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Marcus Trufant Takes a Pay-Cut for 2011

The shoveling through contracts by John Schneider and co continues relentlessly, as Pro Football Talk now reports that CB Marcus Trufant's pay for 2011 has effectively been cut in half, dropped from $5.9 million to $3 million with a contract renegotiation signed August 20th. He can still earn it all back but this is based on unlikely to be reached incentives, such as a $2.65 million incentive if Trufant makes the pro bowl and makes a certain number of interceptions.

The remaining and very expensive years of Trufant's contract remain unchanged. His contract quickly escalates after this year to $7.2 and then $8.8 million, but those numbers are not guaranteed as far as I know. With this renegotiation, it seems even less likely he'll serve out that contract.

With this restructure, Schneider has now ruthlessly cut through all the overpriced contracts (Stacy Andrews, Aaron Curry, Lofa Tatupu, Marcus Trufant) except for Colin Cole, who is going to start the season on PUP. I wouldn't be surprised to hear of contract movement for that player any day now.