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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Friday

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, info, interviews, analysis --  from around the interwebs.

Door closing on Seahawks' Aaron Curry - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN - Having already shortened Aaron Curry's contract, the Seattle Seahawks have taken away the linebacker's starting job. The next step, inevitably, will be to sever ties altogether with the fourth player chosen in the 2009 NFL draft. There appears to be no rush, for practical reasons. Trading Curry's contract, though shortened, wouldn't be particularly feasible. And there's nothing necessarily gained from a personnel standpoint by releasing him at this point.

Seahawks struggling with Jackson at QB - A struggling team builds momentum by winning a division title and enjoying playoff success. But momentum is lost when the coach makes a curious decision at the quarterback position. Does this sound familiar? In the NFC West, it’s a popular script. It’s being reinterpreted just one year after the original was released. Last season, Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt made the debatable call to release anointed starter Matt Leinart in the preseason, leaving a franchise still reeling from Kurt Warner’s retirement in the less-than-capable hands of Cleveland hand-me-down Derek Anderson. The Cards limped to a 5-11 record.

Gus Bradley: Aaron Curry’s SAM linebacker spot now open for competition | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News - - Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley stopped short of saying that Aaron Curry has been demoted to backup SAM linebacker. But all indications are that Seattle favors rookie K.J. Wright at this point. "We just felt like we wanted to have more competition at that spot, so we’re giving K.J. a chance there yesterday and we looked at him today and we’ll evaluate it the whole week," Bradley said after Thursday’s practice. "As you know, the motto here is competition. We just felt like we needed to stress that position even more." Translation: time may be running out for Curry to prove his worth to this team.

Seahawks Wide Receiver and Tight End Grades Regular Season Game 2011-2 - 1) Ben Obomanu(B-) Ben Obomanu catches a 87 yard touchdown against the Chiefs 11/28/2010 Photo by Brett Bivens Last week C+ THE GOOD: Ben kept fighting after making the catch to gain extra yards. He showed concentration when he was hit hard right after making the catch and was able to not only hang onto the ball but kept his balance and gain extra yards. He led all receivers in both targets and receptions. THE BAD: Obomanu had a chance to make a catch on a ball that was thrown high but was catch-able. If he had been able to make the catch it would have been a big 3rd down conversion. Blog | The day in pictures " - Check out some images from Thursday’s practice, brought to you by photographer Corky Trewin:

D-Coordinator Gus Bradley: "We’re giving K.J. a chance" | Seahawks Insider - Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley addressed linebacker Aaron Curry’s situation after practice. Curry confirmed this afternoon before practice that there had been a change in his role with the team, and that he had been demoted in favor of rookie K.J. Wright. But Bradley said it’s more of an open competition at outside linebacker, and that the team wanted to take a closer look at Wright with the starting unit. "K.J. Wright has played very well for us, especially in that first game," Bradley said. "And we just felt like we wanted to have more competition at that spot, so we’re giving K.J. a chance there yesterday, and we looked him today. And we’ll evaluate it the whole week. "As you know, the model here is competition. We just felt like we needed to stress that position even more."

Seahawks Blog | Aaron Curry's role changing this week | Seattle Times Newspaper - Linebacker Aaron Curry will be in an unfamiliar role when Seattle hosts Arizona on Sunday. He's not expected to start after being replaced by rookie K.J. Wright on the Seahawks depth chart, news which was reported by the Tacoma News Tribune. Curry was asked before practice Thursday about his feelings on the move. "I don't even know how to put it into words, but it is what it is," Curry said, "and everything happens for a reason. Things happen for a reason. There's a purpose behind everything, and I'll find it, learn from it and take off running."

LB Aaron Curry demoted in favor of K.J. Wright | Seahawks Insider - The Seattle Seahawks’ brass finally ran out of patience with linebacker Aaron Curry. The Wake Forest product and the No. 4 overall pick in the draft three years ago confirmed that his role has changed, and he has been demoted to second team on the depth chart at outside linebacker, with rookie K.J. Wright working with the first unit during practice this week.

Why Passing Totals Can Be Deceiving - - The N.F.L. is undergoing a defensive revolution. Ten years ago, the idea of "good defense" was to stop the other team from moving the ball. The 2000 Ravens were a brick wall that yielded just 970 yards on the ground (fewest for a 16-game schedule in league history). But today, teams don’t sustain offense with the traditional run-run-pass approach. New rules and improved athletes have led to an explosion in the passing game, making it too much to ask for a defense to hang in there and continuously stop an offense.

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: Five Things Pete Carroll Has Proven - So, some good things about Pete Carroll. He's far from a sure thing in Seattle thus far, but it's not as if he's an unknown quantity or an abject failure yet either. There are things he's shown, encouraging things. Some of the credit here also belongs to GM John Schneider, but considering how prominent Pete is in the organization, you can't avoid crediting him as well. 

The Shutdown Corner Week 3 Preview Podcast: Greg Cosell - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - We're back with another weekly podcast featuring our favorite Xs-and-Os analyst — Greg Cosell, the longtime NFL Films maven who's also the Executive Producer of ESPN's NFL Matchup. As always, we go through this week's upcoming games with a scout's eye and Greg in control of the All-22 tape.

Seahawks vs. Cardinals: 5 Reasons Seattle Will Get Its First Win | Bleacher Report - There is no denying the Seahawks looked poor during their 0-2 road trip to start the season, getting outscored by a combined score of 57 to 17 and getting shut out in Week 2.  However, Week 3 presents an opportunity; the Seahawks open at home against a beatable opponent.  The Seahawks are 1-0 in home openers and 2-0 versus Arizona under Pete Carroll; Seattle is 6-3 at home versus Arizona since 2002. But historical records are irrelevant for this team. Seattle needs a win and they can get the first of the season this weekend. 

Fantasy Football 2011: Bad Defenses and Matchups - FakeTeams - St Louis Rams (28th, 29.5) I have to highlight the leagues worst rushing defense as well.  The Rams are giving up 177.5 yards per game on the ground after getting torched by Philadelphia and the New York Giants.  Most of the damage was done against Philly and you can expect a lot of teams will have trouble stopping them when Michael Vick is healthy, but Brandon Jacobs also had little problem getting yards against the Rams.  St. Louis is 0-2 again, and with all the injuries adding up it seems this is just another year in the step of the rebuild process.  The change in the NFL to a passing league and the piling up of more running back-by-committee teams means that you can't exploit bad rush defenses as easily, but if you were looking for a good matchup for your RB this would be it. blogs - Kent Somers - Evaluating the offensive line - After watching replays of last Sunday's game, I thought the Cardinals offensive line played as well as it has in some time. The three interior linemen, center Lyle Sendlein and guards Daryn Colledge, were especially effective. Left tackle Levi Brown was beaten once in pass protection. Right tackle Brandon Keith struggled all afternoon with Redskins rookie Ryan Kerrigan. But as a group, the offensive line played well enough for the Cardinals to win. The folks at were especially high on Sendlein's performance. He made their "all-PFF" team for week two. (An aside, I think these guys do a great job. Not that we have to accept their opinions as gospel. And it's often hard to evaluate players because we don't know what their exact assignments are on every play. Still, PFF works hard to evaluate players, and additional informed opinions are always useful.)

Pete Carroll and the Offense: Is he watching what we are? " The Matchups Zone - Is Pete Carroll’s perpetual enthusiasm blinding him to the current state of the Seahawk offense, or is there something else to it? This may seem sacrilegious, but I’m beginning to wonder if Pete Carroll is so dedicated to the play of the defense, he has lost touch with our offense. The Seahawks are now on their second offensive coordinator (Carroll’s 5th in 6 years as NFL head coach), and the lack of continuity and vision is starting to show.

"Don’t worry about it, we’ll pick up the check Tuesday." | September - For the last couple days, I’ve had a lot of thoughts about the Seahawks’ loss to the Steelers last Sunday, but not much to say about it.  Well, that’s not entirely true -- I’ve had a great many things to say about that game, but they’ve consisted almost entirely of long, unbroken strings of four-letter words.  However, I’ve finally figured out how to express what I’ve been thinking in a way that’s simple, direct, and surprisingly obscenity-free: Rebuilds suck. Us fans don’t like to see our team lose.  If we had our way, the Seahawks would go 19-0 every season.  The road to the NFC championship game would run through Seattle on a permanent basis, and every Super Bowl would go our way in a ridiculously lopsided blowout.  There’d be so many Lombardi trophies coming back to the Pacific Northwest that Paul Allen would have to tack another wing onto the VMAC to house them all. Team of the decade?  Try team of the century.

Brandon Browner to face Larry Fitzgerald this Sunday - Blog - - Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner has his work cut out for him this week. "I’m a little anxious to see how it goes," head coach Pete Carroll said during his Wednesday press conference. "He plays against Mike [Williams] and against [Kris] Durham and those guys and he feels comfortable against those guys, but nobody’s really comfortable playing Larry Fitzgerald. "There’s just no easy go here, but it’s different than having a guy that’s 5’10’’ on him all day long, so we’ll see how it goes."

Seahawks' Brandon Browner will stand tall to Cardinals | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - Just call him the Larry Fitzgerald stopper. OK, obviously Brandon Browner is not ready for such lofty praise, particularly after he was repeatedly torched by Pittsburgh’s quicker receivers last week. But one reason Seattle coach Pete Carroll signed the 6-foot-4, 222-pound Browner out of the CFL was he believed his length and size would matchup well against Larry Fitzgerald, the talented, 6-3, 218-pound Arizona receiver. The five-time Pro Bowler has taken advantage of Seattle’s smaller cornerbacks in the past, including Josh Wilson and Kelly Jennings. But both players are with other teams now after Seattle traded Wilson to Baltimore for a fifth- round pick in 2010 (Wilson signed with Washington as a free agent), and Jennings was traded to Cincinnati during training camp for defensive tackle Clinton McDonald.

You judge:Kolb vs. Tarvaris | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - Fans will finally get to see Kevin Kolb quarterback a team in Seattle. But he will be in an Arizona uniform as the Cardinals visit the Seahawks on Sunday. And while it’s not quite a fair apples-to-apples comparison, fans will use this as an opportunity to judge what their quarterback situation is now with Tarvaris Jackson compared to what it might have been with Kolb. As a little-used backup in Philadelphia, Kolb became the darling of the quarterback-starved NFC West. The Seahawks, in fact, were in the market for him twice, once when they traded for Charlie Whitehurst in 2010, and again when they picked up Jackson as a free agent in the past offseason. San Francisco and Seattle were potential destinations, but Arizona saw enough in Kolb to commit to him as the future of the franchise with a five-year, $64 million contract ($21 million guaranteed). They also sent cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to Philadelphia, and kicked in next year’s second-round draft pick.

Why Kevin Kolb wound up in Arizona, and not with the Seahawks | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News - - If public opinion could pay the bills and make personnel decisions, maybe Kevin Kolb would be on the home sideline this weekend when the Seattle Seahawks host the Arizona Cardinals. Kolb, if you’ll remember, was a very popular name in Seattle once the 2010 season ended. With Matt Hasselbeck’s future uncertain and the Seahawks without a sure-fire option to replace him at quarterback, the tying of Kolb’s name to Seattle began in earnest. It made sense to wonder if he might wind up with the Seahawks. Michael Vick had taken a firm hold of the starting quarterback job in Philadelphia, and it was widely accepted that the Eagles would trade Kolb to a quarterback-starved suitor.

Seahawks Blog | Seahawks to see the quarterback they passed on | Seattle Times Newspaper - This isn't the first time the Seahawks evaluated the possibility of quarterback Kevin Kolb playing in Seattle. The difference is the previous consideration was for Kolb playing as a Seahawk instead of playing at the Seahawks. Coach Pete Carroll said Seattle considered acquiring Kolb from Philadelphia shortly after Carroll took over as head coach. "We looked at him two years ago," Carroll said, "so we've watched him very carefully, and he has shown the ability to make big plays. He's got a little zip to him that he'll take a shot at stuff, and he has been very good at creating." Blog | The day in pictures " - Check out some images from Wednesday’s practice, brought to you by photographer Brian Pan:

NFC West: Injury situations that matter - NFC West Blog - ESPN - Seattle: Receiver Sidney Rice returned to practice and will try to play despite a torn labrum. Having him available and anywhere near full strength would significantly improve the Seahawks' prospects in the passing game, particularly against an Arizona secondary that has struggled. But it's too early in the week to know whether Rice's shoulder will hold up. The offensive line will shuffle again with Robert Gallery requiring groin surgery. The dropoff from a diminished Gallery to a healthier Paul McQuistan might not be significant, but it's been four seasons since McQuistan started. If necessary, the team could always shift right tackle James Carpenter back to left guard, with Breno Giacomini going back into the lineup at right tackle. But McQuistan gets first crack at starting. Fullback Michael Robinson continues to miss practice with an ankle injury. The team feels his loss on special teams. The same is true with cornerback Byron Maxwell, who also missed practice with an ankle injury. Losing Robinson and Maxwell during the opener at San Francisco played a role in the Seahawks' late special-teams collapse. Coaches have had time to prepare contingencies, but getting Robinson back in particular will help.

Lose now but win tomorrow? Seattle’s latest dilemma " Seahawks Draft Blog - The Seattle Seahawks are a bad football team. No revelations there, as anyone who witnessed the first two weeks of the new season will testify. Michael Lombardi compared the Seahawks to an expansion franchise in the post-Pittsburgh aftermath:  "I hate to be so critical in only the second week of the season but Seattle has not demonstrated any significant player on either side of the football who can make a play or stop someone from making a play. Their offensive line is very suspect. The defensive line doesn’t have a dominating player. And, when you look at the team, where are you going with Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback?"  If we’re being really honest, it’s hard to argue against any of that. 

NFL 2012 mock draft: Seahawks could hit lottery with Luck - NFL - Sporting News - Each week, SN looks ahead to next April's NFL draft with projected picks based on current SN power rankings, team needs and player evaluations. The final order will be set following the season, but it's never too early to peer into out crystal football. Blog | Wednesday in Hawkville " - FOCUS ON Sidney Rice. The wide receiver who has yet to play because of a sore shoulder participated fully in today’s full-pads practice, but his status for Sunday’s home opener against the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field has yet to be determined. "He looks like he’s ready to go," coach Pete Carroll said before practice. "His mentality is he’s ready to go. He is not even thinking about anything but that. "But we’ll have to make a good decision on that when the time comes. We’re day-to-day on this deal with him." Rice looked the part in practice, catching several passes from QB Tarvaris Jackson while working opposite Mike Williams with the No. 1 offense. Coordinator Darrell Bevell, who coached Rice and Jackson in Minnesota the past four seasons, was asked how Rice’s presence could change the offense once he does return. "One player can have an effect on your offense," Bevell said. "Sidney brings juice and he brings some excitement. He brings the deep threat that you’re looking for just to back people off. When he’s in there, you always have that threat. So it definitely can help."

Seahawks | Will Seahawks regret passing on quarterback Kevin Kolb? | Seattle Times Newspaper - The Seahawks won't just see the path not chosen on Sunday afternoon, they will face it when Kevin Kolb drops back to pass for the Arizona Cardinals. He is the quarterback the Seahawks could have had, the one Pete Carroll and company inquired about within months of arriving in Seattle. But it was the Arizona Cardinals who made the leap of faith to acquire Kolb from Philadelphia, betting a second-round pick, a Pro Bowl corner and millions of dollars on their belief he will be a franchise quarterback. Did Arizona marry its future to Kolb's career?

Arizona Cardinals more efficient in running game so far - The sample size - two games - is small, but early returns suggest the Cardinals might be able to run the ball efficiently this season. That's not faint praise. The Cardinals have not been ranked higher than 28th in the NFL in rushing in any of Ken Whisenhunt's four seasons as head coach. Efficient would be a substantial improvement. Running back Beanie Wells has gained 183 yards on 32 carries in two games, his most productive efforts in consecutive games over his three-year career.

 Arizona Cardinals more efficient in running game so far - The sample size - two games - is small, but early returns suggest the Cardinals might be able to run the ball efficiently this season. That's not faint praise. The Cardinals have not been ranked higher than 28th in the NFL in rushing in any of Ken Whisenhunt's four seasons as head coach. Efficient would be a substantial improvement. Running back Beanie Wells has gained 183 yards on 32 carries in two games, his most productive efforts in consecutive games over his three-year career.