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What the Ospreys are Tweeting: Week 2 -- Some Team No One of Value Cares About

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Jon Ryan

1. "Wow. Quite clearly the #12thMan is not giving up on the@Seahawks and that's why I feel honored to play every week for the best fans in NFL" (Retweeted by BMW).

Aaron Curry

1. "am I the only person that loves Phillip Rivers throwing motion? I been watching it since he was at NCState"

2. "Chargers just ran the "ram route" two straight plays. Hook player get depth when they put something in front of you and ull get an int"

3. "KNJ said I gotta do more, and he is absolutely right!!"

4. ""After two losses, things must change! Starting with not wearing that towel on gameday anymore, and away with the wristbands at the elbow" (Yes Aaron, I'm sure changing your accoutrement was exactly what KNJ had in mind.)


Jeron Johnson

1. "Blessed with another opportunity!!! Its gameday!!!"



1. "Now that the game is over.. Have to say it was good to see Troy P and his family.. Ive always looked up to him as a person.. #FIGHTON"

2. "Good game Bull Durham.. Making his first catches of his career.. Many more to come young fella"

3. "Back to work! This is when leaders step up and keep everyone focused and together."

4. "Big Game 3 for the Seattle Storm tnite. I'll be wearing my Storm hat, show my support"

5. "Shout to all the females who were 5-8 deep all staying in 1 hotel room this wkend in Vegas... #teamwork haha"

6. "Yayyy Oregon "bounced back" with a great, tough win vs a hard opponent.. #NOT."

7. "Hahah anthony hargrove looks like the bully from the House Party movies w/ the high pitched voice.. "we're gonna kick ur freakin ass" hahah"

8. "Alot of ppl are hitting me about my targets... They will come, ive just got to work harder, and me and Tjack will get rolling"

9. "Oh yea, doesnt TJack look like the steelers head coach? Hahaha"


Jon Ryan

2. "@JonRyan9 Did you know @joelmchale(Jeff Winger) is a Seattleite and Member of the 12th Man?" (tweet from me, to Ryan, about "Community")

3. "@TheC_Raig yeah I was supposed to meet him a couple years ago when I was out in LA but something came up. Seems like an awesome guy tho." (His reply. For those who don't know, Joel McHale IS awesome.)


Raheem Brock

1. "FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!"

2. "Dear commissioner goodell, please don't fine me for hitting Ben!It was not intentional!I was tripped by his O'line! Sorry!!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"