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Seahawks Dispatch Cardinals 13-10: Quick Thoughts

The Seahawks did what they needed to do and got themselves a win. They outlasted the Cardinals 13-10 in what's becoming a pretty sweet rivalry. Sparks flew, emotions ran high....

Here are some thoughts:

-- Brandon Browner, the goat of last week's game, actually did a pretty good job. You can't REALLY fault him for that Larry Fitzgerald touchdown. That was Larry being Larry. Though it sure would have been nice if he'd have just knocked that ball down. Either way -- Browner and Marcus Trufant took Fitzgerald out of the game for much of the second half and that was huge for the Seahawks.

-- The Seahawks finished. They showed their mettle today by holding off the Cardinals, especially the defense. The D came up with big plays when they needed to, perfectly exemplified by the Kam Chancellor interception to seal the victory.

-- The run game actually got going!! 30 attempts for 130 yards (4.06 yards per carry). Booyah. That's what we've been waiting for. I am not going to bring up the team we played in this point, because all that matters here is that some momentum was gained. Marshawn Lynch led the way with 19 attempts for 73 yards. 

-- Balance. The Hawks ran the ball 30 times and passed 31 times. This is the offensive balance that Pete Carroll loves. 

-- Speaking of passing, Sidney Rice ... welcome to Seattle. Rice's first game with the Hawks was a big one - 8 catches for 109 yards, including an impressive catch for 32 yards in the first quarter in which he basically pinned the football against his facemask and then reeled it in. Now I remember why the Seahawks wanted this guy so bad. He looked awesome.

-- Leon Washington needs to get more touches. Period. 

-- The Hawks run defense still held up, giving up 90 yards on the ground to the Cardinals. Their third down defense was stellar, and the Cards went 3-14 on third down. 

Lots of things to feel good about, opponent be damned. You can take these kinds of games and build off of them, so color me happy tonight. What do you guys think?

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