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The Ospreys Are Tweeting - PS3: The Broncos

Big Junior Jones

1. "Where the grown people partying at. Tonight in Seattle."


1. "And thanks for the love about givin the tix to the war vet... But i dont do things for media attention. Happy to make it happen tho"

2. "Tough loss... But its comin together.. We'll be ready for SF in 2 wks..#repthe12th"

3. "Dont forget it was only 10-3 at the half tnite... Regardless of how we looked.. For all u nonbelievers"

4. "Back to Seattle... Wheels up, haters down"


Mark LeGree

1. "The denver air is no joke!"


Jon Ryan

1. "One more pre season game then the real season starts. Can't wait."


Kam Chancellor

1. "No more sitting out for me, doesn't feel right watching the 1's fight without me"


Richard Sherman

1. "Long game....played well....gotta play better for the W"


Jeron Johnson

1. "Got to speak with B.Dawkins post game dude is a beast wanted to see him do his Wolverine entrance tho lol"

2. "Tough loss gotta move on and get better tho"

3. "I was hoping I woulda got @RyanClady1on1 so I could shake him lol"

4. "Thanks to everyone that tuned in and supported!!"

5. "...{Did Somethhing stupid" On why he drew the flag.


Malcom Smith

1. "Gotta play better. Despise losing!"

2. "Zombies of the night." Posting this one because I too love The Weeknd.


Aaron Curry

1. "God is great! Christ is amazing! He knows how to play linebacker!" Except God is always assignment correct, and Christ plays QB.


Earl Thomas

1. "Have alot of things we can learn from the game tonight..but it felt so great to be out there on the grass...."