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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Gameday

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, info, interviews, analysis, and more! LINKS LINKS LINKS LINKS!

Top 10: Seahawks Beat Raiders! - Field Gulls - If you're in your mid-30s like me, you probably

A) have fond memories of experiencing the heyday of Northwestern rock bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, etc.

B) can quote the Schwarzenegger films you grew up watching over and over on HBO to an embarrassing level of detail.

C) still think of that team down the coast as the Los Angeles Raiders, and still hate them with every fiber of your being.

Seattle Seahawks - PFF Preview 2011 | ProFootballFocus.comNobody saw the Seahawks coming last season. In the regular season, even in the ultra-non-competitive NFC West, very few people picked them. Then the playoffs rolled around and less than no one picked them to overturn the Saints, which they duly did. How do they top that this year? . Well, in spite of a division title and possibly the biggest upset in the NFL playoff history, the Seahawks still have plenty of room to improve on last season. A sub .500 record, only two road wins, and a 3-7 record outside of the hapless NFC West is the hallmark of a team with plenty of room to grow. . So with a shortened offseason to fix things, let’s take a look at what Seattle fans to be optimistic about, and a few things to be less so.

PFF Preview 2011 - San Francisco 49ers | - With new coach Jim Harbaugh now at the helm of one of the NFL’s most storied franchises, the San Francisco 49ers have become one of the more interesting teams to watch heading into this season. It will be hard to tell what kind of stamp he will put on this team going forward and the preseason has given us very little insight into what the 49ers will have to offer over the course of the season. . Did they add enough pieces through both the draft and free agency to warrant a run in the wide-open NFC West? While most critics would say no, the lack of a true powerhouse within the division will allow them to be in the hunt for a playoff berth until the bitter end.

The NFP Big Board | National Football Post - A preseason breakdown of the top-50 senior prospects from the six major BCS conferences based off my summer of tape study. Enjoy. Blog | Video: Carroll Press Conference " - Pete Carroll talks with the media following the Seahawks final practice before they face the Raiders at CenturyLink Field. Blog | VIDEO: Jackson Press Conference " - Tarvaris Jackson addresses the media after Seahawks practice.

Seahawks Blog | Pete Carroll mum on playing-time specifics | Seattle Times Newspaper - You want to know how long the Seahawks' starters will be playing? Well, me, too. So how about it coach Pete Carroll.

Brock and Salk - Blu - Podcasts - - Who on the Seahawks benefits most from John Carlson's season-ending shoulder injury? What should we make of Clinton Portis' scheduled workout with the Seahawks? Which injury could affect the Huskies the most in their season opener?

Clayton thinks Golden Tate, Justin Forsett are safe - Blog - - Running back Justin Forsett was included in Brock and Salk's discussion on Seahawks that are candidates to be cut, but Clayton thinks his spot on the roster is secured. "I think he's fine. I don't think there was ever a question there," Clayton said.

9/1: Surprises, disappointments of Seahawks camp - Blog - - As Seahawks training camp winds to a close, Brock and Salk discuss the players that have been pleasant surprises and those that haven't lived up to expectations so far. Blog | Thursday in Hawkville " - FOCUS ON The end of training camp and the preseason. Camp officially ended Aug. 18, but coach Pete Carroll continued with a training camp approach and mentality the past two weeks because the team had no spring minicamps or OTA sessions due to the 136-day lockout. "This is it. This is the end of camp," Carroll said after today’s hour-long practice. "And it seems crucial to us, to see a lot of stuff and make the evaluations we need to make in a number of areas – not just the ones you’re going to put on the roster and not put on the roster, but also schematically we’ve got things that we’re still growing and learning about." Blog | Wide receiver signed " - The Seahawks have signed wide receiver Owen Spencer, a rookie from North Carolina State. Spencer (6-2, 195) had an impressive workout with the team on Wednesday, and the Seahawks had rated him highly in this year’s NFL Draft. But Spencer was not drafted and signed with the Tennessee Titans as a free agent last month. He was released on this week’s roster cut to 80 players.

NFL News Updates - RapidReports - Carroll says OL hasn't played like it's practiced Pete Carroll said a key for the struggling offensive line is to take what it does in practice into the games: "We’ve done a lot of good things out here. Now we need to be calm and settle down and trust the preparation so we can perform like we’re capable. We didn’t do that last week."

No down linemen? Linebackers on the nose? - 09.05.11 - SI Vault - Football today's about one word," said Saints coach Sean Payton. "Let's see if you can guess it." Payton, in his office at training camp this summer, got up from his chair to walk off some energy. "Here's what happens in the game today," he said, ticking off the play clock. "Quarterback breaks the huddle at 17. He goes to the line. Sixteen, 15, 14, 13. He's probing the defense. 'Purple 57! Purple 57! SetHUT!!' That's not a snap count. It's information gathering. [The offense] knows he's not snapping on a dark color. For some teams it's a color, for others it might be ice cream flavors—just as long as the offense knows and the defense doesn't. On defense they're thinking, 'Hold it, hold it, hold it. Don't show the quarterback anything.' The offense is saying, 'Who's who? Who are we blocking? How do we attack it?'

Seattle Seahawks 2011 Season Preview | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - While Seattle certainly wasn't expected to make a deep playoff run, don't think head coach Pete Carroll will simply just rest after getting the Seahawks to the postseason for the seventh time in 12 seasons. Carroll and general manager John Schneider pulled off an incredible 284 transactions in their first year together, and the team may have as many as 11 new starters between both sides of the ball in addition to a new kicker in 2011.

John Clayton Refutes Own Rumor Of Golden Tate's Possible Departure - SB Nation Seattle - ESPN football analyst John Clayton went on the "Brock and Salk" radio show on ESPN 710 AM Seattle Thursday to talk some shop with the boys, but also nip an unfortunate rumor in the bud that the Seattle Seahawks could possible cut Golden Tate from the regular season roster.  Clayton originally stated on the "Kevin Calabro Show" that the Seahawks have a very similar receiver in Doug Baldwin, who could basically step in and take Tate's job for much less money. That caused a bit of a stir up in the great Northwest, causing Clayton to rebut his own statements: news: Three reasons why things will again be bleak in NFC West - The NFC West was universally considered the weakest division in the NFL last season. The Seahawks, Cardinals, 49ers and Rams combined to go 6-26 on the road and 25-39 overall. It was so bad that there was discussion at the league level that a division winner with a losing record (Seattle "won" the West at 7-9) might not automatically get a home playoff game. Although that issue was tabled, it could very well be a point of contention again, as things continue to look bleak. Here are three reasons why the NFC West could be even worse in 2011:

The Point After: Football and Myth of the Vocal Critic " The Matchups Zone - Why do I sometimes yell at the TV when the Seahawks are playing? To clarify, it’s not always a yell. Sometimes it’s a heavy sigh. Other times, it’s a jaw dropping, "What the hell was that?" Back in the day, when the Seahawks were playing in the AFC West and would travel to Arrowhead Stadium to play the Kansas City Chiefs and the great Derrick Thomas, it was just a groan; a combination of terror and panic; just hoping that Dave Krieg would survive the day. But even during those games, I would yell. Once, in a fit of mind numbing boredom (and intellectual vapidity) I tried to label my yelling at the ‘Hawks as the supportive act of a vocal critic. Turns out my attempts were not only pretty lame, but at times resulted in making me look like an idiot. The vocal critic is reasonable and proper. Vocal critics watch golf. Football on the other hand has fans—fanatics; and we yell, cheer, clap, complain, whine, hope, nurse hangovers, get up early, watch pre-game, and feel duty bound to observe the truest of game day rituals.

Best Seahawk catch ever | Seahawks Insider - The comment came out before I had a chance to really think it over. I've stood on sidelines at Seahawks practices since back in the 80s, but when receiver Ricardo Lockette pulled in a scoring catch over Earl Thomas in Wednesday's practice, I had to say that it was the best catch I'd ever seen in a Seahawks practice. Before you stone me as a blasphemer, yes, I watched many practices that included Steve Largent.

Seahawks Blog | Oh yeah, there is still that QB thing hanging out | Seattle Times Newspaper - The biggest question entering the final game of this exhibition season is whether the Seahawks offensive line can protect its starting quarterback. That debate has such an overwhelming urgency that it's easy to forget there's a sizeable chunk of people that believe Seattle is starting the wrong quarterback. At least it was easy for me to forget that. I was reminded about that on Twitter on Thursday night. There are people who believe -- strongly -- that Charlie Whitehurst is better prepared to start, and Pete Carroll's decision to start Tarvaris Jackson is not only misplaced, but undermines his doctrine of competition. Blog | Wednesday in Hawkville " - FOCUS ON John Carlson. Tuesday, it was announced that the team’s incumbent starter at tight end would need season-ending surgery to repair a torn labrum. Today, Carlson talked about the injury and the decision to have surgery. "The decision was kind of made by my shoulder," Carlson said. Talk about body language. But that was the case. Initially, Carlson was going to rehab the shoulder and try to play with it. "It kind of resolved itself by not coming along as far as we wanted it to," he said. "That’s where my shoulder is. I need to get it fixed and start the rehab process."

John Carlson speaks about his shoulder injury, plus other notes | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News - - John Carlson didn’t know back on Aug. 13, two days after the Seahawks’ preseason opener, that the shoulder injury he sustained in that day’s practice would cause him to miss the season. It came on a simple 1-on-1 play, Carlson said Wednesday, when he dove to catch a ball. "I think the initial injury was there," Carlson said, "and then later in practice I aggravated it blocking." Turns out he has a torn labrum in his shoulder, which coach Pete Carroll said on Tuesday will require season-ending surgery. Carlson said he’s particularly disappointed because of how hard he worked in the offseason.

John Carlson discusses season-ending shoulder injury - Blog - - Wednesday after practice, Seahawks tight end John Carlson discussed the decision to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery. "I hurt my shoulder a few weeks ago in practice, and we've been hoping -- going along under the assumption that with rehab I would be able to strengthen it and continue and play the season," Carlson said. "It didn't progress like we wanted it to. So over the last week, we've kind of been leaning that way and it was made official yesterday."

Miller signing now bigger after Carlson injury - Seahawks News - - With John Carlson expected to miss the season, the offseason acquisition of Zach Miller is looming even larger for the short-handed Seattle Seahawks.

Matt Barkley on the future and the NFL " Seahawks Draft Blog - Bill Plaschke has an interesting piece in the LA Times today, in discussion with USC quarterback Matt Barkley about what the future holds for the true-junior starting quarterback. Having started as a freshman, Barkley will have the opportunity to enter the 2012 draft. While he may not end up being the #1 pick ahead of Andrew Luck, he’ll still be taken off the board quickly if things go according to plan this year.

Intelligence report: Seattle Seahawks - NFC West Blog - ESPN - Five things to know about the Seattle Seahawks, straight from our newly published 2011 preview:

Seahawks Blog | The annual training-camp spin cycle | Seattle Times Newspaper - Who has been the biggest disappointment at Seattle's training camp? It's a question anyone remotely interested in the Seahawks would like to have answered, and coach Pete Carroll didn't hesitate when asked to name the biggest downer of this past month. "Well, I would think probably me," Carroll said. "I think I've been the most disappointing. I'm not throwing the ball nearly as well as I thought I would at this time. Even though I was pumped up about my ability to run around, my hose just is not in shape right now." What, you didn't really expect him to answer that, did you?

NFL Preseason Preview - Oakland (0-3) at Seattle (1-2) - Football Wires - - The NFL closes the lid on its 2011 preseason when the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks square off Friday at Qwest Field in a matchup of teams that will feature a few familiar faces on one of the opposing sidelines.

Seattle Seahawks: 5 Changes Brewing During Final Week of Preseason | Bleacher Report - The Seahawks have had a busy week; John Carlson is heading to the IR with a torn labrum, Kelly Jennings was traded to the Cincinnati Bengals and competition exists on the right side of the offensive line; not to mention the 53 man roster is becoming a constant topic of conversation. The team is ultimately focused on fixing their mistakes—a constant theme recently—as they prepare to host Oakland and hope to end the preseason on a high note. What's changing as we move closer to the regular season?

Raiders vs. Seahawks NFL Preseason: Terrelle Pryor is the Big Story - SB Nation Bay Area - Much like most of the teams in the NFL, the Raiders are not expected to play their starters much on Friday night, if at all. By now, Hue Jackson has a good idea as to who will be starting come the Raiders season opener in Denver on Monday Night Football.

Seahawks | Seahawks will not rest starters against Oakland | Seattle Times Newspaper - The fourth and final exhibition game is always important. The significance, however, is usually concentrated among those players fighting for roster spots and a future in the league.

Five teams on the way up, five on way out of playoff picture - NFL - Football - Going down: Seattle -- Everywhere I went this summer, people were asking, "What in the world are the Seahawks doing?" I wish I had an answer. Right now, it looks like they're trying to maneuver for Andrew Luck. I mean ... Tavaris Jackson as your starting quarterback? Are you kidding me? They would have been better off keeping Matt Hasselbeck. Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell had him in Minnesota, which makes you wonder how he could've signed off on him. I mean, seeing is believing.

Sure, Sidney Rice is an upgrade, but how does he get the ball? When Jackson was in Minnesota, Rice was ineffective. In fact, he did virtually nothing until Brett Favre showed up, and then it was only for one season. I always count on Pete Carroll to run the ball, but Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett? Behind a line that's ready to demote first-round draft pick James Carpenter? I underestimated the Seahawks a year ago, and they won the division. I don't care that it was with a losing record. They won. They then beat the defending Super Bowl champions in the playoffs. That was a major accomplishment.

It will not happen again. Not now. Where there's hope: Hey, it's the NFC West, where you can go to the playoffs with a 7-9 record. Anything is possible. Seattle proved it last season. - Sports: Baldwin states his case to make Seahawks' roster - Rookie free-agent receiver from Stanford has had impressive training camp.

Blocking it out - The Seahawks’ new-look and oh-so-young offensive line had its problems in last week’s loss to the Broncos, which makes Friday night’s finale against the Raiders the last preseason chance to get it right.

This pair always goes at it | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - This time of the NFL exhibition season, a common question arises from fans: Where are the best battles on the practice field? For the Seahawks, the best competition has nothing to do with the depth chart. Hands-down, the fiercest battle is the nonstop verbal jousting between receiver Mike Williams and safety Earl Thomas during practices.

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