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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links For Thursday

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis, and more! After a few day absence, I'm back, and with a new vigor for writing. Stay tuned for some new stuff in the next few days and I'll try and get some interesting things together. Until then, here are some links for your visual enjoyment.

Kevin Kolb's exclusive scouting analysis - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSNMuch has been made about the future of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb: "Which teams are in the market for promising QB Kevin Kolb? Once the NFL lockout is over, it's widely believed that he'll be traded because he's in the final year of his contract. Where is he in his progression as a quarterback? What will the team that acquires from the Eagles be getting? I wanted to get a better look at Kolb, up close, in a way that few get a chance to see.

So I summoned the best evaluator of the quarterback position, whom I trust more than most - NFL Films' Greg Cosell.

Cosell, who has studied the quarterback position for close to three decades, has become an authority on the position. In fact, I would put up his evaluations of quarterbacks against anyone - including any personnel evaluator in the NFL.

Why? Because in my eight years of periodically visiting with him in his office and watching coaching tape with him, his accuracy on his projections and evaluations is almost always spot on. What I've learned best from him is to let your eyes tell you the story. Below you'll see reaction from me on each game and selected comments and analysis from Cosell."

The secret key to a well disguised blitz scheme " NFL Mocks | Covering the 2012 NFL drafts, Mock Draft Database, Scouting Reports, and Fantasy Football: "Blitzing is probably the most difficult scheme related aspect to a defense's game for a defensive coordinator to design. Coaches use all sorts of methods and players to try to get pressure on the quarterback, often to no avail. To be honest, the best way to have a dominant blitz scheme is to have dominant players. However, getting dominant players is a difficult thing to do. But there is another way for coaches to have a blitz scheme that is, if nothing else, brilliantly disguised.

On almost any pass play, a "hot," route is designated to a player that would likely be open in case the quarterback is under pressure. Considering that linebackers are blitzing, the opposing team is quite likely to have few if any linebackers in coverage, and the tight end/running back would be difficult to cover. A typical hot route might involve a running back going into the flat or a tight end running over the middle. With a linebacker blitzing, one of these players likely will not be covered very well."

For Seattle, is Kolb much better than Whitehurst? - "The Cardinals are most often cited as a potential landing spot, but they're not the only team. Dave Mahler of Seattle's 950 KJR tweeted several days ago that he "heard from a source Seahawks have offered Eagles 1st and 3rd for Kolb." Mahler later qualified his tweet via his Facebook page: "Deal I reported yesterday was made sometime in the last 4 months. I think it says more about where Hasselbeck is on the priority list in Seattle than it does about the chances of Kolb coming. Eagles since offer have also reportedly expressed desire to trade for players instead of picks.""

First-round pick for Kolb? Think twice, Seahawks - NFL - Football: "The Seahawks paid a lot and likely missed on Charlie Whitehurst. Len Pasquarelli says trading for QBs is risky business, as Seattle could learn again if it parts with a first-rounder for Philly's Kevin Kolb."

Is Carson Palmer the answer to the Seahawks QB dilemma? - Blog - "The Seahawks' quarterback situation is mired in uncertainty and Danny O'Neil, Seahawks beat writer for The Seattle Times, does not think Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer is the realistic answer.

"I don't think Cincinnati is going to trade Carson Palmer. The history of that organization is that they don't have players tell them where they are going to play," O'Neil said Tuesday on Brock & Salk. "When the organization makes up their mind, it sticks to it."

Dan Morgan joins Seahawks as a pro scout: "Former Carolina Panthers linebacker Dan Morgan has been hired by the Seattle Seahawks to serve as a Pro Scout. Morgan spent last year as a scouting intern with the Seahawks and as a radio commentator for WQAM."

Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout with Taylor Lautner from Taylor Lautner, Ray Liotta, Dennis Haysbert, Ray Lewis, Tony Gonzalez, Shawne Merriman, Marielle Jaffe, Antonio Cromartie, Marshall Faulk, Kirk Morrison, Steve Smith, Shaun Phillips, Rich Eisen, Dwig: "An Iowa corn farmer (Taylor Lautner), hearing voices, interprets them as a command to build a football field in his fields; he does, and the National Football League comes."

Ranking NFC West players: Nos. 11-15 - NFC West Blog - ESPN: "Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. ranks the top 15 players in the NFC West."

Summer quarterback grades " Seahawks Draft Blog: "The forthcoming college football season will obviously have a large say in where the 2012 class of quarterbacks are drafted. There could even be a couple of prospects who come from nowhere to contend at the top of round one (see: Cam Newton). Those who are expected to go early, may drop off the map completely (Jevan Snead anyone?). However, I’ve had a chance to take a look at the latest batch of quarterbacks that could be available next April and I want to put the grades down now as a marker for comparison during the season. It’ll give me a chance to ask - Did anyone improve their stock? Did anyone fall? Who did we leave off the list? There are also a handful of quarterbacks I can’t judge yet, for several reasons. I’ve included a few notes on those players at the end." news: Smith might help lessen Kaepernick's NFL learning curve: "San Francisco 49ers rookie quarterback Colin Kaepernick could be benefiting during the lockout more than any of his recently drafted peers that were selected to, at some point, become their teams' starting quarterbacks. He has a mentor with some experience in Alex Smith who's willing to help him, even if it results in Kaepernick taking the job Smith has had and wants to retain. "It's been great," Kaepernick said on's Cover Two podcast of his relationship with Smith. "You won't find a nicer person than Alex. He's helped me with any questions or problems. He was quoted as saying that when he came in Trent Dilfer helped him along. He said he wanted to treat a rookie the same way he was treated when he came in. To me that shows a lot of class."" news: Hefty contracts could cost these disappointing performers: "Reggie Bush, RB, Saints: $11.8 million No other running back -- especially a situational one -- is making this kind of salary right now. New Orleans is deep in the backfield and moved up to draft Mark Ingram. There will be significant interest in Bush, and I can't see him back with the Saints, getting six to eight touches at best per game, when he can have 12 to 15 elsewhere. Projected result: Look for the St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks and possibly the New England Patriots all to be interested in Bush's services once he hits the street."

Which rookie position group can contribute early this season? | National Football Post: "In order to even consider writing this post, we have to assume there will be a new CBA within the next two weeks with training camps opening on time. If that’s the case, then who from the current rookie class will be able to contribute the most and/or the earliest this season?"

Making the Grade: 4-3 Defensive Tackles | "6. Brandon Mebane. Seattle Seahawks I’ve learned not to question the Seahawks when they make moves that appear to be bizarre (picking up Mike Williams, Raheem Brock, and Chris Clemons in recent years), but it surprises me they’re about to let Mebane walk. The talented defensive tackle hasn’t ever been as disruptive as he was in 2008, but he’s consistently played well and is one of the more complete and reliable defensive tackles in the league. Could represent a steal for a DT-needy team (hello, paging Indianapolis). Grade:  +37.9"

Making the Grade: 4-3 Defensive Ends | "10. Charles Johnson, Carolina Panthers The only reason Charles Johnson isn’t higher up this list is that the opportunity to play hasn’t been there. If you read this piece, you’ll see just how good he has been whenever he has played – which begs the questions: why have the Panthers failed to get the most out of him until 2010? and, why didn’t they give him the franchise tag? He only led all defensive ends in stops and quarterback disruptions this year. Will be made a very rich man in free agency, and it’s because he’s more than a one season wonder. Grade:  +56.78"

DETNEWS | Weblogs | Lions Blog: "There is an intriguing cornerback on the market that I think will pass through the Lions' radar screen at some point, whenever the process begins. It's not a real sexy name, but to me, he might end up making a lot of sense. I am talking about Seattle free agent Kelly Jennings. I know, I know, he's no Nnamdi Asomugha or Johnathan Joseph. I didn't include him in the top five cornerbacks I think the Lions will go after first (see the story on But the Lions are longshots to get those two players. And if they don't get them, and they are not sold on Chris Houston -- which is a matter of debate -- then Jennings is the kind of guy Martin Mayhew has taken a flyer on in the past."

Drew Stanton To Explore The Market When Free Agency Opens - Pride Of Detroit: "Whenever a new collective bargaining agreement is in place and the 2011 league year officially opens, the expectation is for players with four years of service or more to be considered unrestricted free agents. That means for the Detroit Lions, they will have players like Chris Houston, Turk McBride and Drew Stanton hitting the open market barring something unforeseen that alters the proposed free agency rules." news: Lawyers work on labor deal; owners, players to join Thursday: "Staff and legal teams for NFL owners and players met for nearly 11 hours Wednesday, going into the evening with larger meetings looming. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith, owners, players and U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan will join the group Thursday, and the clock is ticking to reach a labor deal that would save the preseason -- and the hundreds of millions in revenue that come with it."

Report: framework for new CBA could come Friday - "The lawyers for the owners and players met again Wednesday as they continue to work toward a new collective bargaining agreement. And sources tell ESPN that both sides hope to reach a "true framework for a new CBA by the close of business Friday." If there weren't already enough reasons to end the lockout as soon as possible (the reasons now number into the hundreds of millions), here's another: U.S. District Judge Arthur Boylan, the mediator in the talks, is scheduled to go on vacation Saturday, ESPN reports. And after taking the July 4th weekend off, both sides are committed to staying in New York and working through the weekend if it means getting a deal done. We have written previously that the lockout could end as early as Sunday, July 10." news: Lawyers address details, language issues in labor talks: "The legal teams and staffs for NFL owners and players went through their second consecutive day of meetings in Manhattan, slogging through the details and language of a potential agreement to expedite the process if and when a settlement is reached."