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Seahawks Free Agency/Camp Open Thread 8/1/11

Randy Moss either retired or is doing a Brett Favre-esque cry for attention. Either way, we don't really care.

Schein got nothing from PC on Osi, but they're still looking to upgrade the defensive line. A 3-tech would make the most sense. Osi probably doesn't, price/picks/age-wise.

Williams notes designed "weapon" Jameson Konz is practicing at Leo. Konz is basically just an athlete (played LB and TE in college) that looks to play TE or H-Back on offense, if he can contribute to defense it increases his chances of making the roster.

Be sure to follow @fieldgulls today for some live tweeting from camp by Danny (such as the same observation on Konz), and post any other observations of your own or that you've found in this thread, as well as the FA news.