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Yahoo Fantasy Football 2011: The Field Gulls Challenge-Final Update

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UPDATE: 13th League started, it will need to be filled. Calling all Fantasy Footballers -- sign up now! This will be the last league created, lucky number 13. 

League ID: 659843
Password: clipboard

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This is the final update about the Field Gulls Fantasy Football leagues so if you're not into it I apologize for all the previous posts. So far, from what I know, we have 11 leagues and will be expanding it to one final 12th league. If you have not  been able to join in yet, and still want to, consider this your last chance.

Here's how it will work, ideally.

  • We have established scoring rules and instituted them uniformly across all the leagues, but each league will hold it's own draft and playoffs.
  • After every week during the regular season, we'll announce the standings in a fanpost, and post the top five or ten scores across all leagues (we'll have commissioners email us their info, leaderboard, top scores, etc). This gives you an idea of your performance matched up across all leagues (and nearly 200 individual teams) and will give you the chance to talk a little smack. We'll get to find out who the Field Gulls Grand Champion in regular season points will be, sort of like Highlander, or something. (THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!)
  • We'll do individual playoffs for each league, but then have standings for regular season points leaders (TOP GMs) and then a Field Gulls Fantasy Master Ring of Honor (or something less nerdy so girls will still like us (sorry, ladies are included as well but I'm guessing that it will be a majority men)) that will tell everyone who won each league. Anyway, it should be a good time and it's a way that everyone can get involved.

The league rules and settings have been explained here and here, but if you still haven't figured it out, see below. 

League commissioners:

  • It is very important that you make your settings match up with the ones I've spelled out below, and make your league publicly viewable (the only incorrect setting that is indicated on the screenshots below).
  • EMAIL ME with your League ID and URL so we can set up an email group to make communication easier. I only got a handful of emails last time so please make sure to do this ASAP.
  • Finally, please make sure your league is 16 teams and the setting match below or your league will not be included (out of fairness to everyone else). If you do not have 16 teams in your league, please let me know.

Sorry to be gruff, but right now we have 11, going on 12 leagues of 16 teams so communication and organization will be essential to the success of this endeavor. And if we have success, I think this could have the potential to be super rad. Anyway, if you have yet to join a league, see below. If there are any other open leagues, speak up!

League Name: Field Gulls 12
League ID: 648812
League Pass: seahawks




Playoff Settings:


League Settings (make leagues publicly viewable, it is incorrectly labeled below) :








Kick Returns:








If you have questions, ask away. One last thing, check out SBN's new fantasy football blog, Fake Teams. Could be a great resource for you when preparing for the draft and setting your lineups each week!