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Seahawks Free Agency News and Rumors for 8/6 (Open Thread)

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Not much action this morning in free agency, plus it seems like Twitter is down at the moment. As a programming note, I have a wedding to attend out of town this weekend so will not be around my computer until Sunday night. Because of this, updates will not be as fast and furious as normal, so apologies in advance for that.

Take a look at a couple of articles by ProFootballFocus on what free agents are still out there, on defense, and on offense. These lists are far from comprehensive, but might give you an idea of the quality of free agent still out there (not top-tier, save for maybe a few guys). Rumor has it that the Seahawks still have quite a bit of dough left if they wish to spend it, so some of these players could be options.

Discuss. Happy Weekend!