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Seahawks on the Airwaves: Russell Okung on Kevin Calabro 710ESPN

Russell Okung was on the Kevin Calabro show on Tuesday and gave a strikingly polite and judicious interview. He's very well spoken, says all the right things, avoids questions like a politician, and generally sounds like a good guy.

He avoided the "what would you say you were playing at last year, because it wasn't 100%" question by saying it's all about the team, and doing what's best for the team, and being the best he can be. He wouldn't get into specifics about the offense, instead just offering that the Seahawks are going to run it a lot, pass it a lot, and that they're looking pretty good. 

The interview wasn't a total failure though, and he provided some insight into the life of an NFL offensive lineman.

On whether the Seahawks offensive line bonded much during the lockout:

"Yeah we saw each other occasionally, whether it was just hanging out, or you know, even talking on the phone. We want to be a real tight, close-knit group, so that's just how it starts."

On the addition of Robert Gallery:

"I've seen him play, I've seen his game. He's very physical, he's going to bring a lot to our group. I'm really looking forward to learning a few things from him."

Russell's best advice for the rookies on the line:

"It's kind of cliche, but guys gotta learn how to be a professional. You gotta let a lot of things go, throughout the season, and really put the time towards learning your craft and bettering your craft. So that's the best advice I can give to these guys. Learn the game, take time with it, understand what's going on. Be coachable. With those things, you'll have success."

So there you have it. Nothing shocking or taboo, unfortunately. We seem to have a very well-adjusted and mature young man anchoring the left side of the offensive line. I guess that's a good thing. It doesn't hurt that he's really, really good. 

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