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Game Ball of the Week: Chris Clemons

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This week's gameball is going to Chris Clemons. Three tackles, four assists, one sack, three tackles for a loss, one quarterback hit, and one pass defensed. That's a pretty good line for a guy that the Seahawks need to be disruptive. The way this defense works and is designed, the trio of Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane, and Alan Branch aren't going to get a ton of pressure on the quarterback. You'd like to think that they can, at times, collapse the pocket, but what we've seen thus far is that QB pressure will have to come on blitzes and from the weakside edge, in this case - Chris Clemons.

Clemons showed up most prominently in the fourth quarter, with the game coming down to the line. He stopped the run, he got pressure on Kevin Kolb, sacking him once and nearly ripping his head clean off, and he batted down a pass (which he almost intercepted for what surely would have been a pick six).

He did what Pete Carroll is hoping to get out of the LEO end in this hybrid, unbalanced defense.

I've seen several outlets name Chris Clemons the Seahawks' best player. I don't necessarily think that's true but when Clemons gets in the zone like he did on Sunday, the Seahawks' defense works a LOT better. Here's to hoping the Hawks can keep him so involved and dial up the pressure more like they did on Sunday.