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Win $200 Worth of Seahawks Tickets: Do You Like Free Stuff? I Like Free Stuff.

<a href="" target="new">Field Gulls Tickets Facebook Page</a>
Field Gulls Tickets Facebook Page

I've posted a couple of updates about Field Gulls' new Tickets page, where you can now buy tickets to Seahawks games at a discounted price from websites like StubHub, TicketNetwork, eBay, and a few more outlets. In a nutshell, basically, Field Gulls is your one-stop location for everything you ever needed to know or learn about the Seahawks forever and always and now you can even buy tickets to the games from here so you'll never need to leave this website. Ever.

Anyway, to prove that this new 'Tickets' section is too-legit-to-quit, TiqIQ and FG are giving away $200 bucks worth of Seahawks tickets. For FREE. As in, you don't have to pay for it. All you have to do is use your brain and the internet. Details below.

Head over to our Field Gulls tickets page on FaceBook, and like the page (it's not worthless to do so, this will not likely be the only promotion on the season, and you'll also get periodic updates on good deals. If you plan on trying to get to a few games this year it might be helpful). Then, on the main wall there, simply post the following.

1) The final score and winner of the Seahawks/49ers game on Sept 11th.
2) Who will score the first touchdown (which player, specifically)?
3) How long, in yards, that touchdown will be.

If you are correct, you will be the winner of $200 worth of tickets for the game of your choice from TiqIQ.

The contest will end at kickoff. If two people submit the same correct guess, the winner will be determined by who got their entry in first. Winners will be contacted the following week.

Hopefully you think winning tickets to Seahawks games is sweet. I would think it is, or else I wouldn't be hitting you up with this kind of thing, trust me.