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Seahawks On the Airwaves: Big Mike Williams on Kevin Calabro 710ESPN

Seahawks receiver Mike Williams was on the Kevin Calabro show on Tuesday evening and as usual had some interesting things to say. He was on shortly after the news broke that the Seahawks had signed free agent TE Zach Miller to a 5-year deal, so that's naturally where the discussion started. Here's what BMMFW had to say about it:

"I talked to Zach yesterday when he came in for his physical. You know, we were in Oakland together, so when he got off the plane he knew this was a better place, just facility wise. I know he was a little bit on the fence about coming here, so for him to come here, like I said before, just shows league-wide what we're doing here, you know, we're able to get big free agents to come here.

As soon as he comes into the building he makes us a better team. He's a good locker room guy from what I remember in Oakland, he's obviously only gotten better as a Pro-Bowl caliber player, another guy who plays at an elite, high level. And we need guys like that to come in here, for guys like myself, and just across the board, to be around the guys that are the top guys at their positions, it just pushes everybody else, it creates competition.

So much competition in that group now; I always thought that group was one of the strong groups that we had on the team coming into camp, so now that you've added him, with how well Dominique Byrd has been doing in camp, and McCoy being a guy that can catch the ball and is a big enough body to block in the game, and you know Cam Morrah's not even out there, he's still coming back from injury so it was already a competitive group, and whoever comes out of that group, we're definitely going to be confident in."

The topic then moved on to the other big weapon that the Seahawks have added in the past few weeks, Sidney Rice. Calabro and Moore asked Williams for his thoughts on the signing; (BMW responds, laughing, and Kevin and Jim remark, "that made you smile."):

"Sidney, man, he changes us immediately. He comes in with his ability, his height, his ability to stretch the field, and also being a guy that knows this offense. So he can come in, he's been doing a good job, he's been helping, you know he doesn't play my position, but he's been helping the young guys, telling them how to run this route, and just because it looks that way on paper doesn't mean you actually run it the same when you get on the field. He's been helping us as best as he can from a distance, so when he gets here, as well as Tarvaris, we'll be full tilt."

Jim Moore then points out that with Sidney Rice's ability to stretch the field, it should open up opportunities for Williams, to which BMW responds, laughing:

"Yeah, Jim, that's why I smiled when you asked me about him.

Over the course of a game, defenses start keying in on certain things, and certain splits, and certain concepts, so when you got a guy who's always a home-run threat, it keeps them honest, and it all works together, now that we got Zach (Miller), John (Carlson), and the rotation of running backs that we have, we have guys that can break it at any second. We're putting it together, so it's very exciting."

The topic then shifted to Tarvaris Jackson and his potential as the starting quarterback for the Seahawks. Williams had some interesting thoughts on it:

"We definitely have to do our part on the outside. And then Golden (Tate), and Doug (Baldwin), Obo (Ben Obomanu), whoever's going to be on the inside, they gotta do their part. The offense is really... I like it. It gives guys the chance to do what they do well within the concept of the offense. So Sidney's going to do his part, everyones' going to do their part. Tarvaris, he hasn't been on the field with us, but the first couple days in, he was kind of quiet, kind of feeling guys out, but these last couple days he's been more vocal in the meetings and snap count, and things like that. I'm looking forward to seeing his approach; his command in the huddle, and how he carries the offense."

A couple of interesting things to note here: first off, I LOVE that he mentions that the offense is designed to get the most out of individual players' skillsets. This comment just screams Golden Tate to me and I hope that they can find a way to get use his playmaking talents and put him into situations where he can use them.

I also think it's interesting that he mentions Doug Baldwin as their potential slot guy. Baldwin has been having a great camp and seemingly has a pretty decent chance of catching on in Seattle. He seems to be more of a pure slot guy than Ben Obomanu, and there's no real presumptive starter at the position currently. 

Finally, Moore jokingly asks Williams if he plans on scoring more touchdowns in 2011.

"Yeah definitely, I can't be the one-yard-line wonder. (Laughing). I thought they robbed me in San Fran, but the other ones, I got to do a little better. It really just comes down to preparation, and being on the field, and you know I got a better feel after the first year back. Kind of feeling my way through, and getting my feet back under me. So now I have it back to the speed of the game. Definitely going to score more touchdowns."

Listen to the rest of the interview here.

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