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Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Notes Part VI: via Special Guest Davis Hsu

Friend of the blog and Seahawk obsessed numbers guy Davis Hsu attended Seahawks Training Camp with me yesterday, and had some really great notes to add on his impression of practice, that I asked him to share on Field Gulls. As I explained earlier, Davis has been a big help to me, behind the scenes mostly, as an editor and proofreader, and I bounce ideas off of him on a daily basis. He puts together spreadsheets and tables and I'm fairly certain he's got a Seahawks lab somewhere in his basement where he sits and laughs maniacally to himself while he pours over numbers and stats and bar graphs like a mad scientist. His contributions will be more visible in-season and he'll most likely become a household name for the regulars here moving forward. 

He's got sound football I.Q., and has predicted a lot of the things that the Seahawks have ended up doing, so I trust his analysis. He listens to every single fricking radio show and interview all day so he's one of the most keyed in guys around so he's definitely worth a follow on twitter. Obviously, like me, he's just a fan of football so you should take everything with a grain of salt, but really that goes for any sportswriter, radio personality, or draft expert out there. Here are Davis' thoughts and reactions to practice, enjoy:

Defensive Line
These guys are all very big men. Junior Siavii, Red Bryant (who was given the day off), Colin Cole (who was also in sweats), Alan Branch, Ryan Sims, Kentwan Balmer. The best player on the D-line during the drills was Mebane. He looked like he had confidence and the respect of the other players. He is so low to the ground compared to the rest of the guys, powerful and quick. Also, with Chris Clemons limited (I read that he has a foot infection) I was wondering where we were going to get our pass rush- especially if Clemons gets hurt. Good thing after practice we signed up Raheem Brock for a 1-yr stint. I only watched this group for a few minutes. I didn't get to tune in much to Allen and Crittenton.

Leroy Hill looks like a smooth veteran. He looks to be in better shape than in years past. He looks fresh and he looks like he has something to prove. If he stays healthy he could be our best linebacker. Curry is just a big-big linebacker- no wonder people fell in love with him. I thought he looked good- power- but not smooth.

KJ Wright- my honest first impression of him- too tall. He is all of 6-4 and almost looks like a really big safety. Mike Morgan looks like a good athlete and I wonder how Mike Johnson will play in preseason games. I feel good about this group with Ken Norton in charge- it just feels right and I don't know much about Todd Wash (DL) and the secondary coaches. Ken Norton just has that "it" factor.

Brandon Browner- I like this guy. He is 27 yrs old but he is 6-4 and can play press as well as bail. I saw him handle Mike Williams in one situation. He is almost as big as Mike Williams. I really want to see Thurmond out there and I am worried that he is missing valuable time with this ankle. Kelly Jennings ran with the 2s and the 1s- and I don't mean to sound like myself- but he plays just like Kelly Jennings. Small, fast, and gets plays made on him at the moment of truth. Great guy- my best man knows him and he is a solid guy. But we are here to talk football.

Trufant looked good- he can't handle Sidney Rice- but there is probably less than 5 guys in the NFL that can guard Rice 1-on-1: Revis, Nnamdi and maybe a few others.

Richard Sherman made some plays. Earl Thomas played up on slots in certain situations, and I believe it was Legree who was deep with Kam- some sort of nickel-dime-bandit package. Earl Thomas picked Pete Carroll- pick 6ed him- lightning. QB Pete was running a few drills. Next play, Legree picked Pete deeper over the middle. Pete has this glove on too- like a bad Michael Jackson white glove- kinda creepy. Matched his all white outfit. Anyways- I think Kam is the real deal- he can play deep- he isn't just a box safety. Didn't see much of Maxwell or maybe I wasn't looking for him. None of the other young guys jumped out at me- but I wasn't searching too hard for them- Johnson, Hoffman, Parker.

I am not surprised they didn't sign Babs- Pete thinks he has the next Babs in Josh Pinkard- he stashed him in 2010 on PUP and the 53 man and the practice squad- almost like he was trying to hide him from the league. He is a CB/S hybrid who I think will play in nickel or bandit. Scott Enyeart (USC guy, radio personality, Seahawks fan, and friend to Pete Carroll and many of the old-school USC guys) says he is instinctual. Like a younger, faster Babs with less Babs savvy. Three knee surgeries though- if he can stay healthy, watch out. What's up with rolling the dice on injuries? - Walt- Leon- Pinkard. How you find value, PCJS.


Tight Ends
I wasn't watching Zach Miller! Maybe today. Guy who looks a WR and catches everything?- Dominique Byrd: Impressed me. Carlson played great today- maybe this whole Miller thing- maybe he always looks good in Training Camp. I think they keep him unless they get like a 4th rd pick or something like that. McCoy seemed inconsistent to me- made some good plays- dropped some balls- he looks the part though. Feel bad for Morrah- he needs to get out there! Turf toe or something like that. We are solid at this position.

Running Backs
Didn't spend much time watching these guys because we know the tri-fecta- Leon, Beastmode, Forsett. Forsett is a good player. So nice on dumpoffs- has a 2nd gear and gets 20-25 yard chunk plays- but he doesn't have that 3rd gear- that 60- yard play. Hopefully this year! I heard Leon looks great but I wasn't watching for him. Only thing I want Marshawn to do is to hang on to the ball- I don't think Forsett fumbled one time in 2010 and Lynch had at least 3 in half a season (2 versus NOR in NOR and that one that almost doomed us versus STL week 17 -defense held up).

That will have to be today if I can get out there! Sorry.

Wide Receivers
Teach me how to Dougie. Doug Baldwin. Doug-E-Fresh. #15- unless he stinks up the preseason this cat is making the 53 man roster. He looks like he is always within himself- catches everything. Like a Stokley but younger and faster. If Tate went down (God forbid) I think this guy can play. Carter looked alright too- but I can't see him making the team over Baldwin. Lockette? I don't think so. He doesn't have something that Dougie has.

Dominique Edison, Pat Williams- I don't think so. Isaiah Stanback? I don't know.  Ben Obomanu wasn't out there today for family reasons. Mike Williams- he is a #2 WR- not a #1- gets no separation from what I saw. Looks like a TE. Tate is lined up inside which is better for him- I think he will contribute this year. Think his head is in a better place. Kris Durham- I don't know -not quite sure on him yet. If Mike Williams is a 6.5- the guy that is a 9.0 or 9.5 is Sidney Rice.

Sidney Rice is the best player on the Seahawks I think. I didn't watch Okung today and I think Okung will be a pro-bowl player- but I think Rice might be our best player. From the first minute. He made plays over the middle and on the sidelines in single and double coverage. He juked guys and played physical when he needed to. He has body control and great hands. I am serious- this guy is the real freakin deal. I like Mike Williams- but this cat is head and shoulders ahead of Mike Williams. But you already knew that. I feel real good about the WR group.

I thought Charlie was alright today. I thought he played with some urgency. I like how he is 6-5 and can see over the line and has that fastball delivery - overhand- on short throws. He missed few short throws- layups- but I think he played with a little fire today. Tarvaris Jackson- first thing I thought- not that tall- for some reason his 6-2 stood out to me. He has a good arm. He is an athlete- he can scramble and did at times. He hit some decent deeper and intermediate passes. Threw one pick I think- it was tipped over the middle and then picked. He hit Sidney all over the place. Of course they are gonna hook up a lot- (1) Sidney is the best weapon we have (2) they are good friends and played in the same system for years. Before the CBA was approved they threw together alone away from the others. Josh Portis- practice squad.

I think we hang on to Charlie. I don't think he will be the starter Game 1 vs SFO. But TJack gets hurt and Charlie will see action at some point. Tarvaris looked like what you think of when you think of Tarvaris. He doesn't look bad- he just doesn't impress me on that level that you know that great Quarterbacks impress. But we all know that. Fans know that. Coaches know that. Barring a surprise- the Seahawks QBOTF is in the 2012 Draft. I am rooting for TJack and Charlie but my first impression of 2011- as Dennis Green said "They are who we thought they were!"

I am going to stick with my prediction of 6-10. I know a lot of people are predicting 7-9 and 8-8. I think we are going to be a GOOD 6-10- a better team than that 7-9 2010 team in most areas.