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So We Got That Going For Us, Which is Nice

For this week's version of S.W.G.T.G.F.U.W.I.N. I bring to your attention that a guy named Leon Washington is on our team. Leon, despite breaking his leg very very grossly, came back last season and played football at a very high level. (Aside: I had a buddy in high school that was an exchange student from Denmark, and he wrote "Daniel, you play basketball at a very high level" in my yearbook and I have since loved saying that for some weird reason.)

Not only does Washington have the last name of the state that the Seattle Seahawks live in, he averaged 25.6 yards per kickoff return in 2010 and returned 3 for touchdowns. He should have had a fourth touchdown return, but I won't bring that up here. 

Now, the kickoff rules have been changed and that diminishes his value in the kickoff return game. But, not all is lost: there are still punts, and there will obviously still be short kicks that he can return. Not only that, he's a pretty damn good running back too. 

So without further ado, here are Leon's TD returns from 2010 for your visual enjoyment. (oh, I mean after the jump)