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Thank God It's TGIF! (Field Gulls Update Edition)

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Talk about the perfect storm of Fridays. The last day of the week before a 3-day weekend. Seahawks and Raiders play the only game in the NFL tonight. Tomorrow is first day of college football. Thank GOD it's TGIF!!

A couple of notes and introductions for you on this glorious day:

-- It's Jacson's birthday today. For all the other Field Gulls' writers whose birthday's I've missed, I'm sorry, but I'm friends with Jacson on facebook and therefore I found out it was his birthday today. So wish him a happy birthday and tell him how you feel about him.

-- New addition to the blog: Chris Sullivan, formerly of Seahawk Addicts and 30AcreFortress is now an official member of the Field Gulls writing team. He's a great football writer, a funny guy, text messages and tweets in gangsta vernacular, and knows the Seahawks like the back of his hand so I'm pumped to have him aboard. Give him a fist bump below. (UPDATE: Also, it should be noted that Chris signed up for SBN about a week ago and inexplicably and improbably got the screen name "CHRIS"... how that name hadn't been taken yet is beyond me. Nonetheless, welcome Chris.)

-- New addition to the blog: Dukeshire, who some of you know through the comments section and open threads, has agreed to come on and contribute for Field Gulls as well. I'm excited for this edition because it's clear to me that he's some kind of football savant and has a great eye for schematics and strategy. Furthermore, he's a good writer so I think he'll bring a lot to the blog. Give him a one-armed man-hug below.

These guys, along with the ever excellent and prodigious T-Beeks (I just made up that nickname) will join forces with Field Gulls Stalwarts Benne, Scruffy, and BrianL, aided and abetted by the irreverant genius of Jacson and whatever it is I to bring you, to provide to you everything you need to know about the Seahawks.

Just when you thought life couldn't get better, you throw in Field Gulls Poet DJ C_Raig to spit some eloquence, Whiskey to throw down the Weekly Fantasy Football gauntlet, Krazyleggs the Professor of Seahawks Lore, DavisHsu the Field Gulls Comptroller (I have no idea what a comptroller is in real life but it sounded cool... Davis is the FG Numbers/Stats/Predicting the Future master), Scott Enyeart the Resident Carrollosphy Expert, and round it out with some player scouting with a British Gentleman's perspective from Rob Staton.

It's like the Justice League of Extraordinary Nation Avengers or something.

Happy Friday! Oh, and a video below that needs no introduction.