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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Tuesday

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, info, interviews, analysis --  from around the interwebs. - Seahawks blog: Robert Gallery out a month to six weeks with groin injury - If a shutout loss in Pittsburgh wasn't bad enough, the Seahawks got some bad injury news the day after the game. Left guard Robert Gallery, who missed the season opener with a knee injury, then returned to play against the Steelers, will be out for a month or more with a groin injury that will require surgery. "Robert Gallery’s got a groin injury that he played with throughout the game, but it’s one where he’s going to be out for a while," Carroll said. "He’s going to have to get it fixed. It’s about a month to six weeks type of time frame. We’ll hope to do that as soon as possible and get him all fixed up and get him back."

Seahawks Lose to Steelers: Some Unsurprising Storylines - SB Nation Seattle -The Seahawks, unsurprisingly, didn't beat the defending Super Bowl losers. I just wanted to point out what losers the Steelers are there. The Hawks, unsurprisingly, failed to get much going on offense and were stymied, unsurprisingly, by one of last year's top defensive teams. I'm unsurprised there. Vegas oddsmakers had the Seahawks as 12.5 point underdogs prior to the game, the worst line the Seahawks have faced since 1992. Let me do the math for you there. That's a long time (I decided not to do the math). They probably weren't surprised to see the Seahawks lose by twice that. 

Seahawks Vs Steelers: What Went Wrong - SB Nation Seattle - The Seahawks didn't do a whole lot "right" in this game but I'll mostly hammer on the offense in this post. Why? Because the ineptitude on that side of the ball is, frankly, more concerning. Despite what Pete Carroll will tell you ("It had nothing to do with the quarterback spot"), a lot of it had to do with the quarterback spot. Once again, Tarvaris Jackson played timidly and conservatively, rarely throwing downfield and regularly a beat or two slow in the timing of plays. He threw high on some key third down passes and didn't challenge the Steelers defense deep one time. 

Seattle 0, Pittsburgh 24 – The Aftermath - Going into the game I had hope for the Seahawks. I saw enough good things from them against the Niners and enough bad stuff from Pittsburgh against the Ravens that I thought "Hey, Seattle has a realistic chance here". There were a lot of things that would have needed to go right for that to happen and pretty much none of them did. This game wasn’t pretty from the Seahawks side of things. But there were some positives to take away. And of course there are some negatives as well. Let’s get all that negative stuff out of the way first so we can all leave here focusing on the positive.

Top 5 Seattle Seahawks Blogs - Like most Seahawks fans I spend a lot of time reading about the Seahawks. I check the major sports sites like and I read national colums from guys like Mike Sando, Chris Mortensen, Adam Schefter, Mike Florio, and so on. But what I really like reading is many of the different blogs out there dedicated specifically to the Seattle Seahawks. So I figured it is time to recognize some of the best of the best.

Seahawks Blog | What we learned: Steelers 24, Seahawks 0 | Seattle Times Newspaper - Protection isn't the only problem on offense. Tarvaris Jackson had more time to pass this game. Or t least he did in the first half, and still Seattle's offense was every bit as immobile in Pittsburgh as it was during the first half at San Francisco. Opponents have been able to drop seven defenders into coverage consistently, fairly certain they can get pass pressure without blitzing. The Seahawks' receivers aren't getting separation from the coverage, and it's not like there are wide-open targets Jackson is missing.

Scout’s corner: Florida State/Oklahoma breakdown | National Football PostA second tier quarterback prospect… Jones had a number of flaws show up Saturday. QB Landry Jones is a talented college signal caller. He’s a big kid with a good enough arm, displays nice touch down the field and understands when to get the ball needs to come out. However, despite all his production at this stage, I don’t think he’s nearly the type of quarterback prospect many are making him out to be. When watching him this past week I didn’t see a real gifted athlete who could quickly re-set his feet when trying to find secondary targets in the face of pressure and accurately deliver the football. I didn’t see a guy who was a real quick decision maker when his initial read wasn’t on. And I didn’t see a guy who had the type of arm strength to be late with a throw down the field and get away with it.

Shutdown in steeltown: Seahawks lose to Steelers, 24-0 | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - Only one question lingered – would they at least score? But Sunday’s game ended just as it started for the Seattle Seahawks – with zeros staring down at them. Seattle’s offense crossed midfield twice in the game. For the second consecutive week, the Seahawks coughed and sputtered offensively in a 24-0 manhandling by the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field.

On Steelers 24, Seahawks 0: Close to helpless | - In a game that had a lot of nothing for the Seahawks, Pete Carroll’s club fell to 0-2 by getting blown out in Pittsburgh. Seattle needs an abrupt change in the home opener Sunday vs. Arizona.

Hawks discover size not enough | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - A man of few words, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner had little to say about his performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But Browner understands he has to do better. The Steelers repeatedly targeted the first-year pro in the passing game. And Browner struggled.

Draw It Up: Bills Breakdown - The Triangle Blog - Coming into this season, I didn't think the Buffalo Bills were that bad. Apparently, neither did the Bills. Buffalo won again Sunday to bring its record to 2-0. The Bills crushed the Kansas City Chiefs en route to a sleepy victory in Week 1, but their win Sunday over the Oakland Raiders was full of pyrotechnics: an 18-point comeback and a back-and-forth fourth quarter capped with Ryan Fitzpatrick’s touchdown pass to David Nelson to give Buffalo the lead.

Bill Barnwell on the heroes, goats of Week 2 in the NFL, plus a blueprint on how to ground the mighty Eagles - Grantland - Sunday night was unbelievable. It's not that the Eagles lost to the Falcons by four in Atlanta in a game that came down to a fourth-down drop. It's that the Eagles — the franchise that spent and spent this offseason to build a team that could win shootouts — lost a 35-31 shootout to a Falcons team that's uniquely struggled in that sort of game during the Matt Ryan era. The Falcons mortgaged their future to move up and draft wide receiver Julio Jones this offseason in an attempt to get better in battles with the likes of Green Bay, New Orleans, and Philly, but Jones had just two catches and was a bit part in this game. Instead, they got a little luck and established the blueprint for scoring points on this new-look Eagles defense. And we're going to share the blueprint with you.

Jill Baughman: Steelers Redeem Themselves... Even Though it was Against the Seahawks Yes, football nation, I hear what you're saying: It's the Seattle Seahawks. Doesn't really "mean" all that much. But this could be the ego boost the Steelers need to help them power through the next couple of weeks. They play the beleaguered Indianapolis Colts next Sunday night, and every game counts, especially competing for wins against a rival like the Ravens in the AFC North. It's nice to win, and it's nice to win at home. Let's hope the Steelers will continue to bounce back from such a humiliating loss in week 1.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Audibles: Week 2 - Doug Farrar: Tarvaris Jackson should be taken off the field for the safety of his receivers. He's hanging them out to dry all over the place. Doug Baldwin had to jump for one of his errant scuds and opened himself up to a rib shot. Vince Verhei: Seattle does exactly one thing well, play run defense. The Steelers' series in the second half all look the same: Short run on first down followed by a pass on second or third down that picks up a first. The corners are playing eight yards off or deeper and giving the Steelers six-yard gains whenever they want. Also, as a punt returner, Antonio Brown is one of those guys who will run 30 yards back and forth for what turns out to be a three-yard gain. news: College stock watch: Barkley's game continues to grow - *Matt Barkley is the real deal. The Southern Cal star has been sensational through the first three weeks of the season and scouts are starting to take notice of his spectacular start. Barkley has completed 69 percent of his passes for 892 yards with nine touchdowns and only one interception. Against Syracuse, he completed 26 of 39 passes for 324 yards with five touchdowns. He distributed the ball to eight different receivers and avoided costly mistakes by routinely taking the second and third option.

Hey, Seahawks quarterback haters: Location matters - Blog - - I hear your cries. I hear your complaints. I hear your anger. Like many of your fellow 12th Man members, you want a change at quarterback. And why wouldn't you? After two weeks, the Hawks offense has been stagnant at best and often closer to inept. And since we all know that the offense begins and ends with the quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson HAS to be the problem, right? Tarvaris Jackson was 20 of 29 for 159 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions on Sunday.

Receiver Rice still missing, and might be a while | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - Seattle Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice’s eventual return to the field became more uncertain Sunday. Pete Carroll confirmed the news, first reported by Fox Sports, that his high-priced receiver indeed has a torn labrum in his sore shoulder that kept him out of the team’s first two games. However, Carroll said the injury is not similar to tight end John Carlson’s shoulder injury. Carlson had surgery to repair his torn labrum two weeks ago, and was placed on the season-ending injured reserve list.

Jerry Brewer | The Seahawks' offense is playing a sad song | Seattle Times Newspaper - Contrary to the popular postgame cliché, there's a definite rhythm to the Seahawks' bumbling offense. It makes for a nice bass line to a song. A blues song. Punt punt punt punt PUNT! Um, hit me? Don't expect this sad ditty to get any radio play.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: The Morning After: Steelers Beat Seahawks, 24-0 - Halloween is still more than a month away, but the Seahawks offense decided to wear dunce caps for the second straight week in a 24-0 snoozefest in Pittsburgh. This may be a long season, Seahawks fans. Arm yourself with lowered expectations, and a sense of humor. As you go out searching for you perfect Halloween costume in the coming weeks, consider these Seahawks-themed characters:

Around the NFC West: Seattle QB thoughts - NFC West Blog - ESPN - Put an average driver in a bad car and you're not going to win many races against good competition. The Seattle Seahawks are finding this out with quarterback Tarvaris Jackson running their offense. Even if he's an OK driver, his vehicle needs serious upgrades before it can compete with the best. And the last time anyone checked, there wasn't a more accomplished driver on standby.

Silver linings: Seahawks at Steelers - NFC West Blog - ESPN - The facts: The Seattle Seahawks fell to 0-2 with a 24-0 road defeat against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The upside: Even the worst defeats tend to feature a bright spot or two.

Mel Kiper predicts Seattle Seahawks as favorite for Andrew Luck: A fan's take - NFL - Yahoo! Sports - College football expert Mel Kiper Jr. has listed the Seattle Seahawks as one of the teams favored to select Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL Draft. This basically means he feels that the decision to sign quarterback Tarvaris Jackson(notes) will turn out to be a bad one, and that the Seahawks will finish with a bad enough record to have one of the top selections in the next NFL draft. Kiper states that, "the quarterback situation looks terrible, and I think the Seahawks erred in not doing more there." Listed as one of the five teams that are most likely to tumble in the 2011 season, Seattle won't have to worry about the Carolina Panthers, because Carolina seems to be pretty sold on Cam Newton now. Newton had a great week one performance that already has that team thinking about the 2012 NFC Playoffs, so bringing in Luck might not make too much sense.

Seahawks Blog | Seahawks' 24-0 loss just latest road-kill sampling | Seattle Times Newspaper - Hard to call the Seahawks' recent rash of road losses heartbreaking. That would imply there was some suspense involved. The defeats have been of a particularly lopsided variety. Consider that Seattle is 5-21 on the road since the start of the 2008 season. Only one of those 21 defeats had a single-digit margin of defeat. Sunday's 24-0 loss in Pittsburgh was the 10th time in Seattle's past 26 road games that it has lost by 20 or more points.

Seahawks Blog | Aaron Curry kicking himself over the mistakes | Seattle Times Newspaper - Linebacker Aaron Curry was as disappointed as anyone that he didn't intercept that pass he had anticipated so well on the first play of the second quarter. Actually, he was probably more disappointed. Curry was in perfect position not only to intercept quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's pass -- which was intended for Heath Miller -- only to have the ball bounce off his hands and fall incomplete.