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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Friday

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, info, interviews, analysis --  from around the interwebs.

The Shutdown Corner Week 4 Preview Podcast: Greg Cosell - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
We're back with another weekly podcast featuring our favorite X's-and-O's analyst — Greg Cosell, the longtime NFL Films maven who's also the executive producer of ESPN's "NFL Matchup." As always, we go through this week's upcoming games with a scout's eye and Greg in control of the All-22 tape.

All "Had a Bad Day" Team – Week 3 |
Guards: Rob Sims, Detroit Lions (-4.9) and Chris Chester, Washington Redskins (-9.7) How did Anthony Herrera (-7.7) not make this team? Well watch how Chris Chester got beaten like a drum, over and over again to give up tackles for short gains on Monday Night Football. That was horrible. Sims hasn’t been the same player since Neil Hornsby gave him his week one game ball for his play against Tampa Bay. He didn’t help himself with one sack allowed, one penalty given up, and three more pressures.

Re-Focused - Cardinals @ Seahawks, Week 3 |
The wet rainy conditions in the first quarter set the tone for what turned out to be a culmination of a defensive struggle and sloppy offensive line play. The Seattle Seahawks received a big boost from Sidney Rice return, as he immediately gives their team a shot at becoming a front-runner in the NFC West. . On the other hand, the Arizona Cardinals were coming off of a disappointing fourth quarter loss to the Washington Redskins, and their defense really kept them in the game all afternoon, but a costly Kevin Kolb turnover at the end of the fourth quarter sealed their fate in all too familiar a fashion.

Five reasons we are seeing big numbers from QBs | National Football Post
After three weeks of the 2011 season, the NFL is all about the quarterback position. From a defensive perspective, you can't compete with the Patriots, Saints, Lions, Packers, Bills, etc. if you don’t have talent (and quality depth) in your sub packages (nickel and dime). Spread the field, create matchups you can exploit and rack up numbers (consistently) in the passing game. And defenses are behind. As pointed out over at Pro Football Talk, five QBs (Brady, Brees, Newton, Rivers, Stafford) are on pace to break Dan Marino’s single season record of 5,084-yards passing. Here are five things I see that are contributing to the big QB numbers after three weeks…

Prospect of the day: Boise State RB Doug Martin | National Football Post
RB Doug Martin: No. 22 (5-9, 215) A thick, compact back who is built low to the ground, runs behinds his pads and is a tough guy to wrap on. Martin exhibits a good initial first step when asked to press the line of scrimmage. He isn’t a dynamic straight-line athlete, but he plays faster than he times because of his ability to reach top end speed quickly. He is quicker than fast, showcasing impressive lateral fluidity and balance with the footwork to pick his way through traffic, maintain balance and make defenders miss. He’s consistently able to side-step/break would be tacklers in tight areas. He creates a significant amount of yards through contact because of pad level, balance and overall low body strength. However, he possesses the short area quickness to plant his foot in the ground at full speed, change directions and accelerate up the field. He possesses a good feel in tight areas, and is natural setting up blocks and running between the tackles.

Seahawks vs Falcons: A Big Test for Red Bryant | Bleacher Report
Red Bryant was the centerpiece of a second--ranked run defense through six games in 2010, helping Seattle to a 4-2 start. When Atlanta visited and won soundly in Week 15, Bryant had been out nearly two months and the defense was struggling. This weekend, Atlanta won’t be as lucky; Bryant is back.  The Atlanta Falcons’ formula includes: controlling time of possession, playing clean football and winning the turnover battle. Their running game sets up an aggressive play-action passing game that mixes formations and strives for balance. 

How do you stop the 'back shoulder' fade? | National Football Post
The ‘back shoulder’ fade. A route that is replacing the standard goal line fade and one-step slant inside of the 10-yard line in the NFL. We see it from Brady, Brees, Rodgers, etc. Put the football where only the WR can make a play—and DBs across the league are being victimized. How do you stop it? Let’s go back to opening night of the 2011 season in Green Bay. The Packers’ Greg Jennings working vs. the Saints’ Patrick Robinson playing man coverage from a press-position. Check out the replay and then we will break down the technique of the CB position vs. the "back shoulder" fade

Thiel: Seahawks seem ready to show Curry the door | Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks’ No. 1 draft pick in ’09 says he’s "at peace" with demotion because of Jesus. Which may not be enough to keep him on the Seahawks roster.

Shotgun formation not helping Falcons - NFC South Blog - ESPN — Atlanta Sports
In theory, the shotgun formation is supposed to buy a quarterback a little bit more time. Ryan In reality, that theory is not working for the Atlanta Falcons. When lining up in the shotgun formation, quarterback Matt Ryan has been sacked a league-high 10 times for a league-worst 77 yards, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Ryan’s been sacked 13 times overall as the Falcons have been having all sorts of problems with their offensive line. But putting him in the shotgun isn’t doing anything to slow the pressure. Ryan has completed 45 of 77 passes (58.2 percent) for 425 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions out of the shotgun. In that formation, his Total QBR is 36.7, which is well below the 50.0 rating that is considered average.

Audio: Mike Smith, Matt Ryan, Pete Carroll, Aaron Curry, Darrell Bevell and Mike Williams - Blog - - Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams talked about his lack of targets in Sunday's game, the media reaction and how he hopes to contribute to the team going forward. Williams: "When you win a game that's all that's important. It's kind of selfish to be talking about your own thing when you got your first win as a team." Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell discussed utilizing the no-huddle offense, the rapport between Tarvaris Jackson and Sidney Rice and the game plan to spread the ball around to the rest of the receivers, including Mike Williams. Bevell: "Sometimes that happens where one guy will catch a bunch and next week it could flip and Mike could have all the catches. But we’d like to move it around. We’d like to get all those guys involved."

The curious disappearance of Aaron Curry - - When the Seattle Seahawks selected outside linebacker Aaron Curry out of Wake Forest with the fourth overall pick of the 2009 draft most believed they'd added the safest pick of the class. Two years and two games later, Aaron Curry was benched in favor of 2011 fourth round pick KJ Wright. Now, there is plenty of speculation that the Seahawks are looking to unload the former Butkus-award winner. Some believe the team will even consider cutting Curry outright should the team not get a suitable offer before the trade deadline. Like virtually every one else, I lauded Seattle's selection of Curry at the time. I had done my research on Curry and virtually every scout I've grown to trust felt the same about him -- he was a future Pro Bowler. 

Seahawks injuries: Matt McCoy apparently has a shoulder injury | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News - - Pete Carroll said after Sunday’s game that linebacker Matt McCoy was hit in the head, but appeared fine. So it wasn’t a big deal to see McCoy listed on Wednesday’s injury report with a head injury. What was a bit odd, though, was that the report also listed McCoy as having a shoulder injury. He didn’t practice. Kam Chancellor also sat out with a quadriceps injury. Carroll said after Sunday’s game that Chancellor had a thigh bruise, and said Wednesday before practice that he’d be taking it easy.

Mike Williams: ‘I just don’t want to be a distraction’ | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News - - The spirit of Keyshawn Johnson was nowhere to be found in the Seahawks locker room on Wednesday. There were no "give me the damn ball" proclamations from receiver Mike Williams, speaking for the first time since being targeted just once and catching zero passes in Seattle’s win over Arizona on Sunday. Williams even said he’s not frustrated by the fact that he has just five catches and nine targets through three games this season. "We won the game. Pretty much that’s all that’s important," Williams said. "It’s kind of selfish to be talking about your own thing when you got your first win as a team. … I’m just trying to control what I can control. Just get back out there this week and get back to work."

2011 Cardinals Week 3: Five observations - NFC West Blog - ESPN - Five things I noticed while watching the Arizona Cardinals during their 13-10 defeat to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 3:

Chalk Talk: Kam Chancellor's fourth-quarter INT - Blog - - Kam Chancellor's fourth-quarter interception of Kevin Kolb helped seal the Seahawks' 13-10 win over the Cardinals. In this week's edition of Chalk Talk, Brock Huard breaks down the play and explains what Kolb did wrong.

Seahawks Blog | One Cable guy benefits from wireless connection | Seattle Times Newspaper - Seattle's offensive line coach Tom Cable was absent from Seahawks practice Wednesday, recovering at the hospital after undergoing a fairly extensive back operation on Monday. He had his eyes on the Seahawks practice Wednesday, though, getting a look at the workout via Skype. Call it a modern Cable connection.

Curry has earned this scout badge | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - Aaron Curry came up with a nice interception and some good plays in the Seattle Seahawks’ practice Wednesday afternoon. For the scout team. The scout team, which runs the coming foes’ plays to prepare the Seahawks’ starters, is generally manned by young players and backups. Not guys like Curry, the fourth player taken in the 2009 draft.

Falcons-Seahawks Preview - Sep. 28, 2011 - NFL - Game Preview - Things were much easier for Matt Ryan when he was one of the NFL's best-protected quarterbacks while leading the Atlanta Falcons to the NFC's best record in 2010. It's been a much different story this season, as Ryan hopes to stay on his feet and help his offense find its rhythm when Atlanta visits the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Ryan has been sacked 13 times, including four last week when the Falcons (1-2) lost 16-13 to Tampa Bay. He went down only 23 times all of last season - 29 fewer than the league-high suffered by Chicago's Jay Cutler - and coach Mike Smith said he will evaluate his offensive line in order to better protect his franchise quarterback.

Arizona’s Kolb says he ‘probably took a step back’ in loss to Seattle - The Washington Post - Kevin Kolb says he "probably took a step back" in his performance in the Arizona Cardinals’ 13-10 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday. Arizona’s offense struggled through much of the day in Seattle, and a late threat to at least go for a game-tying field goal ended when Kolb threw an interception.

Fantasy Source - Pro Football - Sporting News - The Atlanta Falcons were viewed as a Super Bowl contender three weeks ago. At 1-2, and it could easily be 0-3, that is easy to forget. However, there are plenty of reasons to still think highly of the Falcons' fantasy prospects, even if they are in a real-life hole. Plus, there is no better prescription for an ailing team than playing someone from the NFC West.

Wright, as in right - While Aaron Curry is getting most of the attention in the Seahawks’ swap of starters at strongside linebacker, the play of rookie K.J. Wright also factored into the decision. Blog | Wednesday in Hawkville " - FOCUS ON Can you hear me now? HAVE YOU HEARD, THE ATLANTA FALCONS ARE PLAYING THE SEAHAWKS AT CENTURYLINK FIELD ON SUNDAY? Why are we yelling? Because the lingering – and even deafening – memory from the Falcons’ trip to Seattle last season is the noise generated by the 12th Man. "It’s a tough place to play, it really is," Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said this morning during a conference-call interview. "It’s loud. A great environment. The fans are passionate out there. I think that organization takes pride in playing well at home, so it’s a challenging place to play." The Seahawks don’t just take pride in playing well at home, they play better at home. Their first win this season, after back-to-back losses at San Francisco and Pittsburgh, came Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink. The Seahawks won 16 games the previous three seasons, and 11 of the victories also came at the venue they and their fans call home. And, the fans aren’t just passionate about their team; they believe they have an impact on the game. "The unique thing about going to Seattle is it’s such a noisy, wild place to play a football game," Falcons coach Mike Smith said. "The fans out there are unbelievable and communication is going to be key for us and our success out there this week."

Advanced NFL Stats: Team Rankings Week 4 -Next week you can expect Zach Sanders (not pictured at left) to take over the weekly rankings digest. But this week I'm going to get the ball rolling with a discussion of the model and how it has changed for 2011.

The rankings and prediction model has been redone for 2011. Just like always, it's a team-efficiency logistic regression model. It's based on passing, running, turnover, and penalty efficiency. But now, running is represented by Success Rate (SR) rather than Yards Per Carry (YPC). SR correlates far better than YPC with winning games. YPC is too susceptible to a handful of relatively rare break-away runs. I think of running as a ‘jab' and passing as a ‘cross' or ‘uppercut'. The jab is a low-risk punch that doesn't expose your defenses, keeps your opponent off balance and guessing, and keeps him from purely defending against your cross. A good jab is a prerequisite, but the cross is what scores points and wins bouts. SR captures this aspect of the running game.

Joel McHale: Life as a walk-on football player at the University of Washington - Grantland
I was in a fraternity with a bunch of football players for two rocky quarters at the University of Washington. It was a football house, but I got along with them really well. A great player named Chico Fraley asked me, "Why don't you try out for football?" And I thought, "Ah, yes, I do want to die." But that's what I did. I walked on. I was actually on the crew team for a few weeks first. Out of high school I got recruited to row. Not a lot of people watch crew at the University of Washington, so the team made up for it by being assholes — they were less concerned about rowing than whether the freshmen were being hazed enough. Every year, they'd shave the freshmen's heads and eyebrows and make a hair pillow; they had a glass display case filled with years' worth of hair pillows, which they were quite proud of. One time I didn't push a chair in properly, so the varsity crew team surrounded me and their captain hit me for being insubordinate. So I switched to football.

32 Teams, 32 Observations - Week 3 |
Seattle Seahawks: With everything going wrong, at least they can stop the run. Of the defenders with 20 or more snaps, 15 players have positive run defense ratings, while just one has a negative.

Television ratings show NFL dominance | National Football Post
Two weeks ago, the NFL displayed a dominance in television ratings that is unprecedented. The Nielsen Ratings for the week of September 12-18th were amazing evidence of the love affair between the American public and the NFL. The top three shows and five of the top-ten rated programs were NFL showdowns or pregame shows: news: Seahawks open to trading former first-rounder LB Curry
The Seattle Seahawks are open to trading linebacker Aaron Curry, a league source said Thursday. Curry was taken fourth overall in 2009 and was seen as one of the safer players in that draft, but he has struggled to make an impact in Seattle. Curry was drafted by a prior regime, and lost his starting job before Week 3.

NFL News Updates - RapidReports
S Chancellor might have more than thigh bruise The fact that S Kam Chancellor (quadriceps) missed Thursday’s practice has to be a bit concerning for the Seahawks. Pete Carroll earlier described the injury as a thigh bruise and downplayed its seriousness, but the team’s leading tackler has now missed two straight days of practice.

Changing the Seahawks Identity, Falcons Edition | September
The NFL does not respect the Seahawks.  Yes, I know in those weekly press conferences the head coach and (insert random player interviewee of the week here) always talk about how they aren't taking the Seahawks for granted, but they're lying.  As far as they're concerned, the Seahawks are their bitch.  Behind closed doors, I can almost guarantee you that their coaches talk about their date with Seattle as a circled win -- you know, one of the games they circled as soon as the regular season schedules were released as a sure win for their guys.

Seattle Seahawks: How Much Longer Before Pete Carroll's Seat Gets Hot? | Bleacher Report
It was clear from the beginning of his introductory press conference that Pete Carroll left USC for Seattle because it was an "almost-dreamlike" opportunity. "I’ve been so impressed with their vision and outlook to the future, how they want this organization to be run; how they hope it can gain a stature in the community of the NFL and with the people in the Seattle area. Their plan is exactly in line with the way I envision it." After running the program at USC, Carroll’s vision for his NFL future involved having nearly full control of building the organization; as head coach and executive vice president of football operations for the Seahawks, Carroll succeeded in his quest for control.

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: Who Do We Blame for Aaron Curry?
LB Aaron Curry is in the midst of a slow-burn demotion. In a fall from grace that actually evokes my sympathy, Curry is now taking reps with the Seahawks' scout team as fourth-round pick KJ Wright assumes his starting position. Curry has taken a humble attitude in front of the reporters, and despite some angsty Twitter comments that people are reading way too far into, he seems to be taking it in stride. Dave Boling, in an attempt to put the selection of Curry in perspective, tries to shift the responsibility for the Curry pick away from Curry. Indeed, it wasn't Curry's fault that he went #4, and that needs to be acknowledged. But then Boling turns around and picks the wrong scapegoat: Curry's coaches.

Another week, another challengeComing off a successful second half against the Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald, the Seahawks’ pass defense now faces a three-headed, six-handed ‘monster’ against the Falcons this Sunday.

Jackson on no-huddle: "Whatever works" | Seahawks Insider - Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson said Seattle’s offense finally got into a rhythm in the second half last week against Arizona, something he’s hoping will continue this week. "That drive showed that when we don’t hurt ourselves and when we execute, we can hard to stop and put points on the board," Jackson said. "I just want to look forward to this weekend and just try and put on a better show. "We had some good times last game, but we only scored 13 points. So we’re going to make sure we get more points on the board."

OC Bevell says expect more no huddle | Seahawks Insider - Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said he liked what he saw from his offense during the second half of last week’s game against Arizona, particularly when the Seattle went no-huddle for most of the first drive of the second half, the only drive where the Seahawks scored a touchdown. "I think there’s a chance to see more of it," Bevell said. "But it’s something we’ll determine by game plan, by game, by the opponent and seeing if it’s something that will help us. "Then there’s also times that you may just jump into it because you’re not doing much, and you want to change the tempo. There’s a lot of different scenarios when you go to it." And what are the advantages?

NFC West receiver targets by down, QB - NFC West Blog - ESPN - Last week, San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis was questioning his role as a receiver in the offense. This week, the Arizona Cardinals are seeking ways to get Larry Fitzgerald more involved, while the Seattle Seahawks' leading receiver from 2010, Mike Williams, deals with becoming an afterthought. With an assist from Hank Gargiulo of ESPN Stats & Information, I've put together charts showing the players NFC West quarterbacks have targeted at least five times through three games. An asterisk reveals a total affected by fourth-down targets, which are not shown.

Following up: No fine for Chancellor's hit - NFC West Blog - ESPN - The big hit Seattle's Kam Chancellor put on Arizona's Todd Heap sparked rollicking debate on the blog and my Facebook wall. The hit during Earl Thomas' interception return drew a 15-yard penalty from referee Al Riveron, but Seahawks coach Pete Carroll claimed the hit was well within the rules. The NFL would become the ultimate arbiter on this one. A fine against Chancellor would validate the referee's ruling. No fine would support Carroll's point of view. There was no fine, Chancellor said during the Seahawks' locker room media session Thursday. "I felt like it was a clean hit," Chancellor said. "He made the call, so we had to live with it, but it was a clean hit."

Falcons RB Michael Turner looking for return to his 100-yard form against Seahawks - The Washington Post - The Atlanta Falcons, who usually stress their running game, all but gave up on Michael Turner in the second half of last week’s loss at Tampa Bay. Turner said Wednesday the best way to make sure he returns to the 100-yard form he showed the first two weeks is for Atlanta to have a better start on Sunday at Seattle.

Seahawks' Williams: No catches? Still beats sitting on the couch " Kitsap Sun - When Pete Carroll stepped to a podium Sunday to discuss the Seahawks' first win of the season, he was quick to point out, unprovoked, that his team needs to get the ball to Mike Williams more often. A few minutes later, quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was saying the same thing about Williams, the team's leading receiver a year ago, who went without a catch for the first time in two years in a 13-10 win over Arizona. It seemed very apparent that both parties were trying to ease any tension that could develop if Williams feels he isn't involved enough in the offense.

Seahawks 6-Pack - 12th Man Rising - A Seattle Seahawks Blog - It’s time for our weekly Q&A with the editor from our opponent’s Fansided blog. Each week, I ask them 6 questions about their team, and they ask me 6 questions about the Seahawks. This week I’m joined by Jamie from  Be sure to check out my answers to his questions on his site, and let me know if you think I’m way off on my answers!

Seahawks like the no-huddle, could use more of it | Seattle Seahawks & NFL News - - Maybe there’s something to the thought that the Seahawks play better when they play faster. They sure did on Sunday. Seattle’s only touchdown drive was fueled by a no-huddle offense, something they’d yet to show this season outside of two-minute-drill situations, but a facet of their offense we may see more of as the season progresses. That was the indication given by offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell on Wednesday.

Dwight Jones NFL Draft prospect notes - Mocking The Draft - First word: Jones had a season of emergence as a junior in 2010. After being injured in the 2009 season, he finished last year with 62 receptions for 946 yards. He's off to a good start in his senior season and is quickly rising up draft boards. He has excellent size for the position, but is still a little raw. His route running needs work and he's had consistency issues in the past.

2012 NFL Draft player comparisons: Andrew Luck and Melvin Ingram - Mocking The Draft - Player: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford Comparison: Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Colts This is the easy one, so it's being taken care of first. In almost every manner and fashion Luck is a franchise quarterback in the same vein as Manning. They're similar in size, their ability to drive and deliver the ball and their attitude on the field. Most importantly, Luck seems to approach the game from an intellectual standpoint much like Manning. Like Manning, Luck seems to make everyone around him better, whether its perfectly placing the ball or adjusting the line. This is an obvious comparison, but an appropriate one. 

Bradley: Defense has tackling plan for Turner | Seahawks Insider
Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley praised cornerback Walter Thurmond and linebacker Aaron Curry for their efforts during practice today. Curry had a couple interceptions working with the scout team defense, and Thurmond made several plays this afternoon, including two interceptions and a couple pass breakups while working with the first unit. "We’re trying to get them to act like vets off the field and play like rookies, where they’re flying around and having fun," Bradley said. "They’re just having a lot of fun. There’s a lot of guys … Aaron Curry, he had a couple interceptions today and he was flying around. So it’s good. We keeping talking to them every day about having some good juice, good energy out there, and it showed up today."