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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Tuesday

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Say what? Both teams react to Seahawks’ 13-10 win over Cardinals | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News -
Here are some of the top quotes from players and coaches from both teams after the Seahawks beat the Cardinals 13-10 on Sunday at CenturyLink Field.

Carroll happy with play of safeties Thomas, Chancellor - Blog -
The Seahawks' starting safeties are both in their second NFL season. Kam Chancellor is 23 years old. Earl Thomas is 13 months younger. So much for growing pains, at least on Sunday when Thomas and Chancellor turned in some of the more notable plays in the Seahawks' 13-10 win over the Cardinals. Earl Thomas' interception in the first quarter was negated by a penalty, but Kam Chancellor's block on the return was a motivator for the Seahawks, coach Pete Carroll said. (AP) Thomas showed incredible body control when he made an acrobatic catch for an interception in the first quarter. "That was really something," Pete Carroll said Monday during his weekly appearance on "Brock and Salk".

Seahawks, Tarvaris Jackson win their way - Blog -
There you have it. That, ladies and gentlemen, was the perfect Seahawks win. No, it wasn't necessarily pretty to watch. It wasn't dominant. It didn't look like the high-flying attacks that get the prime-time spots on the national networks. There weren't a ton of highlights. But that was exactly the way they drew it up. The 2011 Seahawks are not a dominant group. They don't have an elite quarterback. They are never going to be THAT much better than the team they're matched up against. They won't post a lot of blowout victories. They do, however, have an excellent defense, a physical presence and an offense that simply does not (or, at least, cannot) turn the ball over. Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has thrown two interceptions in three games, both coming on Hail Mary passes. (AP) A Seahawks win will likely involve the following ingredients:

Mac's Football Blog: Seahawks Want To Get Mike Williams More Involved In The Offense
Following Sunday's 13-10 win over the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson and head coach Pete Carroll both expressed a desire to get No. 2 wide receiver Mike Williams more involved in the offense, Danny O'Neil of The Seattle Times reports.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Audibles at the Line: Week 3
Arizona Cardinals 10 at Seattle Seahawks 13 Vince Verhei: Seahawks first drive ends when the newly signed Paul McQuistan can't block Calais Campbell and give up a sack on third down. Ben Muth: Tarvaris Jackson drops back to pass from about the 10-yard-line, and after an eternity runs for the touchdown. Announcer claims that "that touchdown was all Tarvaris Jackson". What about the five guys up front who have struggled all year? Would it kill him to throw them a shout out?

Scout’s corner: Does Weeden now rank ahead of Tannehill? | National Football Post
Observations and analysis from the fourth week of the college football season, including thoughts about some of the nation’s top offensive prospects. The Tannehill/Weeden debate…. ICON Tannehill's mobility gives him a major edge. I know there’s going to be a ton of opinions throw out there following the performance by both quarterbacks in this weekend’s Texas A&M/Oklahoma State showdown. Despite Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden throwing for more yards and ultimately getting the win between the two, I still like Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill as the superior prospect. When watching Tannehill it’s obvious that he’s asked to do much more when handling the A&M offense compared to Weeden. His responsibility in going through his progressions and finding secondary receivers far outweighs Weeden and his typically more basic pre-snap read approach.

Chris Clemons speaks up with big plays - Blog -
Defensive end Chris Clemons knows that if the Seahawks are going to right the ship, they'll do it on the backs of their defense. "A lot of us were together last year," Clemons said. "The offense is pretty new. We know we have to hold it down until they actually start gelling together." Chris Clemons brings down Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb for one of Seattle's three sacks. (AP) While the offense works out the remaining bugs and growing pains of a unit with so many new parts, the defense has to rely on its continuity from last season and its ability to generate a pass rush as its foundation for success. Clemons led the effort up front in the Seahawks' 13-10 win over Arizona as Seattle forced Kevin Kolb into his worst game as the Cardinals' new starting quarterback. Kolb still managed 252 passing yards while completing 25 of his 39 pass attempts. But the Seahawks defense, using mostly steady pressure, held Kolb to a season-low one touchdown pass while forcing two interceptions and a fumble.

Say what? Both teams react to Seahawks’ 13-10 win over Cardinals | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News -
Coach Pete Carroll (On the value of the scoring drive in the third quarter…) "It sure felt good.  I think that was really the change.  I think that was the time that it felt different.  We made a lot of big plays; we made some key third down plays.  Baldwin and a couple of guys jumped in and make some good grabs; catches were well done by Golden and Obomanu in there.  We’re learning; we didn’t spread the ball around today as much as we’d like.  We couldn’t get the ball today to Mike, but we will. You know we will. That just makes us that much tougher, when we can use everybody."

Seahawks Blog | Frozen moment: Kam Chancellor's game-clinching INT | Seattle Times Newspaper
Strong safety Kam Chancellor saw it coming. That's why he was able to jump in front of Arizona tight end Todd Heap for the game-clinching interception. How he knew, though, is an explanation that shows not only how much study goes into preparing to play an NFL game, but how pivotal that preparation can be in the outcome. What did he see? "It's kind of hard to explain without saying football terms," Chancellor said in the locker room after the victory. Fair enough, try us.

Seahawks Blog | Frozen moment: Kam Chancellor's game-clinching INT | Seattle Times Newspaper
Strong safety Kam Chancellor saw it coming. That's why he was able to jump in front of Arizona tight end Todd Heap for the game-clinching interception. How he knew, though, is an explanation that shows not only how much study goes into preparing to play an NFL game, but how pivotal that preparation can be in the outcome. What did he see? "It's kind of hard to explain without saying football terms," Chancellor said in the locker room after the victory. Fair enough, try us.

Seahawks Blog | Larry Fitzgerald: No catches in 2nd half | Seattle Times Newspaper
Larry Fitzgerald caught five passes for 64 yards in the first two quarters of Sunday's game, and scored the only first-half touchdown for either team. He didn't catch a pass in the second half. So what happened? "We just felt more comfortable covering," coach Pete Carroll said.

Seahawks Blog | Tarvaris Jackson is tough enough | Seattle Times Newspaper
It was the kind of play an offensive lineman would love, right? Except center Max Unger found himself wincing when asked about Tarvaris Jackson's 11-yard touchdown scramble in the third quarter. "Touchdowns are good, but T-Jack should not be diving into the end zone like that," Unger said. "We've got to be able to punch that thing in there before it comes down to that for sure." But giving himself up like that for a touchdown did make a statement. "Just shows T-Jack is all in," Unger said. "He's all in this with us."

Seahawks' running game shows signs of life | - Sports
The Seattle Seahawks didn't run for oodles of yards against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. But they ran for enough to suggest their ground game, which was on life support after season-opening losses at San Francisco and Pittsburgh, is showing signs of revival.

Branch ‘felt great’ beating old team | Seahawks - The News Tribune
In the days leading up to Sunday’s game, Seattle’s Alan Branch didn’t hear a word from his former Arizona teammates. No trash-talking texts. No smack via email. Not even some friendly banter left on voice mail. Branch wasn’t in bunker-mode; he’d simply fallen victim to a 21st century problem. His cellphone’s directory had been wiped clean. "I lost my contacts," the 6-foot-6, 325-pound starting left defensive tackle said, "wasn’t able to jaw back and forth. "Me and a couple friends would have talked some stuff back and forth."

Fitzgerald disappears in Cards' loss to Seattle -
For much of the first half, it was typical Larry Fitzgerald tormenting the Seattle secondary. And then he was gone. Poof. Seemingly given the role of decoy rather than All-Pro. It was an odd disappearing act for Arizona's star. But he wasn't alone. Most of the Cardinals' offense was off on Sunday. "I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed in myself. I'm disappointed in our offense," Arizona quarterback Kevin Kolb said. "Our defense played great, I thought. Special teams played good, put us in good position. But offensively ... I was not very good today."

It didn’t take long to recognize Rice | Seahawks - The News Tribune
No longer sidelined by a shoulder injury, Sidney Rice took all of one play Sunday to establish his presence with the Seahawks. On the game’s first snap, quarterback Tarvaris Jackson fired a short pass to his favorite receiver. Good for a nine-yard gain, the connection between the former Minnesota Vikings foreshadowed a trend: Jackson to Rice. As the Seahawks finally were offering a glimpse of a functional throw-and-catch operation during their 13-10 victory over Arizona, the duo accounted for eight completions worth 109 yards. Those numbers reflect the sense Rice had been the missing link in the offensive scheme new coordinator Darrell Bevell brought from Minnesota.

Sweet win for Jackson, Seahawks at home | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
At least he has the right attitude. Since Coach Pete Carroll anointed him the starter before taking a snap in training camp, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has faced intense scrutiny, playing under the immense shadow of the former face of the franchise, Matt Hasselbeck. And while not pretty, Jackson helped lead the Seahawks to a 13-10 win over NFC West Division rival Arizona in the team’s home opener at CenturyLink Field on Sunday, improving Seattle’s record to 1-2 on the year.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: The Morning After: Seahawks Win 13-10, Against Cardinals
Today is a tough day to be a Cardinals fan. They added Kevin Kolb in the off-season, signed Larry Fitzgerald to a $120M+ contract, and had shown a propensity for the big play through the first two weeks of the season. The Seahawks had been so weak on offense that other 0-2 teams tried their best to distance themselves, "We may be 0-2, but it is not like we are the Seahawks." Seattle's offensive line had given up 10 sacks, and only cleared the way for 58 rushing yards from running backs. It is hard to imagine a better opportunity to come in and win a game in Seattle. And yet, the Cardinals still lost. They have faced Cam Newton, Rex Grossman and Tarvaris Jackson through three weeks and are 1-2. Ouch.

Jerry Brewer | Physical Seahawks make ringing defensive statement | Seattle Times Newspaper
The play didn't count. It just reverberated. Consider it a phantom thump, a block that meant nothing and everything at once. Early in the first quarter of the Seahawks' rugged victory, Earl Thomas made an acrobatic interception, and during the return, his safety mate, Kam "Bam Bam" Chancellor, proved that nickname correct. He didn't just hit Arizona tight end Todd Heap with a vicious block. Bam Bam nearly incinerated him. The play was expunged because of cornerback Brandon Browner's illegal contact penalty, but try telling that to Heap. He's lucky his upper half wasn't expunged. "I didn't feel any of it," Chancellor said of the hit, which earned him an iffy unnecessary-roughness penalty, but that was negated, too. "But it felt good, emotionally."

Seahawks Blog | Williams double-covered in post-game comments | Seattle Times Newspaper
If Mike Williams got as much attention from his coach and quarterback during the game as he did after it, there probably wouldn't have been an issue. But Williams was targeted exactly once in Sunday's game according to the final stats. That was on Seattle's second play of the game, and the pass went incompleted. After the game, coach Pete Carroll mentioned the desire to get Williams the ball more without being prompted. So did Jackson. Twice. "We're going to try and spread it around a little bit more," Jackson said. "I know Mike's a little frustrated. Even though we got the win, I know he's a team player, I know he's a little frustrated because he didn't get a lot of balls thrown his way today. But I'm going to try and do a better job of trying to get him the ball."

No-huddle gives Seattle juice | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
Looking for a spark offensively, the Seattle Seahawks finally sped up the tempo. The Seahawks switched to their two-minute offense and went no huddle to open the second half with good results, completing a 14-play, 72-yard drive that quarterback Tarvaris Jackson finished with an 11-yard plunge for a touchdown. Jackson said the no-huddle helped give Seattle some rhythm offensively in the second half. "We talked about it during the week that we thought that we were going to do that," Jackson said. "And we said we were going to do that in the first half. We had some success with it, so we stayed with it."

A drive that could spark a season | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
Amid a gusty rain squall that blew through just before kickoff, the Seahawks tried to raise a banner to honor their 2010 NFC West Division title. But it got knotted and tangled and turned around, almost as if it were being rejected by the other banners up there that were – let’s be honest – earned by more legitimate achievements than a 7-9 record. In the contemporary NFC West, though, 7-9 can look like a powerhouse, and it is in that context that the Seahawks’ 13-10 decision over Arizona on Sunday at CenturyLink Field qualifies as a significant victory.

Thiel: Rice puts some starch in Seahawks’ offense | Seattle Seahawks
Maybe it was a little bit like sex with the ex. "We have a little history, y’know?" said Tarvaris Jackson of Sidney Rice. Since the start of the regular season, the Seahawks quarterback and the highly paid receiver, who were together for four years with the Minnesota Vikings, had been separated in Seattle by Rice’s injured shoulder. That helped make for the worst offense in the infant NFL season. Not saying everything is all lovey-dovey with the Seahawks offense, but the bromance between Jackson and Rice caused other hearts to flutter Sunday at the Clink. In his first real game as a Seahawk, Rice caught eight passes for 108 yards, the rest of the offense rushed for a season-high 122 yards and the Seahawks defense was its respectably ornery self. Despite numerous moments that had the look of a frat-house fridge, the result was something shiny-fresh — a victory, 13-10 over the Arizona Cardinals.

Silver linings: Cardinals at Seahawks - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The facts: The Cardinals fell to 1-2 after suffering a 13-10 defeat to the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field in Week 3.

The SEC West's best, A&M chokes it away and more Week 4 thoughts | National Football Post
Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from the fourth weekend of the season. And, in case you missed it earlier today, check out the latest edition of the NFP Top 25. LSU and Alabama are on a collision course. With Mississippi State and Arkansas failing their early season tests against LSU and Alabama, respectively, it’s clear that Les Miles’ Tigers and Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide are the best teams in the SEC West.

Carroll says Curry still part of team | Seahawks Insider
There’s been some speculation that the Seattle Seahawks are potentially interested in trading the team’s first-round draft pick from 2009, linebacker Aaron Curry. According to this report, five teams have contacted the Seahawks about possibly making a deal, including Philadelphia, Arizona, the N.Y. Giants, Carolina and Kansas City. However, this report is unsubstantiated by other news outlets and has not been confirmed by the Seahawks.

Seahawks Blog | What we learned: Seahawks 13, Cardinals 10 | Seattle Times Newspaper
Looks like Seattle finally bought a top-shelf receiver in free agency. Sidney Rice was every bit the instant offensive improvement the Seahawks hoped for when they signed him to a five-year, $41 million contract in July. He caught eight of the 18 passes Tarvaris Jackson completed, and he was responsible for more than half of Seattle's receiving yards. Blog | Anthony McCoy comes up big "
For a 13-10 victory, the Seahawks’ home opener on Sunday was a game where there were so many pivotal plays that it was easy to overlook one. Unless you’re Pete Carroll. The Seahawks’ coach was not asked about a fumble recovery by tight end Anthony McCoy in the three-point win over the Cardinals at CenturyLink Field, but it didn’t matter. "Nobody brought it up, but the play of the game was Anthony McCoy’s fumble recovery," Carroll said. "That was a fantastic play right there." Blog | Monday in Hawkville "
FOCUS ON Brandon Browner. The Seahawks’ extra-large cornerback drew positive reviews from coach Pete Carroll today for the job he did on the Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald in Sunday’s home opener. "Brandon played a very good game," Carroll said during his weekly day-after news conference. After catching five passes for 64 yards in the first half – including going up between Browner and free safety Earl Thomas in the end zone for a 12-yard TD catch – Fitzgerald has held without a catch in the second half. Some of that also was cornerback Marcus Trufant. Even more of it was the pass rush supplied by the front seven, and especially the Chris Clemons-led line. But a lot of it was Browner’s physical style against the equally physical Fitzgerald. "Brandon played very solid," Carroll said. "I think he felt very comfortable as the game worn on with the matchups and with the style of calls that were coming his way – the zone (coverage) calls and the man-to-man and the mixed things that we did. "That was a really good game for him."

NFL linebackers struggle as high draft picks - The Boston Globe
For casual fans outside the Pacific Northwest, it probably didn’t register much, but a move by the Seahawks last week is being closely watched in NFL circles.

Seattle Seahawks Vs. Arizona Cardinals: A Photo Essay - SB Nation Seattle
Danny Kelly handled the analysis from the Seattle Seahawks win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, so we're going to move on to pretty pictures. It's all we're here for. He makes you smarter, we point and laugh at funny pictures. If you missed it, be sure to check out Danny's analysis. You can find his overview of the game here and a look back at the key matchups here. Go get smarter before we kill some brain cells. With that, let's journey through the game, in photo essay form.

Draw It Up: Darren McFadden's Touchdown - The Triangle Blog
The Oakland Raiders have, over the past few seasons, quietly rebuilt themselves into one of the toughest, most physical teams in the NFL. New players like second-year linebacker Rolando McClain and old ones like Richard Seymour are again making the Raiders one of the hardest-hitting, nastiest teams in the league — the kind of team no one wants to play because, if you face them Sunday, you won't want to get out of bed Monday morning. Oakland running back Darren McFadden is also slowly living up to the promise he showed at Arkansas. After modest yardage totals in his first two seasons, McFadden rushed for more than 1,000 yards last season. He’s off to a great start this year, as evidenced by his 171-yard, two-touchdown performance against the New York Jets on Sunday.

Singlehandedly Wrote a Blog Post (and Week 3 Musings) | The Seahawks Asylum
Typing with one hand sucks. I’m after a little sympathy; so what? Just a personal, making-eye-contact message to you: NEVER look away when cutting an onion (or anything for that matter) with a very sharp knife. Seriously. Don’t make me send you pictures. Because I will. The big story in Seattle this week is the offense. Shocker. Before the season started, the story was Tarvaris Jackson, the inexperienced o-line, a new offensive coordinator and no offseason to practice. Here we are two weeks into the season and 17 offensive points later, and what are the stories? Tarvaris Jackson, the inexperienced o-line, a new offensive coordinator and no offseason to practice. So why the vitriol? This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Seahawks Vs Cardinals: Revisiting the Key Matchups - SB Nation Seattle
I wrote about a few marquee matchups on Sunday morning to keep an eye on, now I want to go back and take a look at how some of them panned out: