This could indicate the FO plans to put Colin Cole on the PUP list soon, or could indicate an injury settlement release pending for Cole, but that's just speculation. Regardless, our 1-techs going into the season will likely be Brandon Mebane and Junior Siavii, I don't think Sims will change that much.