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NFL Power Rankings: Seahawks Fare ... Well, Not Great

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If there's anything America loves it's "Power" and "Rankings"
If there's anything America loves it's "Power" and "Rankings"

So apparently people don't really think the Seahawks are very good. I don't put much, if any, stock into Power Rankings, but it is kind of fun anyway to see what people across the nation rate certain teams. I've sifted through some of the rankings (with a tip of the cap to Sander over at Bucs Nation) and listed some of the main outlets' NFL rankings. 

As you'll see, the Seahawks are not the belle of the ball. Pro Football Weekly and the National Football post both list Seattle as the worst team in the NFL. Ouch, man. CBS Sports' Pete Prisco puts us at 31st, with only the Chiefs worse off. Ouch for Kansas City! Man, one game sure gets you in the dog house. Even Mike Sando ranks Seattle 31st.

On the other hand, Brian Billick and SBNation's own Joel Thorman put the Seahawks as high as 23rd. Thank you sirs, that's more like it. Football Outsiders is the only outlet that actually uses statistics over opinion, and they put the Seahawks at 25th in the league in VOA. Sounds right. 

In all honesty, if I were to put together an NFL Power Ranking chart, the Seahawks would probably be somewhere in the 25-27 range. I'm not going to do that list right now, because I'm not in the mood to be told I'm a moron today. Maybe later this week? Or season? When I'm drunk? We'll see.

Anyway, check out what people think and let me know where you'd put the Hawks. 

EPSN: 31st (Down from 25th): Mike Sando: "Defense strong, offense weak and special teams horrible in opening defeat."

SBNation: 23rd. (Down from 20): Joel Thorman: "They lost to the 49ers but, if it weren't for Ted Ginn's two touchdown returns, that game is much closer."

FOXSports: 23rd (Down from 21st) Brian Billick: "The Seahawks put up a battle, but they still seem to lack an identity. Besides their head coach, I am not sure where their leadership will come from."

CBS Sports: 31st (No change): Pete Prisco: "You have to wonder what they were thinking deciding to go with Tarvaris Jackson. It's going to be a long season."

Pro Football Weekly: 32nd (staff): "Marshawn Lynch can't carry the offense with 33 yards rushing."

National Football Post: 32nd (staff): "The Seattle season rides on the shoulders of Tarvaris Jackson-and that isn't good."

Football Outsiders: 24th (statistics): FO rates the Seahawks 24th overall in VOA, with the offense ranked 25th, the defense ranked 6th, and the special teams ranked, ... you guessed it, dead last. Their numbers are currently not adjusted for opponent strength. Their DAVE calculations (current results + preseason projections) ranks us dead last.