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College Football Gameday Open Thread

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For those of you that enjoy a good college football game or two, here are some links to whet your appetite followed by your College Football Gameday open thread yo.

College Football Buffet, Week 3: Oklahoma Vs. Florida State Is The Main Course - - Let's find out what looks tasty and what might be worth pushing to the side of your plate in this weekend's college football buffet.

Five prospects I'll be scouting closely Saturday - - Each Friday I list my "Five prospects" that I'll be focusing on for the upcoming weekend. In reality, I'm focusing on dozens of prospects each week, but the players listed below are playing in high profile games and against the caliber of competition that I believe provides us with an opportunity to truly assess how a collegiate player might fare when asked to make the huge jump to the NFL. 

What-to-watch-091511 - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN - Here are a few things to look out for Saturday as Notre Dame looks to break into the win column:

College Football Week 3: Five Games To Watch | Neon Tommy - After a week that saw an instant classic in Michigan-Notre Dame and many other thrilling finishes, the college football world is abuzz in anticipation about what is ahead. Here's a look at how Neon Tommy writers predict five of this week's biggest games. We begin with a top-five showdown that has potential national title ramifications. (All picks without scores are straight up.)

Talk, discuss, argue. Go Dawgs.