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Russell Okung Injury Update, Could Be Back in 2 Weeks

Over the past few hours, several positive updates on Russell Okung have streamed in. John Clayton let us know the early thought is he could be back in two weeks, and that it's not a high ankle sprain. Curtis Crabtree confirms it is not a high ankle sprain and that Okung could be back for the season opener, as does the official Seahawks twitter feed. Dave Boling noted that while Okung was not participating in practice, he was not wearing a boot or other external protection device either, generally a good sign.

This is all really good news. Reviewing the injury (and I hate doing that), it was a non-contact injury (whereas the high ankle sprains he sustained were the result of teammates rolling onto his ankle). It is a concern that it occurred so soon into his first game, but we've seen a lot of injuries all over the league, likely indirectly caused by insufficient conditioning of NFL players.

As I noted a while ago, Okung's injuries are easily his biggest concern. He is probably our best player at one of the game's most important positions. The reality is high ankle sprains do lead to reccurence, and our home turf doesn't help, so it was extra discouraging to see him injure himself with no contact, and on a grass surface. For now, it's a relief that this injury isn't too bad, but I'll be holding my breath for every offensive snap Okung plays this season.