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College Gameday Open Thread

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College football baby. Go Dawgs.

Rob Rang: ive prospects I'll be scouting closely Saturday -
Each Friday I list my "Five prospects" that I'll be focusing on for the upcoming weekend. In reality, I'm focusing on dozens of prospects each week, but the players listed below are playing in high profile games and against the caliber of competition that I believe provides us with an opportunity to truly assess how a collegiate player might fare when asked to make the huge jump to the NFL.

Typically I focus on senior prospects in this space. However, with it becoming more and more obvious as to which underclassmen are considering the jump to the pros, I'll be incorporating a few more juniors and redshirt sophomores in the coming weeks. Because I'm scouting them in real time these players make an early impression, often leading to consideration as my Prospect of the Week or Diamond in the Rough. Sometimes it also leads to the player being featured in Draft Slant , and's weekly NFL Draft preview. In each PDF issue of Draft Slant Senior Analyst Chad Reuter breaks down six more players in Filmroom Notes, updates our Top 64 prospects overall and offers extensive previews of the next week's action. Here is the link to this week's issue of Draft Slant. Or for the entire season click this link . Looking for a specific week? Download past issues from the past three years here.

Without any further adieu, here are the five prospects, as well as the cable provider and time you can expect to see them.

Mano-a-Mano, Week Four -
In addition to the five players Senior Analyst Rob Rang mentioned in his weekly preview, you may want take a look at these nine one-on-one 2012 NFL Draft prospect match-ups (plus a few more receiving honorable mention) while perusing this weekend's slate of college football games. Because players move around based on different formations, these prospects won't go against each other on every snap. Scouts will pay attention when they do, however, because they rely on a player's film against top competition to determine their readiness for the NFL.

College Football Buffet, Week 4: LSU Vs. West Virginia Highlights Delicious Saturday -
There is no shortage of tasty college football action in Week 4 as Alabama-Arkansas and WVU-LSU highlight the menu. Football and food puns, onward!

The scout’s guide to Saturday | National Football Post
Start the day with… Pittsburgh vs. Notre Dame (12:00 PM ET, ABC) Loving the guard play Take a good look at Pittsburgh offensive guard Lucas Nix. The 6-6, 310-pounder is a plus athlete inside who can bend, displays natural fluidity in space when asked to pass protect and is quick to fire off the ball and seal inside. He’s not a dominant in-line guy, but he’s tough to disengage from, plays with natural power and runs his legs hard through contact. Therefore, watching to see how quickly/effectively he can get out and seal defenders like Notre Dame MLB Manti Te’o will be a nice matchup to watch.

Week four preview: Weekend of the quarterback " Seahawks Draft Blog
This is one of the most eagerly anticipated weekends of the college football season. At least if you’re a Seahawks fan wanting to watch some quarterbacks. Whether you believe the Seahawks will pick first or seventeenth in the draft next year, I think we can all agree that it’s time to start seriously judging the possible 2012 quarterback class. My schedule tomorrow includes LSU vs West Virginia, USC vs Arizona State and Oklahoma State vs Texas A&M. Five high profile quarterbacks, four of which compete against another.