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An Open Letter To Tarvaris Jackson

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Dear Mister Jackson,

Let's face facts here, you're our starting quarterback. I took it in stride when the move happened, I feel no worse or better than I did about the move before the preseason and I have not changed my view in four exhibition games. In my own view, you're getting your last shot at a starting job. Everyone deserves a second chance and I really want to see you succeed, but that isn't even for my team. I don't want you to play well for my team Tavaris, I want you to play well to stick it to your detractors.

I'll be honest, I've been wrong before. I defended Jim Mora as he slowly descended into a strange tortured man who had no idea who he was, and by the end, I hated him. I deeply hated him. I'm writing this because, like then, I see nothing that says your future is predetermined. I know from personal and painful experience what it's like to face cruelty and harsh unforgiving judgement of people and that's why I feel like I had to write this down.

If you're going to find any kind of success Mister Jackson, it's going to be because you take it upon yourself to live without fear of the consequences. This is it, you make it here or you don't. You have nothing to lose and that gives you the best edge to succeed. I don't want to hear about a lack of confidence because confidence is only reinforced by circumstances, not provided by them. If things go well or things go bad you must always have the core confidence that you can affect the situation.

As we prepare for the Seahawks' 2011 season, you are the centerpiece, you make it all go and how you handle the adversity will be what defines you more than any mistake or poor throw. I watched Dave Krieg take a team to the AFC championship game with nothing more than willpower on most of his throws, his line got him sacked 46 times that season, but it never left him shaken or questioning himself or his protection. As his coach Chuck Knox once said of him, "He plays absolutely fearless." So if there was any advice I could give you heading into this season if we met face to face, it would be this: "Play fearless."