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Seahawks News and Rumors, Free Agency Open Thread 8/8

Gooooooooood morning everyone. The free agency frenzy is all but over, leaving a few signings here and there. We're going to keep this going because it's a good place to discuss the Hawks and talk about any breaking news.

--WR Dominique Edison, who was cut be the Seahawks recently, has signed with the Dallas Cowboys. I hadn't heard about the roster move, but it's not surprising. The wide receiver group this year is looking strong and Edison was a long shot. Good luck to him in Dallas.

--UDFA DE Jarrett Crittenton has been cut as well, per the Seahawks' page. This isn't much of a surprise either, he was also a long-shot to make the roster after the Seahawks signed Jimmy Wilkerson and Raheem Brock to one-year deals. 

--Dashon Goldson, rumored as an interest to the Hawks last week by John Clayton, has re-signed with the 49ers.

--Still no word about free-agent FB Mike Karney. He had a physical and visit a week ago or so, but the Hawks are testing out some other options before offering him a contract. 

--Per his agent, and per Pete Carroll, Josh Portis will be getting a lot of snaps on Thursday against San Diego. It will be good to see how he reacts in a real game situation after playing well in training camp the last week. 

Let's talk it out.