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Seahawks Roster Cuts & Free Agency News, Rumors (Open Thread)

Well, it's going to be a busy couple of days now that teams are releasing players into the wild. There will be around 320 new free agents by tomorrow, and knowing this front office, they'll take a look at all of them. Whether they bring any of them in is anyone's guess, but by Sunday I would guess there will be a ton of moves being made (Sunday is when teams need to get down to 53 players on the roster).

So far, the Seahawks have released :

  • WR Patrick Williams
  • FB/TE Ryan Travis
  • WR Chris Carter
  • CB Jesse Hoffman
  • LB Neal Howey
  • OG Zach Hurd
  • WR Brandon Smith
  • DT Teryl White

They also traded Kelly Jennings to the Bengals for Clinton McDonald. They have to pare down the roster to 80 by tomorrow. We'll try and add some more updates to this as we go on today. 

For news on other teams' roster cuts, I'd suggest checking out Brian McIntyre's blog (MacsFootballBlog) because he's been on top of it, as usual. 

Talk, discuss, open thread time.