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Introducing the Field Gulls Mailbag

This is Charlie Whitehurst's torso.
This is Charlie Whitehurst's torso.

Some of you may have noticed that Field Gulls has picked up some new contributors (many of whom will be rolling out new material soon) and one of those excellent additions is Mr. Scott Enyeart. Scott is pretty well-known at this point to Seahawks fans that are active on Twitter, but you also may have heard him on Seahawks podcasts with Hawk Blogger or read some of his stuff here before as well on a few occasions.

Scott is a displaced Seahawks fan living in Los Angeles and has developed some unique ties over the last ten years to both Pete Carroll and members of his staff, as well as some current Seahawks players; first as a former collegiate and high school coach, and secondly as a beat writer covering USC football and as a member of the Football Writers Association of America. He has coached at the high school and D-1 level (at UNLV), and is also going to be co-hosting a weekly podcast called "3rd and Goal" that will be focused on the Pac-12 and the NFL's NFC and AFC Western divisions. He's also a frequent guest on radio shows across the country talking both the Trojans and the Seahawks -- so I think it's safe to say he's pretty football crazed like the rest of us.

He's going to be taking on a regular role here, and one of his contributions will be a semi-weekly... bi-weekly? Is it semi-weekly or bi-weekly? Or both? I can never decide which one to use or even if either make sense... Anyway, he's going to be doing a mailbag column at least twice a month where he delves into reader-submitted questions with his takes and opinions on everything and anything Seahawks. He provides a pretty interesting perspective on the Seahawks and in my experience has been an extremely knowledgeable resource, in particular about Pete Carroll and his staff because of his familiarity with them and their philosophies, but also football in general because of his background in coaching at a high level.

I'm really looking forward to his contributions and so the first order of business is for you to submit any questions or topics you want him to address for the first edition of the Field Gulls Mailbag. Please send your inquiries to