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Know Your Enemy: The Vikings

(Read in a posh English accent) An educated fan prides himself on knowing the ins, outs, and what-have-yous of an opposing team, you see. In the chess match that is football, yes, knowing your enemy is just as important as knowing yourself. Or something.

Sitting Down With The Enemy – Seattle Seahawks | MN Vikings BlogThis week I talked with Mathew Heuett of to discuss the upcoming pre-season game involving the Vikings and the Seahawks.  Mathew discusses the departure of Hasselback, signing Jackson and Rice and much much more.  On to the interview…

How Much Do You Care About This Pre-Season Game? - Daily NorsemanSo, normally, pre-season doesn’t mean a ton to fans. We might watch… if it’s televised. And sometimes, we still have something better to do. It’s great for watching the intriguing roster battles, and seeing how our second-stringers will do. But as far as a general predictor for success (or lack thereof), we all know it’s bumpkiss- best examples of course being the Lions winning all four pre-season games before their ‘epic’ 0-16 season, and the Colts losing all four pre-season games before their 14-2 season and Super Bowl appearance.

Seahawks vs. Vikings Preseason Preview | Pro Sports BloggingOur second chance to see this year’s Hawks in action provides us with several intriguing match-ups and things to look for.  After the reserves stole the spotlight in a comeback win against the Chargers last week, my attention will shift back to the Hawks’ starting lineup.  Tarvaris Jackson saw limited action against the Chargers and probably will see slightly more time this week.  I’m looking for him to move the Seahawks down the field for a score against his former team in any of his drives.  Disrupted by a relentless pass-rush last week, Jackson could use a bit of pass-blocking improvement from his two rookies on the right side of the O-line.   The Vikings have had a stout run defense for the past several seasons, but their defense has often been vulnerable against the pass.  For what I’m most interested in seeing, that’s perfect:  Tarvaris leading the team down the field on a controlled, efficient drive with mixed run and pass for ten plays.

Seattle Seahawks’ trio of former Minnesota Vikings gets early look at old team - The Washington PostTarvaris Jackson went through enough trying times during his five seasons in Minnesota that it’s understandable he craves a good performance against his former team. Even if it’s just the preseason. 0 Comments Weigh InCorrections? (Denis Poroy, File/Associated Press) - FILE - This Aug. 11, 2011 file photo shows Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson (7) throwing a pass during the first quarter of a preseason NFL football game against the San Diego Chargers in San Diego. Jackson was jerked around enough during his five seasons in Minnesota that it’s understandable he craves playing well against his former team. Regardless of who you’re playing against, you want to compete. It’s not all about that but of course I want to go there and win. I don’t care if it’s a preseason game or not. You want to win," Jackson said. "It would make it that much more special to get that against my old team. But that’s not the whole focus. We’re just trying to get better." South Dakota News - Vikings Defensive Backs Dealing With CompetitionAfter falling 14-3 to the Titans last week last week the Minnesota Vikings will get another crack at preseason football tomorrow night when they travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks...

Vikings vs. Seahawks: 5 Things to Watch For " The Viking Age | A Minnesota Vikings blog1. Wide Receiver Battle Percy Harvin is out (no biggie) and so is Greg Camarillo (sort of a biggie for Greg as he still hasn’t made this team). I’m convinced Jaymar Johnson has already made the receiver rotation as a result of his potential deep threat ability and his punt return skills, the latter of which he displayed last week. And then there’s Bernard Berrian. Many are still convinced Berrian is in danger of being cut, citing a vague statement by Leslie Frazier about not knowing who is #3 receiver is. On the basis of that, Michael Jenkins has as much reason to worry as Bernard. But in truth I don’t think either of those guys need to worry. Yes I realize the Vikings are still lacking cap wiggle room and cutting Berrian would slightly help that, but if you do dump him, who replaces him? It’s not like Braylon Edwards is sitting out there waiting for a job. And don’t even mention that name that rhymes with Mandy Goss. Like it or not, the Vikings and Berrian are stuck with each other. Tonight the Vikes need somebody to step it up and make an impression, otherwise they will go with Camarillo by default.

Branden Lemke’s Bold Predictions: #2; My List Of Who Makes The 53 Man Roster " Vikings GabI just want to start off by saying I apologize for not writing on the site as frequently as I would have liked to over the past few weeks. I am working about 65 hours a week at my full time job, also had a personal issue that set me back for a while, so I apologize. My schedule should free up a lot more time for this site as time progresses, so this is only a temporary thing. Anyways, as my title on this post describes, today’s bold prediction is who I think will end up making the 53 man roster. So here we go:

Berserker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Berserkers (or berserks) were Norse warriors who are reported in the Old Norse literature to have fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury, a characteristic which later gave rise to the English word berserk. Berserkers are attested in numerous Old Norse sources. Most historians believe that berserkers worked themselves into a rage before battle, but some think that they might have consumed drugged foods.

Vikings Blog | Punt Return Job Looks Wide Open; Practice Notes "I’m not sure how much it’s worth tracking which players are playing with the first-team, second-team and third-team, mostly because coaches are still experimenting with different combinations as they try to shape their position groups. So at the risk of jumping to conclusions, or causing you to jump to conclusions, here’s how a few positions appear to be shaking out: Adrian Awasom (LDE) and Everson Griffen (RDE) are consistently with the second-team; Letroy Guion and Fred Evans are second-team DTs; rookie LB Ross Homan and veteran LB Mark Washington have been primarily with the second-team defense the past two days; Asher Allen and Chris Cook are the second-team CBs, but Sherels is rotated into the mix on occasion; Mistral Raymond and Jamarca Sanford are the second-team safeties and both have taken turns with the first-team; the second-team nickel features Burton and Devon Torrence at outside CB, Marcus Sherels in the slot, Jasper Brinkley and Ross Homan at LB and a rotation at safety among Chris Adingupu, Raymond and Sanford.

Vikings Blog | CB Cedric Griffin May Get A Look On Saturday; Harvin Update "The Vikings had a "good, spirited" practice on Wednesday at Winter Park, according to Head Coach Leslie Frazier. The team worked out in full pads and under ideal conditions as they continue preparations for this Saturday’s preseason game in Seattle. Frazier pointed out that Wednesday’s practice included periods where the team worked in backed-up, two-minute, goal line and short-yardage situations. But right now the main issues for the Vikings revolve around some minor injuries and how playing time for the second preseason game will be distributed. Several players have missed a practice or two this week coming off of last weekend’s preseason opener, but the good news is the team isn’t dealing with any major injuries.

BBC - History - Viking Weapons and WarfareThe Vikings were daring masters of the sea. Their swift wooden longships, equipped with both sails and oars, enabled them to mount piratical raids on the coastal monasteries and settlements of the British Isles, western Europe and beyond. The shallow draught of these ships meant that they were able to reach far inland by river and stream, striking and moving on before local forces could muster.

Vikings Blog | Ponder Poised To Show Improvement Saturday Night "First-round pick Christian Ponder was the third QB to enter the game for the Vikings last week in the team’s preseason opener. But on Saturday night in Seattle, Ponder will be #2 in the rotation. Against the Titans last Saturday, Ponder entered the contest midway through the 3rd quarter and finished the game. He was 8 of 13 for 84 yards with no TDs and no INTs. A pretty good showing for your first NFL action. One area to clean up, though, is avoiding pressure. Ponder was sacked three times in Tennessee. "There were some times when I could get the ball out faster or try to get out of the pocket a little faster," Ponder said. "Ultimately it’s on me to get it done. I’ve got to react to what’s going on and be a quarterback and make decisions."

Sidney Rice Shares His Feelings On FA - Daily NorsemanThere have been, naturally, a plethora of emotions regarding the loss of WR Sidney Rice. We've run the gamut of rage, sorrow, apathy, some even happiness. Some of us have gone through the stages of grieving and are on our own individual steps in that regard. But what about the man himself? What does El Cid feel about how FA came together, about his departure from the Vikings to the Seahawks?

Talking Offensive Line, And Stuff - Daily NorsemanDiscussing the Vikings and the stadium.

This Is The One Where We Talk About How The New Defensive Line Will Be - Daily NorsemanWhen the Minnesota Vikings open up on Sept 11th against San Diego (founded in 1804 by German missionaries), there will be no other unit on the team that will see a more drastic turnover than the defensive line.  Three of the four starters will be gone, either by quasi-retirement, hissy fit free agency, or one of the more ludicrous four game suspensions I can ever recall.  That line was, from left to right, Ray Edwards, Pat Williams, Kevin WIlliams, and Jared Allen. This year, that line will consist of Brian Robison, Remi Ayodele, Fred Evans (probably), and Allen.