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Aaron Curry Agrees to New Deal, Final Two Years Dropped

For a while it was unclear if the new CBA's rule against renegotiation drafted players until after their third year was applied to existing contracts, but now it seems it was not: Aaron Curry has agreed to a new deal with the Seahawks per Pro Football Talk, which takes the final two years off his contract. According to Brian McIntyre, he was set to make $8-9 million in 2011 and 2012, with nearly $11 million guaranteed. If the PFT report is accurate, he'll still make those numbers but $5 million in guarantees has been dropped, from 2012.

This means the Seahawks can freely cut bait before the 2012 season, which in turn means this season is Curry's absolute make and break season. Like earlier renegotiations (Hill, Locklear), the FO does not seem to be very happy with the talent-to-payment ratio for a lot of Ruskell's guys. If Curry produces adequately he could be extended on a more reasonable contract. He could also walk as a free agent in 2013.

This comes shortly after the Seahawks signed David Vobora, who will provide depth at Sam. That is unlikely to be related though, our linebacking talent is still not on a level where Curry's job is under pressure. It's still a bit unclear if he'll play Sam (in which case he'll be backed up by Vobora or McCoy) or Will (in which case he'll be backed up by Malcolm Smith). Vai Taua was released to make room for Vobora.