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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Wednesday

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PITTSBURGH - SEPTEMBER 18: Tavaris Jackson #7 of the Seattle Seahawks drops back to pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the game on September 18, 2011 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
PITTSBURGH - SEPTEMBER 18: Tavaris Jackson #7 of the Seattle Seahawks drops back to pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the game on September 18, 2011 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, info, interviews, analysis --  from around the interwebs.

Luck vs. Barkley. Who fits Seattle best? " Seahawks Draft Blog - I realize the title of this post may sound overly presumptuous.  Seattle is only 2 games into the 2011 season, and to have a realistic shot at Matt Barkley, they would probably have to win fewer than 6 games (maybe less).  To have a realistic shot at Andrew Luck, they may have to win fewer than 2 games.  Seattle is a bad team, but with only a small sample size to work with, its too early to intellectually give up on the 2011 season, even if some of us already have emotionally. 

Its entirely possible the Seahawks could win 6 games, especially if they make a change at QB sooner instead of later.  When its all said and done, its possible that neither player reaches Seattle in such a situation.  Talking about Luck vs. Barkley next April would probably be a waste of time if Seattle is picking 12th overall.

Dave Krieg: The Man from Milton | - Sports - With appropriate timing, the first chapter of one of the most legendary stories in NFL history was being written a few months after a similar tale had come to an end. In the fall of 1999, unknown quarterback and one-time grocery bagger Kurt Warner overcame stops at Division I-AA Northern Iowa University, the Arena League and NFL Europe to become the starting quarterback of the St. Louis Rams. Over the ensuing months, he would become as unlikely a Most Valuable Player as the NFL would ever anoint. Warner was the stuff of Disney movies, the kind of character F. Scott Fitzgerald might create on the pages of a book. His was the most inspirational story the NFL had seen in years. He was an inspiration to all. All, that is, except Dave Krieg.

9/20: Week 3 presents big opportunity for Seahawks - Blog - - In Tuesday's Wrap Up video, Brock and Salk discuss the importance of the Seahawks' Week 3 game against the Cardinals at CenturyLink Field. Blog | Photoblog: Shut out in the Steel City " - The Seahawks traveled across the country to Pittsburgh in Week 2 to face the Steelers, who were runners-up in last year’s Super Bowl. Blog | Up next: Arizona Cardinals " - Star power: Larry Fitzgerald. While QB Kevin Kolb was the Cardinals’ big offseason get, the trade with the Eagles to acquire him was a move to obtain a better option to get Fitzgerald the ball. That happened seven times for 133 yards in Sunday’s loss to the Redskins, prompting Kolb to offer, "He’s a special guy. His eye-hand coordination is ridiculous." Kolb is learning something the Seahawks already knew. Fitzgerald had a seven-catch, 91-yard outing last season, to go with his previous productive games against the Seahawks: a career-high 13 catches for 100 yards (2009); 10 catches for 151 and five for 130 (2008); and eight for 102 (2005).  And it’s not just the Seahawks who seem to bring out the best in the Fitzgerald. He’s had 90-plus receptions and 1,000-plus yards five times in his first seven seasons.

NFC West Stock Watch - NFC West Blog - ESPN - 3b. Tarvaris Jackson, Seahawks quarterback. Coach Pete Carroll was right when he said the Seahawks' problems against Pittsburgh went far beyond the quarterback position. It's also reasonable to expect a quarterback to spark his team from time to time. Jackson, once a threat as a scrambler, has so far abandoned that aspect of his game. He needs to show more against Arizona in Week 3.

NFL Power Rankings: Seattle Seahawks Sliding Towards Rock Bottom - SB Nation Seattle - In this week's NFL power rankings, the Seattle Seahawks are still falling, but aren't quite at rock bottom.

From the Sidelines: Seahawks at Steelers - It's more questions than answers for the Seahawks in their 24-0 loss to the Steelers; 'we're better than this,' Pete Carroll says.

Suck for Luck campaign update: Don't discount the Miami Dolphins - Mocking The Draft - It's clear that Indianapolis, Kansas City and Seattle are the current frontrunners for Luck, as pointed out by David Fucillo of SB Nation Bay Area. The Colts and Chiefs have both been marred by injury and the Seahawks have been marred by Tarvaris Jackson. Many are discounting the Miami Dolphins, however. Miami has to play the New York Jets and the suddenly dangerous Buffalo Bills twice each and New England on the road. Miami also gets San Diego on the road in two weeks. A Week 9 match-up with the Chiefs could be especially meaningful. Right now, this is the falling four and each would be better off with Luck – though Indianapolis more down the road.

Draft Breakdown — Landry Jones vs FSU 2011 - …where it's always draft season.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Week 2 DVOA Ratings - New England tops the Football Outsiders VOA ratings after Week 1, as well as our DAVE ratings that incorporate both performance so far and our preseason projections. Six of the seven 2-0 teams rank among the top seven so far this season. Washington is the odd man out, ranking just 13th after a very close win over Arizona. (If we had opponent adjustments at this point, Washington would be even lower... after all, it was Arizona.)

A medical perspective on Sidney Rice’s injury | Seahawks Insider - With Seattle Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice’s damaged labrum in his shoulder a hot topic this week, I thought it would be good to reach out and talk to someone who could shed some light on how athletes with similar injuries deal with this situation. So I spoke with Dr. Alexis Colvin, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics with The Mount Sinai Department of Orthopaedics in New York. Dr. Alexis C. Colvin Colvin’s expertise is sports medicine. Her clinical and research interests include surgical treatment of knee, shoulder and hip disorders. Dr. Colvin serves as a physician for the United States Tennis Association during the U.S. Open, providing orthopaedic care to elite players, and as served as a physician for the New York City Triathlon. Now, Dr. Colvin has not examined Rice’s shoulder and does not speak specificly about his injury, but just in general terms of how teams deal with athletes who have a similar injury as Rice does.

Blaming Tarvaris Jackson for losses is amateurish - Blog - - As an ex-linebacker, I don't claim to be an expert on the finer points of quarterback play, but I can watch a game on TV and read the box scores with the best of them. Jeff Foxworthy might put it this way: If you saw both Seahawks games this year and blame Tarvaris Jackson for the 0-2 start, you might be an amateur. If you read these statistics of Jackson's first two games and think he should be replaced with backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, you might be an amateur. 

Super 99: Luck, Richardson early top draft prospects - NFL - Sporting News - A look at the top college juniors and seniors who will be eligible for the 2012 NFL Draft.

Coach Killers, Week 2: McCown's magnificent 1.8 - - Seahawks wide receivers, cornerbacks (alo acceptable: players not named Earl Thomas). It's not like anyone expected Seattle to waltz into Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers. Vegas listed the Seahawks as 14-point dogs, and the Steelers were motivated in their home-opener after an embarrassing loss in Baltimore in Week 1. Plus, it's not an exaggeration to suggest that, outside of safety Earl Thomas, Seattle doesn't have one legitimate playmaker.

That severely limits your chances in a play-making league. Also not helping: dropped passes and cornerbacks who either play 15-yard cushions or bump-and-run coverage without the bumping. Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson is in an untenable situation. Against the Steelers, the game plan involved quick, short passes and running the ball. Neither worked, so the few times Jackson attempted to throw the ball more than 10 yards downfield, the play often ended with his receivers dropping the pass. 

This goes back to the lack of play-makers; Sidney Rice didn't play, and there's no reason to think that Mike Williams, who ate himself out of the league once before, or Chris Durham would suddenly morph into something other than possession receivers. Then again, Jackson's not Drew Brees whe in comes to accuracy,'s Doug Farrar joked during the game that "Jackson should be taken off the field for the safety of his receivers. He's hanging them out to dry all over the place."

Top five underrated prospects | National Football Post - An early season look at the top five prospects who aren’t getting much love now, but have the talent to make a move up draft boards in the coming months.

Injury Ill$ | National Football Post - Injuries are the bane of the NFL teams’ – and players’ – existence. Just as the mortality rate of NFL careers is 100% – no one plays forever – the injury rate for NFL players is 100%. Everyone gets hurt. I am often asked to describe a facet of working in the NFL that people may not realize. I answer that it is the increasing amount of time that is spent dealing with the medical side of football. Injury discussions dominate front office meetings each week in both assessing the damage from the previous game and forecasting availability for the week ahead. Football is not a contact sport; it is a collision sport. Having seen the triage following the games, this fact is clear. Let’s look at a few situations from the first couple of weeks and the financial impact:

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Tomorrow Doesn't Have to be Like Yesterday - The Seahawks sucked Sunday. If you want to read about that game, here's a great breakdown of it. The Seahawks are 0-2. Things are bad. That DOESN'T mean that the Seahawks are the worst team in the NFL, or that they are going to go 0-16, or that Pete Carroll should be fired, or that the team should pack its bags and join the former Sonics in Oklahoma. It means simply that the Seahawks have dropped two road games and looked pretty terrible in the process. Seattle fans SHOULD be concerned, and we should be looking at Sunday's home opener against Arizona as an absolute must-win game (and be accordingly ear-splittingly loud).

Robert Gallery’s injury yet another break in the offense’s chain " The Matchups Zone - Talk about a kick in the….okay, couldn’t help it there, but this is getting ridiculous.  First its Sidney Rice’s torn labrum, and now it’s groin surgery for Robert Gallery (out 4-6 weeks). What’s next, an ACL tear for ………. never mind, I won’t go there. The news just keep getting worse for the guys we thought would have a big impact in 2011. It would be great if we could see some bang for our buck from these big ticket free agents. Our entire offensive game-plan can only work if we have all of the components together and healthy.

Paul McQuistan to replace Gallery at left guard - Blog - - Paul McQuistan, the 6'6, 315lb tackle out of Weber State, may very well be the Seattle Seahawks new starting left guard. Head coach Pete Carroll announced during his Monday press conference that veteran Robert Gallery is likely to miss the next 4-6 weeks with a groin injury. Gallery is set to undergo surgery in the near future and his return date is uncertain. "Well, he’s an important guy to us," said Carroll of Gallery. "The experience he’s been through, the knowledge that he has, helps other guys so you miss that. There’s no replacing that. It was good to have him out (with us) this week and working with us but it is what it is and Paul and Breno [Giacomini] and those guys have got to step up and be ready to play for us."

Seahawks Won’t Win Until Halloween Eve - Before last Sunday’s 33-17 loss at San Francisco and yesterday’s 24-0 loss at Pittsburgh, the Go 2 Guy projected that the Seahawks would go 3-13 this year. So as you can tell, I’ve already screwed up another forecast. I should have gone with 2-14, 1-15 or, yep, even 0-16 – Pete Carroll, Winless Forever. Actually, I’m sticking with 3-13, but I’m not sure which three teams they’ll beat anymore. I thought they’d beat Cincinnati, Washington and San Francisco at Qwest Field and get swept on the road. But the Bengals, Redskins and 49ers don’t look like gimmes anymore. Heck, the ‘Skins are 2-0, and the Bengals and 49ers are 1-1.

It’s early, but Hawks plain stink | Dave Boling - The News Tribune - Right now, the Seattle Seahawks are awful. Historically awful. But they’re young-awful, which makes them a little more tolerable than hopeless-awful from a fan perspective. Considering they are one of the youngest teams in the league, the promise of improvement at least makes it easier to swallow bad performance. That also sets the 2011 edition apart from many monotonously awful predecessors. Sixteen of the franchise’s 36 seasons have started off 0-2. The Sea-hawks have never advanced to the playoffs in a season after opening with back-to-back losses.

Monday metatarsal musings - Or footnotes: A look at three things that went well in the loss to the Steelers on Sunday, and three things that need work as the Seahawks prepare for this week's home opener against the Cardinals. Blog | Monday in Hawkville " - Getting home, and getting it right. The Seahawks will play their home opener on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field, after dropping back-to-back road games to open the season. "Well, I’m looking at this week like it’s great to be coming home," coach Pete Carroll said today. "And getting back to playing here at CenturyLink with our fans, we need them and we want to play well for them. "We need to get going and get this season started. So it’s an exciting opportunity, because it feels like we haven’t been around much; seems like we’ve been on the road a lot." That’s because they have. In addition to playing their opener at San Francisco and Week 2 in Pittsburgh, the Seahawks also played their third preseason game in Denver. So they’ve played at home once in the past 30 days – the preseason finale against the Oakland Raiders on Sept. 2. - Sports: Seahawks' Gallery to miss four-to-six weeks - The Seattle Seahawks' offense, fresh off a shutout loss in Pittsburgh on Sunday, hardly needed more bad news on Monday. Particularly when the news is in regards to Seattle's struggling offensive line, which was dominated in the 24-0 loss to the Steelers. Left guard Robert Gallery, one of Seattle's big free agency acquisitions, suffered a groin injury in the first quarter of Sunday's loss and will need surgery. Head coach Pete Carroll said Gallery won't be placed on season-ending injured reserve, and that he will likely be out four-to-six weeks. "Robert Gallery's got a groin injury that he played with throughout the game, but it's one where he's going to be out for a while," Carroll said. "He's going to have to get it fixed."

Everyone On Seahawks A Bad Secret Weapon | The Onion Sports Network - Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said in a press conference Friday that the Seahawks would be one of the biggest surprises of the 2011 season, as the team is entirely made up of bad secret weapons. "Tarvaris Jackson is going to surprise everyone with his play in our losses this season, tight end Jamison Konz is a threat to make crucial mistakes from anywhere on the field, and no one’s even going to see Charlie Whitehurst coming—he’s that bad," said Carroll, adding that the team may soon unleash fullback Eddie Williams, a little-known third year player with no actual playing experience who will undoubtedly perform terribly in key short-yardage situations. "Defenses will just have too much to account for—they won’t know where their next easy sack, high wobbling interception, or unforced fumble is coming from." Carroll said he was excited to see all the terrible players get their chances to screw up, but revealed his idiotic, poorly-thought-out game plan is the team’s best-kept bad secret weapon

WARNING: Don’t stress about Andrew Luck " Seahawks Draft Blog - There’s a buzz around the Seattle Seahawks and it’s not being created by the product on the field. Sunday’s miserable 24-0 defeat in Pittsburgh was the viewing equivalent of being poked in the eye. Several times. With a cactus. As the game laboured to it’s pitiful conclusion, for the first time in my life watching the Hawks people began to wonder if the team genuinely is the worst in the NFL? The hype surrounding Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is so great, being worst has taken on a Holy Grail status. Who will win the competition to be that bad? Who will be the first to give up on their season and punt for Luck? Have the Seahawks already reached that level in sticking with the clearly struggling Tarvaris Jackson as the unquestioned starter?

KJR analyst Hugh Millen has strong words for Seahawks offense | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News - - Hugh Millen, a former Washington Huskies and NFL quarterback and current analyst for KJR 950 AM, has earned a reputation in Seattle for offering some of the most insightful, X-and-O geared football analysis around. He’s also known for not holding back when he has an opinion. And boy, did Millen have an opinion on Seattle’s offensive performance against the Steelers during his Hardcore Football segment on Monday. Click here to listen to Millen’s two-minute, thirty-second "rant," as KJR describes it. He had plenty more to offer during the rest of the segment, which you can listen to here and here. Among the highlights were Millen’s thoughts on the offensive line. "Don’t tell me we have any offensive tackles," Millen said. "All we have is four offensive guards and a center. We have no tackles, because you’re not a tackle in the NFL until you can block an end."

Groin surgery diminishes Gallery's signing - NFC West Blog - ESPN - The Seattle Seahawks had good reasons for signing veteran guard Robert Gallery in free agency. Their new assistant head coach/offensive line, Tom Cable, coached Gallery in Oakland and wanted him to provide stability and mentoring for a young offensive line. There were injury risks, however, and those risks are threatening to make this signing a wash for Seattle. Gallery missed the regular-season opener with a knee injury, then suffered a groin injury against Pittsburgh in Week 2. The severity of that injury became known Monday when coach Pete Carroll said Gallery would require surgery that would sideline him for at least a month, possibly longer.

Gilbert, Steelers' offensive line held up against Seahawks | Times-News - The Steelers began to repair their battered psyche Sunday with a dominating 24-0 victory over the Seahawks. And in what's become an all-too-familiar theme, they did it with a patchwork offensive line that featured new starters at two spots, including rookie Marcus Gilbert making his first NFL start at right tackle. "I was really proud of the way the guys stepped up and played, especially the offensive line," quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said.

Seahawks | Seahawks guard Robert Gallery out 4-6 weeks with groin injury | Seattle Times Newspaper - A Seahawks offense that hasn't made much progress this season suffered another setback Monday. Left guard Robert Gallery suffered a groin injury in the first quarter of Sunday's game at Pittsburgh, and while he finished the game, the injury will require surgery and keep him out the next four to six weeks. "He studded it out, and played through it," coach Pete Carroll said, coining a verb for Gallery's toughness. "He shouldn't have, but he did, and made it through it. We didn't know about it until after the game."

Carroll's tinkering has Seahawks struggling - latimes.comSeattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said after Sunday's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers that he expected his offense to struggle early on. That still isn't likely to sooth the panic in the Emerald City.

Seahawks Blog | Pete Carroll answers questions about quarterback | Seattle Times Newspaper - Seattle's pass protection was better Sunday in Pittsburgh. That doesn't mean there's no pressure on starting quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, and the day after Seattle was shut out for the first time in four years, coach Pete Carroll was asked -- repeatedly -- about what he's seeing from his quarterback's performance. "He was 8-for-10 in the first half," Carroll said of Jackson. "They didn't get to him -- we had accomplished that -- but we didn't make any plays of any explosion. We wanted to not get pounded by their rush and their pressure, which we avoided, but we just didn't get enough out of it."