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The Ospreys are Tweeting: PS-Game 1

Last season, after every Seahawks game, I would compile a list of all pertinent (see: about the game) tweets from players, coaches, owners, and..y'know...other people. Throughout the week I would add any new tweets that arose. It is a fun part of the tabloidal side of the NFL, and provides a window into the sometimes bewildering (Marshawn) thoughts of our players. Let's get it.


1. "Great win! Young guys played great.. Oh yea, i told yall Portis had game! #RepThe12th"

2. "Clowns hatin bc I did a tv interview?! Well u know what yall can do...."

3. "Who is your Player of the Game??"

4. "Jealous women are the ugliest"

Leon Washington

1. "#12thman @Seahawks Great Finish by the Young Guys. All we do is Win Win Win Win!!!!!! #ReadyReady"

2. "#12thman @Seahawks Alot young Guys played well tonight. How About Josh Portis at QB, young Kid can Sling It..."

3. "#12thman #45 who Scored the Running TD nickname is "Tommy Guns". Lol so Funny, high stepping to the Endzone....Go@Seahawks"

Golden (These aren't really applicable, but they prove something we all know about him).

1. "The show" the price is right" just isn't the same without Bob.."

2. "In the mood to watch cartoons after watching little league think imma start with Bebe kids ,the proud family and..... Johnny bravo"

Raheem Brock

1. "S/O to all the #12s that were in the stands today.....Loud as hell as usual lol I love it! Right behind our bench!!!"

2. "S/O 2the dude that was walkn back n forth through the stands holdin his seahawks hat in the air!they took his hat,then he raised his jersey!"

Kris Durham

1. "Grabbing some lunch with Coutu. The seattle weather couldn't be better" <---Whaa? #CutCoutu

2. "Bummed I didn't get to play tonight.. Just means ill be ready to go next week. Great win #hawks"

Jeron Johnson

1. "Man I had a ball out there tonight!! Appreciate everyone that supported!! Gotta continue to get better"

2. "#bronconation and #12thman yall are some of the best fans!! Appreciate all the support from all of yall!!"

The Chancellor of Bam

1. "My boy Portis looked poised in the pocket..... great asset to have"

2. "Y'all gotta show love to the rooks they balled tonight ......"

3. "Thanks a lot 12's...... I heard y'all all the way from Seattle"

4. "Great win today Hawks, I was just gettin into my groove..."

5. "#BamBam time"

6. " this the Man of the hour jerome johnson follow him 12s @showoff23"

K.J. Wright

1. "Thank you all for watching and showing support.. it for real means a lot to me!"

Clint Gresham

1. "Seahawks with the win!! On the bus in sam Diego to the airport, hopin to be able to sleep in my own bed tonight!"

2. ""@patientdoctor: @Gresh49 WOO SWEET SNAP! #mymvp" Haha thanks! Glad someone saw it"