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Know Your Enemy: Thaaa Raaaaaaidaaaasss (The Raiders)

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The Seahawks face off against probably my least favorite team in the NFL, the Oakland Raiders, this Friday at 7:30pm. The Tom Cable versus Al Davis, cage match (I wish) at the CLink! Robert Gallery and Zach Miller take on their old team! The old AFC West Rivalry is reborn!!!

Here is what the Raider Nation is saying about their team, give these links a look-see:

Five next-day Oakland thoughts - AFC West Blog - ESPN - Darrius Heyward-Bey: This kid has to get it going. He had two drops Sunday night. Neither was a simple catch, but they were drops all the same. One drop was on a deep pass and the other was on a short route, which Oakland has been using Heyward-Bey on lately. He reportedly has improved this summer and I don’t doubt it. But this is the third season for the No. 7 overall pick of the 2009 draft. When you see players like Louis Murphy, Jacoby Ford, Denarius Moore and Derek Hagan come into Oakland and make a bigger impact than Heyward-Bey, you have to wonder when the light will come on for Heyward-Bey and whether he’ll ever become anything more.

Clayton not high on most AFC West QBs - AFC West Blog - ESPN - 23. Jason Campbell, Oakland Raiders Analysis: Campbell has a coach who believes in him in Hue Jackson. Too bad he doesn't have an offensive line that can block for him. Arrow is pointing: down My thoughts: I think Campbell has a chance to be much better than his ranking. He looked improved this summer and he has good coaching. He could jump up eight spots or so, in my opinion.

2011 Oakland Raiders: Post Preseason Game 3 Assessment. 1st Team has a Ton of Stars, Depth, Not so Much - Silver And Black Pride - The Good? We haven't even really seen our first team in full yet, nor has anyone. We don't even know who that will be on the Offensive line, but have a pretty good idea, barring any surprises. The Bad: There exists a significant drop-off in talent when the depth chart toppers exit the field, especially defensively. In fact, it seems that when we don't have our starting eleven, there's almost no one out there to get in the way of opposing offenses moving the ball up and down the field at will, and scoring just as easily.

It's really ugly. Without our starting front four, and the rotational guys we'll mix in, we failed to produce pressure consistently against even their second and third units, and don't get me started about when Drew F. Brees was on the field. A few details after the jump. I'll be breaking most of it down play-by-play which will hopefully reveal some more to be positive about, because this game offered very little to quell our concerns going into the game...

Oakland Raiders' Taiwan Jones Highlights - Silver And Black Pride - Taiwan Jones made quite the impact in his first NFL action. I was fired up to see him before the game, and I am even more excited to see him now.

Preseason Oakland vs Saints: Breaking Down the O-Line Tape - Silver And Black Pride - In this post, you will find a film breakdown of every offensive play in the first half (we will break down the entire game when the regular season starts).  After breaking the film down, you will find grades and notes that might help you understand what you might have missed in the trenches while the play was going on. In the Saints game, Cooper Carlisle graded out at a 94% in pass protection.  His power blocking score was -1 which is the number of times he dominated a defender in pass protection minus how many times he was dominated.  For the most part, the Raiders' offensive line had problems every time Shaun Rogers lined up on them.  The guy is a beast.  Problem was that even though he was dominating the line of scrimmage he didn't really make a lot of tackles. Lets look at those offensive line grades for the first half only...

2011 Oakland Raiders' Personnel Packaging: What Was Effective, What Wasn't; 1st team Results - Silver And Black Pride - Initial assessments from first watching revealed we were able to move the ball fairly easily down the field, and New Orleans was able to do their thing easily versus our starters, sans Richard Seymour, Chris Johnson, and John Henderson. Onto the breakdown... hit the jump and let's see what the film reveals:

Oakland Raiders: Scouts Inc. Calls For Losing Record - Silver And Black Pride - The fine folks at Scouts Inc. usually do a fine job of scouting and analyses. They avoid lazy generalization, in favor of informed and educated opinions. I may have to rethink that opinion. They released previews and predictions for every AFC team. They have the Raiders pegged for 7-9.