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What the Ospreys are Tweeting: Week 1 - The Niners

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Pete Carroll

1. "What's important now is how we handle our next step... We've got to hang together and get right... We will bounce back."

Aaron Curry

1. "3hrs of worship!!! Thank you Lord! Had a lot of fun with you out there! Thank you for your protection"

Big Walt

1. "This seahawks team is going to be ok, OLINE is seeing what it take, let get better each week."


1. "It was right there I'n front of us... We have to capitalize"


1. "We're in this thing for the long haul together... Looks like we'll have to split w/ these guys again.. #RepThe12th"

2. "Post game convos done.. Now wheels up.. And again, prayers to the families and victims of 9/11.. Love the life you have.."

3. "Hate sitting in the back of the bus... Gotta walk thru so many lingering farts on the way off.. Some ol bullshit.. It was prob Moffitt!"

Zach Miller

1. "Tough one today. We will get it right"

Raheem Brock

1. "Tuff game! back to work tomorrow to tighten things up a lil bit!"