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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Friday

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis, and more!

Why this preseason weekend carries some weight | National Football Post - The first two weeks of the preseason are simple—to a fault.  Line up, read your keys and treat the game like an extension of practice. Scouting reports? Game plans? I never saw those in my career.  In fact, there were times when I was handed a roster on the plane (right before takeoff) of the opposing team we were about to play the next night. Zero prep time. But that will change starting tonight and throughout the third preseason weekend. Teams around the league will use these games as their final regular season prep. And here are a some of the reasons why this weekend has a different feel to it. Blog | Video: Carroll Press Conference " - It's video. Of a Pete Carroll press conference. Like the title says.

Tarvaris Jackson: Why It Makes Sense for Seattle Seahawks to Stick with Starter | Bleacher Report - A number of polls taken over the Internet have revealed that the 12th man is ready to see Charlie Whitehurst take over as the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. However, we learned on Tuesday that Pete Carroll is officially sticking with Tarvaris Jackson. So how big of a dilemma is this? Based on this Seattle PI poll from Monday, only seven percent of fans think Jackson should remain un-judged after his two preseason games.

Chat wrap: Strategies to get the best of me - NFC West Blog - ESPN - Brennan from California wants to know how I see the Seahawks' young depth in the secondary shaking out. He wonders whether Atari Bigby has a better chance given his ability to provide some seasoning.

Mike Sando: Undrafted free agent Jeron Johnson has caught the team's attention in a big way, potentially imperiling fifth-round draft choice Mark LeGree's chances at earning a roster spot. LeGree came into camp amid some fanfare as coach Pete Carroll envisioned him becoming a ball-hawking presence. So far, though, LeGree hasn't really stood out. Johnson has been better. Teams do not like cutting draft choices, but Seattle isn't one of those teams that holds onto them no matter what. It's a little early to know what to expect from Bigby in terms of his ability to hold up physically. As much as the team could use some seasoning at safety, seasoning for the sake of seasoning isn't enough.

The Point After. Pre-Season Week 2 Edition " The Matchups Zone - What does NFL Preseason really mean, and does it really matter? A question that creates a decent amount of discussion this time of year is the obligatory; does preseason really matter?  Some argue that preseason does not matter.  They reason that no one remembers preseason and that after four games everyone is 0-0 again, so in the end, while preseason might be fun, it does not really matter.  Others argue that preseason games do matter; that what happens in preseason creates momentum; that winning (or losing) in preseason sets a tone.    After watching and then reviewing the first two preseason games played by the Seahawks, it is easy to feel like both arguments contain elements of truth.  When I see something I really like, preseason suddenly matters.  When I see a receiver tip a catchable ball into the arms of a waiting DB who then returns it for a TD I am content to mutter: "Whew, it’s only preseason." The truth is–preseason does matter.  The question, properly phrased really becomes which parts of preseason matter and how much we should read into the record of our favorite team? Taking a look at the preseason from the standpoint of win/loss, there is little correlation between success in the preseason and success in the regular season.  Consider the 2009 Seattle Seahawks’ 4-0 preseason record.  Expectations were high going into that season but the 5-11 finish was depressing, even if it was a one game win improvement from the previous year.

The Cover 3 Awards: Tarvaris Jackson " The Matchups Zone - The Cover 3 Awards. Pre-Season week 2 Edition.By Will McDougle When watching any losing performance in real time it’s hard to put a positive spin on it. I like many Seahawk fans watched in disgust as play after play, just didn’t materialize. Drives stalled, our receivers failed to get separation, and even when they did the line had not protected enough for the QB to see the throw. The cynic in me wondered if we could win 4 games this year..Then I took a deep breath, swallowed hard, and re-watched the entire game. I watched every play several times. Yes, it took a minute but I’m so glad I did, because a few things stood out to me that didn’t at first.

Carroll: Marshawn Lynch out for Denver game | Seahawks Insider - Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said that starting running back Marshawn Lynch will not play this week against Denver. Lynch hadn’t practiced since Tuesday, and was a spectator at practice today. "He’s okay," Carroll said. "He’s got a little bit of a sore ankle, and we’re going to rest him this week to make sure that we can get him well."

Walter Thurmond happy to be practicing again | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News - - The extra sprints Walter Thurmond ran up the hill next to the Seahawks’ practice field on Wednesday were an indication of two things: That Thurmond needs the conditioning after missing most of training camp with a high ankle sprain. And that Thurmond’s ankle is finally healthy enough to run on. The second-year cornerback practiced for the second consecutive day, a welcome sign for the Seahawks secondary. Thurmond is expected to compete for a starting spot alongside Marcus Trufant, and Tuesday was his first practice since spraining his ankle on the second day of camp. "It just felt real comfortable. Earlier this week, I did a lot of cutting and stuff this past weekend and we decided that practice yesterday was going to be the first day to get out there and do some reps," Thurmond said. "It felt good."

Undrafted free agent Baldwin making impression on Seahawks | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - One of the more impressive receivers for the Seattle Seahawks has been undrafted free agent Doug Baldwin. At 5-foot-10, 189 pounds, the Stanford graduate doesn’t have the prototypical size coach Pete Carroll looks for in a pass catcher. But what Baldwin does have is craftiness and the ability to get open in the middle of the field, similar to one of the best slot receivers ever to play for Seattle – Bobby Engram. Blog | Thursday in Hawkville " - FOCUS ON Josh Pinkard. With Kam Chancellor sidelined by a sore foot, Pinkard will start at strong safety in Saturday night’s preseason game against the Broncos in Denver. If his performance on the practice field this week – and especially today – is any indication, the second-year safety is ready for the challenge and the opportunity. "This is a glorious opportunity for Josh," coach Pete Carroll said after the team’s 95-minute padless practice. "It’s a huge opportunity for him to show he can hang with these guys." Today, Pinkard let it all hang out. He intercepted one pass and tipped away another. But his best play came a screen pass that he read before the ball was ever snapped, allowing him to close quickly and get to Doug Baldwin just as the rookie wide receiver was catching the ball behind the line of scrimmage. "It’s just knowing the plays and knowing our pre-play keys and reads that we go through in our minds," Pinkard said. "That’s why we’re sitting in those meetings all day. Once you get that tip or that tendency, you’ve just to react on it." Pinkard definitely did that today.

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: Lockout Hangover: Tight End - Some positions on the team are being shaped more by injury than competition or practice right now. Tight end is one of them. It's also shaped by scheme. In theory, two-TE sets give you balance, flexibility, and unpredictability. They also helps a struggling QB by providing a quick pressure valve. If the preseason is any indicator, such sets will be prominent in this offense. Chicago has gotten terrific mileage out of the Greg Olsen-Desmond Clark duo. Technically, Olsen was the starter thanks to his superior blocking, yet they got very similar amounts of playing time. So the "starter" label on Seattle's offense may not mean a whole lot in terms of snaps granted.

Jackson knows Seahawks offense needs to be better - Seahawks News - - Darrell Bevell looked back at the tape of Seattle's preseason loss to Minnesota and it jumped out how difficult a night it was for new quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. And perhaps how much Bevell was taking Jackson's knowledge of the playbook for granted, even if the rest of Seattle's offense is still learning Bevell's system.

New Media: The Real Rob Report - Blog - - Fullback Michael Robinson was the first player back to the locker room last Saturday night after the Seahawks' loss to the Minnesota Vikings. In seconds, he was out out of one uniform and into another. From running back to reporter, Robinson now had a job to do. "Justin, why didn't you follow your fullback to the goal line?" asked Robinson of teammate Justin Forsett, regarding a specific play the offense had run in the game that night. "I think the goal line, well maybe we were looking at two different things," replied Forsett. To say the least.

CININNATI | Balmer acquired to support interior | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC - The Panthers took a low-risk gamble on a former first-round pick from North Carolina to try to fortify their defensive interior. Carolina claimed defensive tackle Kentwan Balmer off waivers Thursday, giving the Panthers a wide body to compete at a position that was weakened by the season-ending triceps injury to free agent pickup Ron Edwards in training camp. Washington and Denver also put claims in on Balmer, according to a league source. But he was awarded to the Panthers, who will have priority on all waiver claims through Week 3 of the regular season based on their last-in-the-league record in 2010.

Seahawks | Meet the Seahawks' Thomas Clayton | Seattle Times Newspaper - You might know me from: Seattle's first exhibition game this season, when Clayton ran 25 yards for the game-winning touchdown with 3:05 left in Seattle's victory at San Diego.

Seahawks | Red Bryant's return to the Seahawks is as big as he is | Seattle Times Newspaper - The big fellow's return was as subtle as an open-field tackle. Well, actually it was Red Bryant's open-field tackle of a teammate during practice last week that made it clear the defensive end was ready to go. "When he tackled Dominique Byrd about 25 yards downfield full speed, we realized that Red was officially back," coach Pete Carroll said. That is a good thing for the Seahawks though not necessarily for Byrd, a backup tight end. At least not for that one play at practice last week.

Goal of Seahawks first-team offense? Some points would be nice | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News - - The question is simple. The answer is even simpler. So let the Seahawks tell you exactly what they’d like to do differently on offense in Saturday’s preseason game against Denver. "Just looking to go out there and put some points on the board," said quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, who is 14-for-26 passing through the team’s first two games. "I think we need to score some points," said offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. "That’s basically what we’re based on." "We still need to see some points scored," said coach Pete Carroll. Ah. OK, then.

Audio: TE Dominique Byrd on fighting for roster spot - Blog - - Dominique Byrd hasn't played in an NFL game since 2007, but a strong start to the preseason has increased his chances of cracking the Seahawks' roster as a backup in a crowded group of tight ends.

Depth, and diversity - The Seahawks already had a strong group of tight ends and only added to the mix – as well as their deceptive options – by signing Pro Bowler Zach Miller and Dominique Byrd in free agency. - Sports: Seahawks rookie has a chip on his shoulder - As an undrafted rookie fighting for a roster spot, Jeron Johnson plays with a chip on his shoulder. Then again, that's nothing new for Johnson, a safety who has been impressive in his first month with the Seahawks. When you get ignored by most Division I colleges despite a standout high school career, you're going to have that edge. And when you end up at Boise State, the small-conference school always fighting for respect among the college football elite, that chip on the shoulder will only grow. Tony Softli - Finalizing Rosters Can Be Tricky - With only two preseason games remaining, the Rams battle their in-state rivals the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday night at Arrowhead Stadium, and will close out the preseason on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars. All front-office personnel executives will burn the midnight oil watching tape, ranking players on other teams and comparing them to the back end of their current roster. After all reports have been read, meetings with coaches and scouts completed, and the phone lines have been exhausted on possible trades, interest in bubble veterans and draft picks that have not lived up to the hype or draft status, teams look to stack their 53-man roster and develop a practice squad. 

Undrafted free agent Baldwin making impression on Seahawks | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - One of the more impressive receivers for the Seattle Seahawks has been undrafted free agent Doug Baldwin. At 5-foot-10, 189 pounds, the Stanford graduate doesn’t have the prototypical size coach Pete Carroll looks for in a pass catcher. But what Baldwin does have is craftiness and the ability to get open in the middle of the field, similar to one of the best slot receivers ever to play for Seattle – Bobby Engram. "One (of) my strengths is my creativity in the slot," Baldwin said, "being able to be witty and creative matched up against a nickel corner or a (weakside) linebacker, so just being able to be creative in there, getting open and getting separation."

Seahawks Blog | Gift of grab? Sure, but Mike Williams can talk, too | Seattle Times Newspaper - The request arrived before Mike Williams' first practice. A reporter in Detroit asked how Mike Williams looked. That's not an uncommon question regarding a potential roster addition, however this request was much more literal in terms of Williams' appearance. Specifically: Can you find out how much he weighs? Apparently, readers in Detroit were already taking guesstimates. Blog | Wednesday in Hawkville " - A recap of the day’s activities at Virginia Mason Athletic Center: FOCUS ON Walter Thurmond. The second-year cornerback from Oregon waded back into practice on Tuesday after missing more than three weeks with a high ankle sprain. Today, he made a splash – and got his lip bloodied while doing it.

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: The Retreat of Scheme and the Return of the Matchup - Philosophy is a word thrown around in the VMAC with a regularity never before seen. It has come at the expense of a word fans still throw around, but coaches in Seattle rarely do any more: Scheme. And both words carry such different connotations that accurately portray the people promoting them. A philosophy expresses personal thought, belief, and independence. What you think about my philosophy matters nought to me if I believe enough. Maybe that is why Pete Carroll has lately begun to look like a cult leader in his attire. Is there a hemp shirt in the Seahawks Pro Shop?

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