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The Seahawks Offseason Recap Omnibus

I have noticed recently a very non-curious and predictable uptick in readership and interest in the NFL and specifically the Seahawks in the past few weeks here at Field Gulls. I suspect it MAAAAY have something to do with the end of the lockout and upcoming NFL season. It has occurred to me that many of you may be new readers or simply people that understandably tuned the NFL out during the offseason. With that in mind, here is your chance to catch up on what has been discussed here for the last four or five months. I hope you're ready for some hard-core reading.

Check out the pulitzer prize caliber writing below. This comes from the last few months and should give you a proper outline of the major things we've talked about. I've excluded the Lockout crap because really who wants to read about that anymore? Without further ado, here you go:


The 4-3 Under Defense, Part I: An Introduction - Field GullsI delve into a series of posts that examines the Seahawks unique 4-3 Under with Elephant defensive philosophy and schemes. Part one is an introduction to the alignments and terminology.

The 4-3 Under Defense, Part II: The Seahawks' Hybrid - Field GullsA look at the 4-3 Under defense that the Seahawks ran in 2010. How it works, what type of personnel it needs, and where it will be going in 2011.

The 4-3 Under Defense: Coverage Schemes - Field GullsI want to give you just a basic look at some of the coverage schemes that you will see the Seahawks running. I'm not going to get into too much detail but I'll show you some of the basic tenets of each and explain what each player needs to do in each call.

The Seahawks' 4-3 Under Player Types: Cornerbacks - Field GullsThere seems to be a very specific set of criteria the Hawks front office uses when selecting their cornerbacks, and it's one they've stuck to for the most part. I'll try and lay that out a little bit here and attempt to give you an idea of why they hold that belief.

Seahawks' 4-3 Under Player Types: Safeties - Field GullsThe safeties are very important players in the Seahawks' 4-3 Under defense. I attempt to explain why.

Seahawks 4-3 Player Types: Linebackers - Field GullsI've broken down, the best that I can, the different player types in the Seahawks 4-3 Under defense run by Pete Carroll. We've looked at cornerbacks and safeties, after breaking down the assignments in general, and now I'm going to give you a quick and simple look at the linebacker position.

The Leo End and the Blitz - Field GullsThe Seahawks run an unbalanced 4-3 base defense. Does the system need the blitz to get to the quarterback?

Seahawks 4-3 Player Types: Defensive Line - Field GullsThe defensive line is very important. In any defense. Like every other defense, the defensive line in the 4-3 defense is very, very important. Let's talk about how Pete Carroll views each position in his basic 4-3 Under scheme.

The Leo End and the Run Defense - Field GullsChris Clemons isn't a big defensive end, and can be blocked and moved easily. Does that make us susceptible to running left?

Seahawks 4-3 Defense: Press Coverage and The Jam - Field GullsThe Hawks defense in 2011 will call for a lot of press-man coverage from the cornerbacks, and the jam is an important aspect of success. What does this mean for the Seahawks?


Marshawn Lynch Retrospective Part I: Week 10 at the Arizona Cardinals - Field GullsMarshawn Lynch play by play - week 10 at the Arizona Cardinals.

Retrospective: Dexter Davis - Field GullsA quick look at Dexter Davis' 2010 season; why he was drafted, some of the plays he made, and where they might see him in the future.

Charlie Whitehurst's First NFL Start - Breaking Down the First Half - Field GullsCharlie Whitehurst's First NFL Start - Breaking Down the First Half

Golden Tate and the Seahawks' Offense, Part I - Field GullsGolden Tate and the Seahawks' Offense, Part I

Golden Tate and the Seahawks' Offense, Part II - Field GullsA look at some key plays made by Golden Tate in 2010 - his successes and miscues.

Seahawks on the Precipice: Walter Thurmond - Field GullsIs Walter Thurmond set to impress for the 2011 Seahawks? Read on to find out...

BMW is a Number One Wide Receiver - Field GullsIs Seattle Seahawks WR Mike Williams a potential #1 wide receiver? Yes! Maybe.

BMW is not a Number One Wide Receiver - Field GullsIs Seattle Seahawks WR Mike Williams a potential #1 wide receiver? No! Maybe.

Seahawks on the Precipice: Charlie Whitehurst, Part I - Field GullsWhitehurst is not a second or third-year player, but it'll still interesting to see if he could be the Seahawks' next starter.

Seahawks on the Precipice: Charlie Whitehurst, Part II - Field GullsContinuing our look at Charlie Whitehurst and his potential as the possible starting QB next season

Cornerback Depth for the Seahawks Part I: Brandon Browner - Field GullsCornerback Depth for the Seahawks - Brandon Browner and his quest to play in the NFL.

Cornerback Depth for the Seahawks Part II: Josh Pinkard and Marcus Brown - Field GullsCornerback Depth for the Seahawks Part II: Josh Pinkard and Marcus Brown.


Tom Cable and Seahawk 'Jumbo' Sets, Part I - Field GullsAaron Schatz of Football Outsiders put together some interesting statistics recently about the prevalence and use of offensive linemen heavy sets. They charted teams' use of 6 and even 7 offensive linemen over the season came to the conclusion that Oakland used these "jumbo" sets the most of any team in the NFL. This is important to note for Hawks fans because it stands to reason Tom Cable will bring that methodology here to Seattle.

Tom Cable and Seahawk Jumbo Sets, Part II - Field GullsIn part one of this mini-series I broke down some statistics on the use of 6OL and even 7OL sets in the Oakland Raiders' offense from 2010. Because Tom Cable undoubtedly had a large influence on the running game and the offense in general there, it stands to reason that some of those philosophies and schematics could come to Seattle.

Two Tight End Sets in the Seahawks Offense - Field GullsIt remains to be seen how different the Hawks offense will be from the one Jeremy Bates captained last season, but if we believe Pete Carroll, then it will not stray much. That means we're going to continue to see tight end heavy sets, H-backs lining up in the backfield, tight ends lining up on the wing and motioning in, and tight ends lined up in-line and motioning out. 

The Seahawks' Playbook: Opening Drive in Week 17 Win over St. Louis, Part I - Field GullsThe Seahawks, and Jeremy Bates in particular, got a lot of praise for their offensive game-planning in their pivotal Week 17 win over St. Louis last season. Their first drive was a good example of what you do when you cannot run the ball if your life depended on it - you use a mix of plays, misdirection, screens, bubbles, a moving pocket, and keep the defense honest by throwing the ball vertically.

The Seahawks' Playbook: Opening Drive in Week 17 Win Over St. Louis, Part II - Field GullsA continued look at the Seahawks first drive in their pivotal Week 17 win over St. Louis.

The Seahawks Playbook: Opening Drive in Week 17 Win Over St. Louis, Part III - Field GullsThe Hawks now find themselves deep in the red zone and poised to capitalize. Let me set it up for you:


The Replay Booth: Mike Williams' TD, Week 7 vs Arizona - Field GullsI took a look at a back-shoulder throw on a fade route run to perfection for a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 7 of last season. Matt Hasselbeck to Mike Williams.

The Replay Booth: How to Beat the Tampa-2 - Field GullsThe Seahawks tend to run a Tampa-2 pretty often. Like any defense, it has it's weaknesses, and one of, if not the most glaring weaknesses involves attacking with a deep pass up the middle.

The Replay Booth: Chris Clemons, Raheem Brock, Stunt Perfection - Field GullsIf you want to see a stunt run to perfection, I have good example for you. 

The Replay Booth: Two Tight End Set Versatility in the Seahawks' Offense - Field GullsI have talked about 2 & 3 tight end sets and how prevalent they are in the Seahawks' offense. I wanted to point out a play and break it down to show you the practical use of two tight ends in the passing offense as used by the Seahawks.

The Replay Booth: The Value of a Dedicated Fullback - Field GullsFor those of you that are regular readers here you probably already know I've got a soft spot for the old-school, big, huge bruising fullbacks like Mack Strong and often will lament here on Field Gulls the fact that the Seahawks don't have anyone like that on the roster.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Lawyer Milloy, Veteran Savvy - Field GullsThe play I picked out today comes from Lawyer Milloy in a 3rd down situation where he relied on quick recognition, aggressiveness, and basically what I can describe as a 'veteran savvy' in making the stop.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Aaron Curry, Strength on the Edge - Field GullsAaron Curry gets talked about a lot here in the comments and a good deal of it is negative, but the good things he does for the Seahawks defense often get overlooked.

The Vikings.. I Mean Seahawks Replay Booth: Tarvaris Jackson to Sidney Rice - Field GullsI'm in the process of going back and taking a look at some Tarvaris Jackson (and Sidney Rice) tape to try and give myself, and by extension, you, a better glimpse of what to expect, and I ran across a play that's worth mentioning.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Marcus Trufant Forces a Fumble - Field GullsI picked out this play because forcing turnovers is the absolute first priority for Pete Carroll's defense. It has been, and always will be the most important job of the defender to get the ball from the opposing offense. It's the core of his philosophy and you will hear him talk about it umpteen times every week.


An Interview With Seahawks Receiver Golden Tate - Field GullsAn exclusive interview with Seahawks receiver Golden Tate.

An Interview With New Seattle Seahawk Kris Durham - Field GullsAn Interview With New Seattle Seahawk Kris Durham.

An Interview With New Seattle Seahawk Mark LeGree - Field GullsAn interview with new Seattle Seahawk, Mark LeGree

Appalachian State Defensive Backs Coach Scot Sloan on Mark LeGree - Field GullsAppalachian State Defensive Backs Coach Scot Sloan on Mark LeGree


Best Crucial Plays of 2010 #10--ET Phone Ball - Field GullsBest Crucial Play #10.

Best Crucial Plays of 2010 #9--Sam Bradford Hands the Playoffs to Will Herring - Field GullsBest Crucial Plays of 2010 #9.

Ten Best Crucial Plays of 2010 #8 - Mike Williams Takes Jabari Greer to the Cleaners - Field GullsMy series continues with one of the few highlights of the first SEA/NO content.

Ten Best Crucial Plays of 2010 #7 - Mike Tolbert Contributes to the Week 3 Circus - Field GullsMy series continues with another big play against the Chargers.

Ten Best Crucial Plays of 2010 #6 - The Upset Plot Thickens - Field GullsMy series continues with the playoff game.


Sports Fanhood--The Inescapable Vortex - Field GullsWe cannot escape from sports.

Seattle Sports Fanhood--It's Not All Bad - Field GullsSeattle fans in a nutshell.

The 2011 Seattle Seahawks Season: All I Want Is Everything I Ask For - Field GullsAll I want is everything I ask for.

What Makes You Cheer? - Field GullsThe NBA Finals has forced me to examine why I cheer and how that relates to the Seahawks.

The "Science" of Drafting a Quarterback in the NFL - Field GullsSpergon Wynn was taken in between Marc Bulger and Tom Brady. This, and other things to keep in mind when drafting a quarterback.

Report: Seattle Seahawks Sign Jeff Reed; Add Experience, Huge Nipples to Kicking Game - Field GullsIn accordance with Affirmative Action policies, the Seahawks have hired one douche. Welcome to Seattle, Jeff Reed.

A Tribute to Matt Hasselbeck & Lofa Tatupu - Field GullsIt's a strange time to be a Seahawks fan. In just over a year we've seen our roster completely overhauled and remade. Two of our biggest heroes are now gone. Arguably the two most prominent faces of the franchise are no longer, technically, Seahawks.

Seahawks Free Agency 2011: John Schneider and Undrafted Free Agents - Field GullsTaking a look at John Schneider's plan for the Seahawks' roster.

Seahawks in re-build (Part One): Learning lessons from visions of the past - Field GullsThe Seahawks are in re-build, something that Pete Carroll and John Schneider have embraced during the last 18 months. What are they doing differently and how do they turn their vision into results?

Seahawks in re-build (Part Two): The successful failure of year one - Field GullsSeattle's 2010 season - Pete Carroll's first as Head Coach - is largely considered a success due to one night against the defending Champs. Overall, do the numbers tell a different story?

Extraordinarily Small Panel of Football Writers Rank Seattle's Qwest Field 3rd-Toughest Place To Play - Field GullsQwest Field is a tough place to play, according to poll of eight people.

To Better Know Your Seahawks Lunatic: Marshawn Lynch - Field GullsFrom the Archives: A brief look at my favorite crazy person.

So We've Got That Going For Us, Which Is Nice: Tom Cable Edition - Field GullsI just want to say how stoked I am that Tom Cable got fired from the Raiders. That's not to say I wish him any failure in his career, I am just really glad he's now the Seahawks' O-Line coach and Assistant Head Coach. Why? Find out here...

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