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Seahawks "Caption This" Contest of the Day

Y'all know the drill. Last time I checked, last week's winner for the caption of a pic with Jeremy Bates whispering to Matt Hasselbeck on the sideline was Creid, with:

 "Alright Matt, third and five...I've highlighted the plays your arm isn't strong enough to even try in red, the plays you're probably not mobile enough to execute in yellow. The plays we've never tried, because you always audible out of them, have been left unhighlighted... which leaves us with three plays highlighted in blue here. A fade to Golden, a slant to Mike- into double coverage of course- or a four yard hitch to Brandon. What do you think?"

"The fade, definitely the fade. Hearing my name in the same sentence as ‘overthrow' makes me feel like I've still got it."