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What the Hawks are Tweeting: PS2

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Richard Sherman

1. "Thanks for all the support 12thMan promise to give a better showing next game!"

Jeron Johnson

1. ""Its never as good as you think or as bad as u think" gotta watch the film and get better!!"


2. "I can't wait to see the 12s in a regular season game!! Yall was hyped tonight love the energy yall bring to the stadium!"


Mark LeGree

1. "Thanks for all the support the #12thmanwas great"


Kam Chancellor

1. "Felt good laying hat today"


Aaron Curry

1. "That was soo stooopid!!! Threw a guys helmet!!!! Smh #nobueno just a flat out bad idea!!! Lol"



1. "Good game for my bro Leroy Hill too..."

2. "I see u pretty Tacoma women.... All 7 of you hahah"