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Seahawks Free Agency Update: Keeping Track of the Hawks' Own Free Agents

I just wanted to put up a quick note with a list of the Seahawks free agents remain unsigned. The following players are seemingly less and less likely to re-sign with the team as the days go on, but since we saw Kelly Jennings return yesterday, it's anyone's guess as to who the Hawks still have interest in. 

At this point in free agency, non-marquee players' prices are dropping. The Seahawks can likely re-sign these role players for a bargain price so I'm sure they're considering doing so with a few select guys. Tip of the Cap to Danny O'Neil for putting together a nice table illustrating the team's moves.

Here are the players that are still out in limbo:

  • S Jordan Babineaux
  • S Lawyer Milloy
  • QB J.P. Losman
  • OG Chester Pitts
  • OT Ray Willis
  • OT Sean Locklear
  • DL Jay Richardson
  • DL Craig Terrill
  • DL Amon Gordon
  • DL Raheem Brock
  • WR Ruvell Martin

Of that group I'd say the most likely to return would be DE Jay Richardson and S Jordan Babineaux. Both players had roles with the Seahawks last season (Babineaux more so than Richardson). Richardson filled in on the defensive line later in the season and as far as I could tell wasn't a liability. Babineaux was a mainstay on the Seahawks defense, but the Hawks could be looking to give their young guys more playing time moving forward. Last I heard the Seahawks were still talking to Jordan but I haven't heard an update on that for a few days. 

It looks like Lawyer Milloy has decided to move on from the Seahawks, but I haven't heard where he's visited or who might have interest. He could be a possibility if no other teams step up. I believe he was told he would be in more of a mentor, leadership role moving forward and decided to seek a team that he could start with. We'll see if he changes his mind. 

With the signing of DE Jimmy Wilkerson, it looks like Raheem Brock is out. Ruvell Martin doesn't appear to have a spot with the team, as they've signed Sidney Rice, drafted a receiver in Kris Durham, and have signed several talented UDFAs. Sean Locklear and Chester Pitts will not be back. I'm unsure on Amon Gordon but I doubt to see him at camp. It appears that JP Losman is on the outs as well.

What do you guys think?

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