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The Seahawks Fullback Situation

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With Michael Robinson likely out for several weeks and quite possibly over a month with a high ankle sprain, the Seahawks face a little bit of a conundrum. Placing one of your special teams' captains on the IR would be a big blow to both that unit and the Seahawks offense, as Mike Rob functions as the team's only 'fullback'. The question remains as to what they'll do with Robinson -- I doubt the injured reserve is an option at this point but you never really know with this front office. They will not likely cut him either.

That means they'll have to decide whether they want to carry a true fullback on the roster for the next few games. Last year, when Robinson got hurt, they made due with John Carlson playing the H-back role, but the run game had more success with a dedicated, blocking FB. Further, it seems to me that Tom Cable prefers to use a fullback in the run game and did so last year with the Raiders.

Naturally, they'll have to cut someone to make room for a new player so that will be tough, but if that's what they decide to do, they may have some options. Mike Karney, a former All-Pro fullback that has played with the Rams and Saints, has visited the VMAC twice this year and he's the most obvious first choice. Dorson Boyce got extended looks in the preseason so he's an option as well. Even Ryan Travis, a pass-catching TE/FB hybrid that the Seahawks signed in rookie free agency, is still without a job. 

Past those three players I'm not sure who the Hawks would have their eyes on. They may decide to just use Dominique Byrd and Zach Miller in that role. We'll probably find out in the next day or two. What do you guys think the Hawks should do?