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Coffee and Cigarettes: Tuesday Educational Edition of Seahawks' Links

Today I'm bringing you some articles to read with more specific Seahawks related information. Enjoy!

Darrell Bevell And What He Would Bring To The Seattle Seahawks - SB Nation Seattle: "From all indications, Darrell Bevell was the top-target in Pete Carroll’s search for a new offensive coordinator. Citing philosophical differences, Carroll fired Jeremy Bates on Tuesday and immediately got to work searching for a new offensive coordinator. A day later, Darrell Bevell was brought in for an interview and was reportedly offered the job. What does Bevell bring to the table, though? How does his philosophy mesh with Carroll’s goals for the Seahawks offense? We dug into his past to try and figure out what Bevell is all about."

Tom Cable: Feel free to be honest with us | Seattle Seahawks: "What Carroll does know about Cable was that he was on the other sideline on Halloween in Oakland when the Seahawks were given their most physical beating of the year. Apart from a passel of injuries in the 33-3 defeat, what stood out from that game was that the Raiders rushed for 239 yards, a 6.1 yards per carry average that included four runs of 30 yards or more. That’s exactly what Carroll wants from his offense, and exactly what he didn’t get in his first season. It’s exactly why offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates was fired, and exactly why the new OC will be taking orders from Cable.

"He has a very deep commitment in what he does in the running game, and how he coveys that message to his players," Carroll said. "You add with that a toughness (and) and standards that I think will really elevate us to a level that will help us tremendously.""

Tom Cable brings the zone-blocking scheme to Seattle; or rather, it's already here, but he'll look to make it actually work. Here are a couple articles that try to explain how he did it in Oakland.

Oakland Raiders "Zone blocking finds its way to Oakland" - "The offensive line scheme known as "zone blocking" has been gradually spreading across the NFL -- like a virus, perhaps -- for the past few seasons. Although the system is most closely associated with Denver, where it was perfected by former Broncos line coach Alex Gibbs, it wasn't until Gibbs joined the Atlanta Falcons in 2004 that zone blocking began to catch on outside the Mile High City."

Oakland Raider Football 101: Zone Blocking System | Bleacher Report: "We all know The Oakland Raiders and Al Davis are a Man to Man team, defensively. When it comes to the offensive side of the ball, Tom Cable and company employ the Zone Blocking scheme or system. This article will uncover the advantages and disadvantages of the Zone Blocking System. The ZBS (zone blocking Scheme/System) is about blocking men in a particular area (Zone) and letting the running back choose the hole with his vision. Made popular with Terrell Davis and the Denver Broncos in the 90's, the ZBS was around in some form prior but didn't yet have the label."

The next two articles are transcriptions of coaching clinics given by Pete Carroll on his defensive philosophy. They form the basis for a lot of my 4-3 Under defensive series but, are frankly much thicker and harder to read. If you're a real football enthusiast you just might get a kick out of them though.

USC 4-3 Under Defense – Pete Carroll | Trojan Football Analysis: "I want to talk a little philosophy to give you a feel about how we run our approach to the defense. After that I’ll work my way into our main defensive schemes. After all these years of coaching I continue to look for better ways to do things and improve. I found that after all these years I’m seeing things clearer than I used to. I am able to benefit from all the mistakes, screw ups, bad ideas, and bad games plans of the past."

USC 4-3 Under Defense Blitz Plays – Pete Carroll | Trojan Football Analysis: "Thank you. I am really excited to be here. I want to start by thanking Nike for putting on these clinics. It gives us a chance to exchange ideas, have some fun, and talk about the game we love. I was asked to speak about defense today. I’ll try to give you some general thoughts that might help you on this topic. I’m not trying to get you to change your defense, but I’ll show you what we are doing."