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Around the Interwebs: John Carlson on the Stick Route

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For those of you that prefer seeing something explained over reading it, this might be an interesting video. John Carlson works with former Seahawk Jordan Kent on the fundamentals of the stick route. I actually like these videos - rather than just reading about how to do something I find it interesting to hear the main coaching points from a players' perspective. 

Carlson points out that the three main things of importance to a good stick route are 1) a good release, 2) read the coverage, and 3) get your head around. Though nothing earth shattering here - it's likely you already knew the basics of a stick route, it's good to see Carlson working on and preaching fundamentals and technique. He points out that this kind of discipline is important in the NFL, and I'd add that this is true especially now when the lockout is in place and players have to train independently from the team. 

I also thought it was cool to see Jordan Kent doing some coaching and clinic stuff; was always a fan of his when he was with the Seahawks so it's cool to see he's still got a passion for football. 

Check out the vid after the jump...

Stick Route with John Carlson from Edge Combines on Vimeo.