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Know Your Enemy: The Arizona Cardinals Part II

"Meh, heseemslikeaniceguy"
"Meh, heseemslikeaniceguy"

Check out a little recon of what's going down in Arizona, aside from a lot of swampass

Cardinals Defense Scaling Back Horton Confirms, Defense 'Embarrassed' - SB Nation Arizona
The Arizona Cardinals defense is taking plenty of flack for giving up 932 yards in their first two games. The coaching staff remains confident, however, that it's only a matter of time before things fall into place. They continue to cite the lack of offseason prep time which was taken away by the lockout and stress the complexity of the new system. Defensive coordinator Ray Horton said Friday that he didn't think it would take this long for the players to adjust to the changes, but in light of what they've seen so far they will scale back for now. "I think you are going to get a scaled back game on both sides of the ball," Horton said. "I heard (Seahawks coach) Pete Carroll up there saying the same thing. We're trying to figure out what we can do best. We're trying to get them to not think and play fast so we've cut down some things, the complicated things, out of the package."

Cardinals Vs. Seahawks: Scouting Report And Prediction From Seattle Expert - SB Nation Arizona
We called on a Seahawks expert to help us all understand what the Arizona Cardinals are facing this Sunday when they head to Seattle to take on a division rival in a big early season game. It's way too early to call this game a "must win" for Arizona but a loss to Seattle would be a severe setback to team and fan confidence. We talked to Danny Kelly of SB Nation Seattle and Seahawks blog, Field Gulls about the game.

Arizona Cardinals Set To Make Defensive Adjustments - SB Nation Arizona
In two weeks of the 2011 NFL season, the Arizona Cardinals defense has been unimpressive. In Week 1, it was gashed by Cam Newton in his debut to the tune of 422 yards passing and a league record. In Week 2, versus the Washington Redskins, the rushing defense failed them, as Tim Hightower and Roy Helu ran for 170 yards between the two. The pass defense was not much better as Rex Grossman almost threw for 300 yards, finishing with 291.  To say that the defense has been a disappointment is an understatement. It has made plays at times, particularly in the red zone, but it hasn't added up to good performances overall.  Said coach Ken Whisnehunt:

Cardinals Vs. Seahawks Practice Notes: Defense A Work In Progress But For How Long? - SB Nation Arizona
At this point we get it, the Arizona Cardinals defense is a work in progress. They have a new defensive coordinator in Ray Horton and with him, a new defensive philosophy and scheme. The defense is complicated and we've been told (repeatedly) that without the benefit of OTAs and mini-camps, they are behind schedule. We can guarantee the Seattle Seahawks don't care about those excuses and at some point soon, Cardinals fans won't either. The team claims they made progress this week and they are confident that once they stop making the mistakes they are making that they can and will be a good defensive team. Obviously, the proof will be in beating the pudding out of teams on a consistent basis. "If last week's game was any indication, an East Coast game where things could have gone wrong and we hung in there and made enough plays to have a chance to win it, ultimately we're going to be OK if we can keep that up," Ken Whisenhunt said on Thursday.

Arizona Cardinals To Simplify Defensive Schemes After 2 Weeks Of Frustration - Revenge of the Birds
When Ray Horton was hired to replace Billy Davis as defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals, we all knew that he was going install a Dick LeBeau-type system. As many know, it is not an easy scheme to implement because of the complexities of the blitz packages and coverage schemes.  So it really should not be a surprise to see the Cardinals struggle so far. However, in a result-driven league, after watching Arizona get torched to the tune of 422 passing yards to Cam Newton in his debut and follow that up with almost 300 yards passing by Rex Grossman and 170 yards rushing by Roy Helu and Tim Hightower, people are getting worried and are ready to press the panic button.  On Monday, comments made by Kerry Rhodes seem to indicate that there are going to be adjustments made to make things a little simpler. 

Arizona Cardinals Game Breaker: Week 2 versus Washington Redskins - Revenge of the Birds
The Arizona Cardinals week 2 defeat to former Cardinal RB, Tim Hightower, and the Washington Redskins can be described as many things, but the easiest is to call it an emotional roller coaster. After the offense was unable to put points on the board with their first possession the Redskins made it a point of keeping the Arizona defense on the field and chewing up the clock with long runs from Tim Hightower and receive help from penalties that negated punting situations. Once the first half was complete and the Cardinals made adjustments the offense found a new life in the hands of RB Beanie Wells and caused the Redskins a moment of pause rather than blitzing their two young OLBs, Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan, who caused havoc to the passing game all day.

Cardinals Vs. Seahawks: Whisenhunt Wants To Run More Too But... - SB Nation Arizona
The Arizona Cardinals came back from their Tuesday off day to begin preparation for the Week 3 division meeting with the Seattle Seahawks. Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he's excited for the opportunity. "We know it's going to be a tough road going into Seattle and playing there. it always is and that's a credit to their fans and their organization," He said. The big topic of the day was the number of carries running back Beanie Wells is getting. We already heard from Kevin Kolb that he would like to see Wells run the ball more. Whisenhunt admitted Wednesday he's also getting a lot of calls and emails questioning why Wells (who's seventh in the NFL at 5.7 yards per carry) isn't getting the ball more. "When we do a New England on somebody and put up 600 yards of offense then maybe you won't (see those questions)," Whisenhunt said.

Arizona Cardinals Play-Calling: The Team Wants To Run, So Why Not Do So? - Revenge of the Birds
Ken Whisenhunt spoke with the media yesterday and during his time speaking with them, he took questions regarding the lack of carries Beanie Wells has received so far this season.  Whiz knows people want to see Beanie get more snaps, but he said in his presser that, "there's other things that are going on that fall into it that you have to take into consideration." 

Week Two Offensive Metrics - Cardinals vs Redksins - Revenge of the Birds
Week two offensive metrics are here, it was a game that looked ugly for most of the game outside of the third quarter and one or two other plays the Cardinals offense really struggled. This week I have added a couple of new items to what I will be recording. These include; Play design Blitz - Basically when the defense has drawn up a play that has allowed a free rusher to come unblocked to create pressure. The Back has picked up the right guy or there was no back in, the OL is all picking up their assignments, just good defensive calls and plays. I saw this a few times on Sunday.

Week Two Defensive Metrics - Cardinals vs Redskins - Revenge of the Birds
Week two defensive metrics are here for all to enjoy. It was a tough game for the secondary as the front 7 again failed to produce any consistent pressure. There are some bright spots shining through however. I have remembered to add PI's as a column this week, it was unneeded last week, but this week we were called a couple of times for Pass Interference so these will show up. They are record as a "1" in the PI column, they are recorded as a target with no reception, but the yardage is added into the yards column. I.E if Player Y was thrown at and committed a 15 yard PI and then was thrown at for a 10 yard gain his line would be; 2 targets, 1 reception, 25 yards, 1 PI. Enough technicalities, hit the jump to see the numbers;

Arizona Cardinals Defensive Struggles Caused By Player Selfishness? - Revenge of the Birds
Normally I'm not a guy who likes to try and "read into" stuff that people say, especially athletes. Some like to analyze not only what is said but also what is not said. I stray from my penchant for avoiding over-analysis because when I read a quote by Darnell Dockett I was reminded of something else that Adrian Wilson said a while ago and it made me think. So...the theme of what was discussed with the media after practice on Thursday was the defense and how it is a work in progress. Darnell Dockett was one to say a few things.

--And, here's my scouting report on the Seahawks for the ROTB. Go ahead and join in on the discussion there. Keep it classy y'all. 

NFL Week 2, Arizona Cardinals At Seattle Seahawks: Q&A With Field Gulls - Revenge of the Birds
As is the custom each week, in addition to the "Ask ROTB" and "Ask (opposing team blog)" FanPosts we do in preparation for each week's game, we do so again this week. The Arizona Cardinals head up to the dreary state of Washington and will battle the Seattle Seahawks for their (Arizona's) first divisional game of the season. I got together with Danny Kelly, who plays the part I do here over at Field Gulls and asked him five questions. Hit the jump for his responses.